So the imagine was kind of long - but it’s cute.  So I paraphrased it and the full imagine is as follows:

Imagine the team watching Frozen for the first time (other than Hotch and JJ who can quote it forwards and backwards) and NO ONE see’s Hans being the bad guy coming. The whole time Garcia is squeeling over the lovely dresses. The next day they’re all humming “Let It Go” and hating each other for getting the song stuck in their heads AGAIN.

(Raw Doujinshi) 3/14 no Hanashi

Title:  3/14 no Hanashi

Circle: Pinkch

Rating: PG

Pairing: Sarumi

Notes: This one is a really short but really cute doujinshi with a White Day theme. I think the first section where Fushimi and Yata are in middle school is Valentines Day (but I could be wrong), because Fushimi makes a joke about December birthdays being the result of Valentines sex. Heh. (Yata gets embarrassed, of course) Anyway, Yata gives Fushimi candy as a Valentines present. Years later, they’re living together (I think it’s actually set in the same timeline as Anata to zutto itsumademo and its sequel) and it’s White Day. Yata asks for a present from Fushimi, and so Fushimi gives him one… but it’s not chocolate, it’s candy. Yata’s not too pleased about that (geez, it’s a gift, Yata, and you’re the one who taught him that was a good idea, stop being ungrateful :P), but the candy is actually pretty tasty. There’s a line at the end ‘Candy = “I like you”’ which I think is Fushimi’s thought, reflected from back then (so cute).

Translation: As always, please feel free

Download: Mediafire