Jyri Straechav

“Exorcism” by Jyri Straechav, 2015. You can support my art habit by buying swag with my art on it from both Society6 and Redbubble. All money goes straight back in to making art.

Honestly, I have nothing new to add. I am working on another piece which will also be surreal as hell. But that’ll see the light of day next week or something, since I still have a lot of detail work left. I have enough done that I know already it’s one freaky piece of work.

“Passion”, By Jyri Straechav, 2014. 

Look! I am still alive. I tried to make something different but I am no longer sure if I acctually succeeded in that. Of course, I did have to slip in the horror aspect and the weird surrealism and whatever. Also, floating people. So in some ways it’s so very much me that it hurts, but I thought that in some other aspects it’s also quite different. 

However, as I said, I am no longer sure of that. So, yeah. Looong break, but here’s a new piece. I hope you enjoy it. My next piece hopefully won’t take this long, as I am already fairly far in to it. But Since I tried to do something different with this, I’ll try another crazy idea with the next one too. Which is unfortunately very labor intensive.

Also, should I buy a 3D printer or not? Just wondering…


Artist: Jyri Straechav

“Jyri Srtaechav is an illustrator from Finland with more than 15 years experience in this field. He uses horror and dark fantasy theme for his artworks to deliver a psychological message to the viewers. He creates illustrations by via a traditional art combine with digital media. He also specializes in portraits and single characters with minimal background.”

“Spirit”, By Jyri Straechav, 2014. 

Something a little less horror and a bit more “dark fantasy” or something. It was just an idea that I had, and here it is. I rather like how the surface turned out. I might (in other words: I will) use this technique again to work on my future pieces. Have to wonder what to do next, though… hmm…

“Gemini”, By Jyri Straechav, 2015. As always, you can support my art by buying it and related swag from either Society6 or Redbubble.

My surreal piece, that I somehow forgot to upload it to Tumblr the moment I was done it it. That said, it has a ton of details. Too many, really. It was originally much more striking, but as I worked on it it somehow got less weird.

“Misery”, By Jyri Straechav, 2014.

So, I am more or less done with my brief “vacation”. But I am incredibly busy. I finished this piece on Saturday and I haven’t even looked at the possibility of starting a new piece of art - unlike usually. 

Like I said, I am incredibly busy. But I’ll do my best to push out some new art. I do have one VERY weird and unsettling piece that I started before this one, and I might start working on that one. I should freak some people out…