again the ever so humble, down-to-earth, and inspiring Jay Park <333

always love his interviews :’)


When bae calls out all the fake Jwalkerz 😋 So satisfying. I HATE when ppl do that. Do they really think that’s ok to continuously ask? Rude af

Better Than This

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Better Than This
Genre: Angst

You wandered around the house looking for Jay. He disappeared a while ago, and last time you saw him he was quite a few drinks in. You were just worried that he was going to end up passing out somewhere.

You were never a fan of the huge blowouts that AOMG threw. You weren’t even sure what the occasion was, you rarely did. Those guys just liked to party. When you finally found a familiar face you smiled, hurrying to him. “Kiseok, have you seen Jay?”

Kiseok had his arms around two girls as he relaxed by the pool. Seeing you, he greeted you with a smile, his hands instantly dropping from around the girls. “Jay? Uh-Last I saw he was with ChaCha”

You sighed “Chacha left a few hours ago…Jay’s not answering his phone. Do you think he’s ok?”

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Does Jay have some R&B songs? If yes could you make a list with them please.I'm new to him

Hello again. This is already my second reply coz I think I accidentally erased my first reply to this. Sorry! Too sleepy😱😰😪

Hi! Yes, R&B & hiphop are mostly his genre but Jay has other song genre as well. He’s a versatile artist.👍 The list are not all R&B tho coz I’m browsing thru my playlist while I’m making this. Just give it a chance…listen.. it’ll be a treat.😊😀(in no particular order)

⭐My last
⭐Count on me(nothin on you)
⭐It has to be you
⭐Secret 비밀
⭐Dont let go
⭐Ride me
⭐I like to party
⭐Let’s make up 다시만나줘
⭐So good
⭐The Promise
⭐Thinking about you
⭐Come on over
⭐I got your back

Have a great day!

P.S. Jwalkerz if I missed some songs kindly feel free to comment below. Thanks😘


Jay Park with his messy sweaty curls post MMA training…..

looks like he’s back to training with the Korean Zombies MMA fighters….and of course there’s that tongue…

A video posted by $hway BUM Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on Jan 6, 2017 at 1:44am PST

for those who said Jay Park couldn’t fight…..

A video posted by $hway BUM Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on Jan 6, 2017 at 1:31am PST

Jwalkerz used to be scared whenever he does these training cos he tends to get hurt….but we’re seasoned by now cos dude is tough. ;)

haha ironically he’s the only one with a top on amongst other shirtless MMA fighters…

and a compilation of all the things Jay Park does….from bboying, to b-balling, to acrobatic tricks and mixed martial arts and more ~

Will I See You Again? (Part 3)

This is a continuation of Will I See You Again? which you can find HERE. 

Will I See You Again? (Part 2) is HERE

Will I See You Again? Was originally going to be just a oneshot, but now I am turning it into a long fic :D

Hope you like it, jwalkerz ~

-Admin Kitty

External image

The hospital stunk of anti septic and medicine as you followed a nurse into the room. She closed the door behind the two of you and asked you to take a seat. You took a seat on the cold hard plastic and Jay gave you an encouraging smile. In all honesty, you knew you were safe. It’s not like you didn’t trust the nurses here. It was just…people die at hospital. And that thought scared you more than anything. 

Regardless, you smiled back faintly.

“Right, okay. If you could just turn so I can see your shoulder.” She smiled warmly, putting you in a bit more ease, even though she was painfully patronizing.

You returned the smile, but you figured you mustn’t have done a very good job because she put a hand on yours, “Don’t worry, honey. Your boyfriend and I won’t let you get hurt.”

You blushed wildly, hoping Jay hadn’t heard. Of course he had, he was stood about two centimeters from the chair you were sat on. You hesitated, trying to explain, but he cut in, “Yeah, I’ll be here.”

Your heart plummeted. Had Jay Park…just let someone call him your boyfriend? He sat down next to you, and you realized he had put back on his shades. You guess it only made sense, we didn’t want to cause a scene in the hospital. But, even though seeing him smile at you calmed you down, you wished you could see his soft eyes too. He sat down next to you and took your hand in his, as though it wasn’t a big deal.

At the first touch of the wet cotton wool pad on your wound, you flinched and Jay squeezed your hand and rubbed his thumb over your hand softly. So you concentrated on that, the way his big hand felt around your small, delicate one. Before you knew it, she had done and had dressed the wound.

You thanked her and left, wandering back to the car park to find Jay’s car.

“I-I’m sorry. The meal you made must be ruined now…” You said quietly, feeling bad.

Jay turned to look at you as you patrolled the car park more, in search of the car, “Nah. It’s fine. I’m just glad you got that wound cleaned up.”

He flashed you his smile and you couldn’t stop your heart from bumping against your ribs, “Still…”

“_______, will you stop apologizing?” He chuckled, “We can just go get some food from the nearest takeaway store.”

You smiled, “Okay.”

“Come on, this way.” He said, turning left out of the car park and waiting for you to get to him. When you got to him, his hand came up to sit comfortably at the small of your back as he guided you in the right direction.

After you picked up a bag of chips, you began walking back to the car.

“Thankyou, Jay.” You said, taking a chip and eating it.


“For saving me that day outside the bar…and, for tonight,” You grinned at him, “I had a good time.”

At that, he laughed, “_______, we just spent most of our date on a hospital ward. You don’t have to lie.”

You laughed and shook your head, “Yeah I know…But…I still had fun.”

He started to laugh then stopped himself and just smirked, “Me too.”

Your hands bumped together as you walked in silence. Once, twice, and then the third time it happened, he wound his fingers through yours. 

You took the time to look at him then, up close. You watched the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, and you noticed imperfections on him that made him seem so normal. Although, on one side of it you had trouble forgetting he was a famous korean idol, you also, somehow, at the same time found it hard to remember that he was famous because he was so…normal. Well not normal, but down to earth. He was god like and sexy but he was also goofy and adorable. Your brain couldn’t even understand how he could be both.

You hadn’t realized how intently you’d been staring at him until you stepped out into the road, only to have Jay’s arm quickly loop around your body and pull you backwards.

“Yah! ________, if you keep throwing yourself at cars we’re never going to make it to the next date!” He joked, but he sighed in relief that you were safe.

You pretended to act disgusted, “You think there’s going to be another date?!”

He stared after you, wide eyed.

You laughed, “I’m joking, Jay.”

He sighed, shaking his head at you mocking him, “You are so not funny.”

When you had finished your chips, it became apparent to the two of you that you had also missed the movie you had planned to see aswell, so he drove you home. When the car came to a halt at your house, you actually felt sad. It was over. The date was over. You didn’t want to go inside and not be able to see him. You wanted to stay right there, in his car. You wanted to get to know him, properly. It suddenly occurred to you that you hadn’t actually found out much about him at all tonight, and if romantic films were anything to judge by, you were meant to both ask loads of questions about eachother’s lives. But you hadn’t.

He got out of the car, and ran around to your side to open your door. He opened it and you stepped out. You walked towards your door, and he walked beside you closely. When you reached your door, you both stopped. You turned to look at him and found him already looking at you.

“You look beautiful, ______.” He smiled, delicately.

You stared at him and he rubbed his jaw, “I know I should have said it before, that’s what your meant to do right? But I chickened out. God, I suck at this dating stuff, huh?”

You laughed lightly, “I think you’re better than you think.”

He just smiled wider, “I mean it though, you really do look good.”

You smiled and leaned against your door, “You know…you’re not at all how I’d thought you’d be.”


You nodded.

He smiled again, “Good.”

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours.

The next day of lectures passed quickly because Jay kept dropping you cute texts in his breaks at work. He’d ask you if you were okay, saying he was looking forward to your next date. Each time your phone buzzed with a message from him, you scrambled for your phone and everyonce in a while, as you typed your reply, you found yourself smiling. 

“Oooooo, who are you texting? Anyone cute?” Brooke winked at you, leaning across the table in the university canteen to read your text. You pulled it away quickly.

“Um, no. Just…a friend.” You winced at how rubbish your lying was.

She quickly looked over, “And who is Jay?” She waggled her eyebrows comically.

“No one.”

Her eyes widened and she grinned,“Tell me everything!”

You scratched your neck, “There’s nothing to tell. We’ve been on a couple dates…”

You knew it was annoying her how vague you were being, but she was a big fan of Jay. You couldn’t tell her. 

“Who is he!”

“I can’t…tell you.”

“It’s a secret?” She clapped her hands together, “Oo, a secret relationship!”

You rolled your eyes, “We are NOT together.”

“Yeah, but you wish you were…” She teased.

“Shutup!” You slapped her arm.

She giggled, “I knew it! Is he cute?”

“Brooke, I’m not telling you.” You said, and she pouted. You gave in,“Okay yes. He is cute.”

“How cute?”

“Really cute.” You blushed.

She squealed, “So are you going another date?”

You nodded, “Yes. Tomorrow night. So will you please go out so your not there when he comes and picks me up?”

She nodded, smiling, “Okay…Did you kiss already?”


“Okay…okay…” She muttered.

You started the next day in a surprisingly good mood. You sprung out of bed and went to the kitchen to get breakfast. As you and Brooke poured over your cereal, your phone buzzed. And you scrambled for it and clicked the answer button, “Hello?”

His velvet voice came through the speaker, “Hey, _______.”

You instantly smiled. Brooke started mouthing, “Is that him?”

You nodded and she took the hint and left, but not before miming to you, “Tell me what he said when you’re done!”

“I’m going to have to cancel tonight.”

Your heart sunk deep, deep down into the pit of your stomach, “Oh…” Did he not like you anymore?

“I know. It sucks, but I just found out I have to work late…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. What can you do? You’re an idol.”

He sighed, “I shouldn’t use it as an excuse, though. The only time I’m free today is this morning, and I feel so tired…”

“Why so tired?”

“I couldn’t sleep last night at all…It sucks I can’t see you today.”

You felt bad on him, he really did sound exhausted, “I could see you…this morning if you wanted.” You said timidly.

He sounded more cheerful as he said, “Seriously?”

“We don’t have to go out though. You could just come over…You know if you wanted…” You started to babble.

He cut in, “I’d love to.”

By the time the doorbell went, you had tidied your room three times and managed to worry yourself half to death about what he would think of your apartment. Up until now, he had only seen a strip of it for 5 seconds when you had been putting your shoes on, but today, he was going to be inside your house. For a reasonable amount of time.

You opened the door to him, and he looked as tired as he had sounded on the phone.

His hair was unstyled, but he pulled it off. You stared in disbelief: it seems he was the only person in the world who could pull off bed hair that good. He looked…sexy.

You told him to sit down on your sofa, and when he did, he practically fell onto it.

He looked up, “Come sit with me?”

You smiled and sat down next to him. He wound his arm around you, pulling you closer and letting his head lean against yours. 

“Talk to me.”

“What about?” You laughed at his random ask.
“Talk about you.” He said, falling further down into your couch so he could lay his head on your shoulder.

“What do you want to know?”

He paused and then said quietly, “Everything. Tell me what you do when your not at work and when you’re not with me. Tell me if your a dog or a cat person or both. Tell me what music you listen to. I want to know.”

You laughed, “I go to university.”

He re-positioned himself so you were cradled in his arms and he picked his head up so he could give you his full attention as he spoke, “What do you study?”


“You draw well?”

“I’m okay.” You said, shyly.

He grinned, “I bet you’re really good. Do you live alone?”

“I live with my best friend. She goes to the same university as me.”

He nodded,“Cool. Favourite musical artist?”

You, you thought. “Just a few bits of everything, really.”

“Sounds good….Let me see your room?”

You spluttered, “My room?”

“People say you can tell lots about a person from what they’re room looks like.”

You laughed, “Okay. But it’s actually pretty boring…It’s the one on the right.”

He stepped in, you close behind. When you got in, you gasped. You had totally forgot about the fact you had Jay Park posters. As in, pictures of his face. Pictures of a face that was now actually physically in your room in the flesh. And…one of the posters happened to be a calendar of topless photos of him. You blushed hard at the sight of the calendar photo of him smoldering sexily now.

He turned around, the biggest grin on his face, “Just a few bits of everything, huh?” He teased.

You covered your face with your hands, “Oh my god. This is so embarrassing…I’m sorry.”

He laughed, “It’s okay.” He stepped towards you and his lips turned up at the edges, “If I had access to pictures of you topless I’m sure they’d be on my wall too.” He winked, jokingly and you cracked up, still blushing hard.

He walked towards you, “Come here." 

He took your face in his hands and ducked his head down so he could touch his lips to yours. You kissed long and slow, like they do in the movies you used to watch. His hands left your face and skimmed down your arms, coming to rest at your waist as his body pressed against yours.

You molded together like two pieces of a puzzle as you sucked on his lip lightly. He opened his mouth, giving you access and you pushed your tongue in. Your tongues tangled together, lovingly.

When you pulled back to breath, he smiled, licking his lips. He sighed and threw himself back on your bed, pulling you down with him by the hand.

He sighed, "You’re so cute.”

You giggled but stopped when he looked at you, “Can I ask you something?”


“What did you mean when you said I was different than you expected? The other night?”

You shrugged, “I don’t know, I just thought you’d be different.”

He propped himself up on one elbow, and with the other arm pulled you closer so you were facing him and his arm was curled around your waist in a sort of half hug.


“No….Just more confident.”

He laughed, “You thought I was gonna be an asshole, right?”

You shook your head, even though you kind of knew it was true, “No…I mean, I was a fan so I wanted you to be this great guy but…I always had a feeling, because you were famous, and successful and sexy and all these things, you would be…” You tried to choose your words carefully.

He piped up, chuckling, “A tool?”


He pecked you quickly, making your head whirl, “It’s okay. You can be honest. But you don’t think that anymore, right?”

You shook your head, smiling, “No, not at all.”

“So what do you think now?”

“That…,” You hesitated, “I like you.”

He smiled and kissed you again, letting his lips linger a little longer, “You said I was sexy.”

You blushed, “Shutup.” You muttered.

He chuckled and you excused yourself to go to the bathroom.

When you returned, he had fallen asleep on your bed. His eyes were closed lightly, his mouth slightly agape as he lay on your baby pink duvet. You looked at the posters of him, then back at the real him and thought to yourself how little justice the pictures did the real him.

Deceit and Lies

Chapter 3: Round 2

My eyes slowly fluttered open from the sound of birds chirping outside the window. The sun shined brightly through the sheer curtains revealing that it was time to get out of bed. This bed felt too good to leave.

A muffled moan brought my ears to attention, and my eyes fell upon him. I stared at his plump lips remembering how they felt against my skin. The remaining memories from last night flooded in, making my face hot.

“Morning.” He chuckled. I met his eyes and realized he had been watching me this whole time.

“Morning.” I said embarrassed.

Why did he seem so familiar? We stared at each other; I assumed he was waiting for me to speak. I was just trying to place where I had seen him before.

Maybe we went to high school together. Or maybe I went to college with him. Maybe we worked together before my move to Korea. Just where had I seen his face before? And those tattoos, they look really familiar.

“We never got to round two last night.” His hand slid around my waist.

“Eh?” In one swift movement he was on his back and had pulled me on top of him. The heat from the sun hit my bareback. He slid a hand behind my neck and pulled me down to his lips. They were just as amazing as last night. He kissed me softly, making me want more.

“I think you’re sexier when you just wake up.” He mumbled against my lips. His other hand traced patterns on my back. My back arched making my hips move against him.

He moaned and tugged at my lower lip before slipping his tongue inside. I tangled my fingers in his hair and let my other hand explore his muscles.

I felt him harden beneath me as my hips rotated and teased him. I slip my hand between us and gripped him gently. His lips broke free from mine and attacked my neck with warm moist kisses. My hand stroked him slowly, heat rising from his member.

His teeth nibbled at the sensitive skin on my neck, making me moan. I wanted him badly. I wanted to feel him inside me, and our bodies crashing together. I guided his member to my opening sliding his tip back and forth.

I was already moist just from the little contact we had this morning. He licked my ear and nibbled on my lobe. I allowed his tip to enter, and lifted my hips to make him exit again. Was I teasing him, me, or both of us?

“Put it in already.” He growled. Smiling, I placed both of my hands on his firm chest.

Slowly I lowered myself onto him, allowing him to enter me. We both released sighs of pleasure when he was fully inside of me. My hips slowly began to move, give me time to adjust to this new position.

His hands firmly grasped my hips helping me move. He squeezed his eyes closed enjoying the pleasure he was receiving. His hips suddenly rose, surprising me with his movement. My head dropped back and I looked to the ceiling.

His hands guided me to go faster. My hands roamed up my body and tangled in my own hair as I moved faster. He removed his hands from my hips and gripped my breasts. His fingers twisted and pulled at my nipples making them harder.

I moaned loudly, not worried about how I sounded. That pleasurable sensation began to build up, making me move even faster.

He leaned up and flicked one of my nipples with his tongue. My arms wrapped around him locking him into my chest. His lips formed into a smiled before he placed my nipple into his mouth.

My walls tightened around his warm member as I let out a silent gasp of pleasure and my liquid covered him. He raised his hips to keep me moving. I lowered my head meeting his lips, this time my tongue entering his mouth; his tongue still taking control.

He moved slowly at first letting my ride out my pleasure. After he felt it had past, he began to quicken his pace. My liquid had provided a smoother ride making him moan repeatedly.

He held onto my waist tightly, and his lips released from the kiss. I could hear our skin colliding together, along with the sound of the liquid.

His breathing became faster and his head fell onto my shoulder.

“I’m gonna—.” He said breathlessly then clenched his teeth together. I climbed off of him quickly, immediately reaching for his member. I stroked him to keep up with the previous pace.

“Yes.” He moaned.

I gladly took him into my mouth bobbing my head up and down. He grabbed a chunk of my hair, and began thrusting his hips. His tip hit the back of my throat, tears formed in my eyes, and my hands held onto his legs to slow him down.

He thrust inside my mouth a final time, before a gush of creamy liquid dripped down my throat. I moaned at the surprise send a vibration to cover him. He was breathless as he released my hair and helped me sit up.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and sat on the bed. He rubbed the back of his head embarrassed.

“Sorry, I got a little carried away.”

“It’s okay.” I chuckled.

He got up and dug into his suitcase. He pulled out a long tee shirt, and a pair of pants.

“Here wear this.” He handed me the shirt and pulled the pair of pants on. I pulled the shirt on over my head and followed him out of the bedroom.

He picked up a room service menu and handed it to me. His hand stroked the hair the clung to my forehead because of the sweat. My eyes met his and quickly looked back to the menu. He went to the door and flipped the door handle sign to ‘Do Not Disturb’.

Was he planning on doing this all day? The room still smelled of sex from the night before, now even more so because of this morning. Not that I was complaining. I hadn’t had sex in a long time, so this was not something I was going to reject.

I wonder what Maria would say. Maria! I dropped the menu and ran over to my purse and pulled out my phone. Nothing, but several missed calls from Himchan.

I guess Maria was having her own fun.

“Did you decide on something?”

“Hm. I’ll take an omelet and some orange juice.”

“That’s it? No pancakes? Bacon? Sausage?”

“I’ve had plenty of sausage.”

“Ha! What?!”

“Sorry, lame joke right?”

“No it was pretty clever.” He chuckled. I watched as he ordered room service. His tongue slowly slid out and licked his plump lips. I licked my own lips wanting to kiss his again. I left my phone on the back of the couch and walked over to him.

He had just hung up the phone when my hands went to the rim of his pants. He looked to me eyes wide with shock.

“Whoa!” He grabbed my hands making me stop.

“Sorry.” I shook my head, erasing the erotic feelings building up. He laughed and guided me back to the couch. He sat down and pulled me on top of him.

His warm hands slid up the back of the shirt as he looked me in the eyes.

“Is this what you want?” I shook my head no. “What is it that you want?” He nuzzled his nose into my neck so that I would tilt it to give him better access. His teeth gently nibbled and then licked the spot he had freshly nibbled.

“H-how do you have such a nice body?”

“Ah, so you want to talk?” He whispered into my neck. His lips released my neck and sat back against the couch. I looked at him waiting for him to speak. “I’m a b-boy and I also work out.”

“Wow, that’s amazing. The b-boy part.”

“And you? What do you do?” He smiled.

“I don’t work out. Or dance. I just teach English.” His fingers traced lines and patterns on my back.


“I teach it as a second language for non English speakers.” My fingers trailed down the stars on his neck. Ah, that’s why they looked familiar. They look similar to the ones that Jay Park has.

“Do you know any lan—” The sound of my phone cut him off. I reached behind him and grabbed my phone.


“Himchan has been calling here nonstop.” Maria sounded tired and annoyed.

“Yeah, he’s called me too.”

“He asked where you were and why you won’t answer. I told him you were with me and that you lost your phone. He got frustrated and said that you better be back for the dinner with his friends.”

“Thanks for covering for me. He didn’t ask how I was doing or anything? Just worried about the dinner?” There was writing on the back of his neck that caught my eye.

“Yeah, he only mentioned the dinner. Are you still with that guy?”

“Mh.” I read the back of his neck ‘JWALKERZ’. The star tattoos look similar to Jay Park’s because he is Jay Park.

“What’s his name?”

“JP.” I mumbled into the phone. I felt him shift under me.



“What’s JP stand for?”

“JP, stands for JP. Look I gotta go.” I quickly hung up the phone and leaned back.

“So you know who I am?”

“Mh. But I only just figured it out now.” I stammered.

“Well since you know my name, I think it’s only fair that I know yours.”

“Eh, that’s not important.” I tried to climb off of him but he pushed me onto the couch. He slid in between my legs and began tickling my sides.

“It’s very important. And I won’t stop until you tell me your name.”

“Okay! Okay!” I screamed in between my laughter. He stopped and leaned over me. “Aimee. My name is Aimee.”

“Nice to meet you, Aimee.”

HD Compilation of full Jay Park performances at World Aids Day Red Party with AOMG

when they say Jay Park can’t rap……

I love Korean Jwalkerz with their uber HD fancams. Makes you feel like you’re there with them.

Spending the weekends watching Jay Park fancams…..bliss.

showing his mic flipping skills to Dj Pumkin lol

just a cutie who loves flipping off his finger xD

Will I See You Again? (Part 11)
Will I See You Again? (Part 10)

This is a continuation of Will I See You Again? which you can find HERE. 

Will I See You Again? (Part 2) is HERE

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Will I See You Again (Part 10) is HERE

Will I See You Again was originally just a one shot but I’ve made it into a long fic ;3

Hope you like it, jwalkerz ~

This is a short update, I’m sorrrrrry :c

-Admin Kitty

External image

One day, two days, three days, four. That’s how long it was until you heard him speak again. Again, he left you sweet text messages, but you wished he would just call.  You walked into the living room of your apartment and sat down, flicking through channels on the tv like there was no tomorrow. You sighed heavily: you were so sick of trash television all the time. “Did you two break up?” You heard someone mutter from behind you. You turned around quickly to find yourself met with Brooke’s fleeting glance in the kitchen before she looked away and back to the magazines on the kitchen counter.  Your eyes widened in shock: had she just…talked to you? It had been about a week since you’d argued and since then she hadn’t spoke to you once, until now. You tried to sound casual, you didn’t want to make a big deal about it incase she stopped talking to you all over again… “Um. No.” You replied quietly, getting up from the sofa and walking into the kitchen area. “Oh,” She glanced at you again, “Good.” It took you by surprise she was happy you were still together. There was a pause and then she said, not looking up from the magazines this time, “Stop looking sad then.” She picked up the magazine and pushed it towards your side of the counter, “There’s an article on Jay. I already read it like a week ago,” She said awkwardly, “You can have it. I know you like him too.” You could feel her tone becoming kinder as you spoke, so you smiled at her, “Thanks.” Fortunately, she returned the smile. You picked up the magazine and flicked through, trying to find the article, little did she know just how much you liked him… “Page twenty four.” She directed you to the page. As soon as your eyes fell on it, you froze. You didn’t know what you had been expecting, but it certainly hadn’t been this. Everything slowed down as your eyes zoomed in on the image infront of you. You could hear Brooke talking in the background, “What’s wrong?” She was saying, but you couldn’t hear it over your heartbeat. Your hands shakily grasped the magazine out of her hands so you could take a closer look. The image contained Jay and the AOMG members…and one extra person. They were in a line, walking through a crowd of people you knew far too well. A crowd of people’s who’s hands you’d felt rake down your shirt and claw at your arms. Taking up the back of the line of AOMG members, was your boyfriend, Jay. His hands clutched the material of a black figure infront of him. The figure wore a black hoodie which they had pulled down over their eyes. The figure was…you. Pulling yourself away from the picture, you managed to focus on two more smaller pictures. One picture was of you, the figure, running out of the crowd down a street. The other one showed Jay, running down the same street, his hands balled up into fists, trying to find you. Your eyes narrowed in on the writing beneath that read, “Could this be a family member of Jay’s? A younger brother or sister? Or is this….a girlfriend?” Your hand reached up to cup your mouth and then you heard Brooke speaking again, “_____? What’s gotten into you?” “N-Nothing….I gotta…I gotta make a call…” You trailed off, pushing the magazine back towards Brooke and speed walking to your room. Did he know about this? You had to tell him.  You grabbed your phone and punched in his number, your heart thrumming as you waited for him to pick up. His voice, for once, didn’t calm you down, “Hey, baby? Can I call you back? I really have to-” He must have heard you whimper, because he stopped what he was saying and spoke much more softly, “Baby?” “J-Jay…I don’t know what to…” You tried again, fighting through your tears, “Jay…I was….What are we going to do…I…” “Woah, slow down ______. Okay?” His soothing voice said. You stopped talking and let out a long slow breath, as best you could, “Jay…Something’s happened….” “______, can this wait? I really, really have to-” “No!” You wailed, “I need to…tell you…I don’t…Jay, don’t leave. Don’t go…please…” He stopped you from blabbering, “Okay. It’s okay…” “Don’t go…” “I won’t, okay? Hey, I’m here. It’s fine. I’m not going anywhere, baby.” “Okay…” You stuttered, breathing you through your tears. Once you had calmed down a little, you spoke quickly and quietly, “There was an article in a magazine about you-” He stopped you, sighing, “I know.” “No! You don’t….They saw us together, they saw us Jay! There’s all these pictures…” “I know, baby. I know.” He sounded stressed. “Wait…What?” You suddenly felt confused…What did he know? “I was going to tell you…” “You…knew?” He sounded apologetic, “I kept going to tell you, but there was hardly any time. And when there was time, I didn’t want to worry you. I wanted to spend time with you…” “How long have you known?” You squeaked. He sighed, “Since I got on the plane. The truth is, when I left we actually went a day early. I knew the press had pictures so me and Gray went up to their HQ to try and sort it out and stop them from posting the pictures. But we only made it worse…It’s been in magazines for days.” “Why….Why didn’t you tell me?” “I would have told you straight away when I found you on the pavement, but you were so shaken up…” “You knew all this time…” You were close to tears. “I’m so sorry, _____.” “It’s okay…I just…What are we going to do?” “The good news is, they haven’t seen your face and they have no idea if you’re a boy or a girl. So, they might just forget about this.” “Might?” “Baby…Sometimes the media forgets about stuff like this, if other scandals happen or something. But…sometimes they don’t.” ———————————————————————————————————————————————— “So she knows?” Hep asked me. I nodded, “She’s cut up, man.” He let out a big breath, “Maybe you should go home…” “Home?” My eyes widened quickly…Home? “Listen, Jay…All your sets will be done by tomorrow and I know you were gonna stay on to support us and do some extra gigs but…it’s probably not helping _____ knowing that her boyfriend is like, a billion miles away on top of the magazine thing.” I nodded, mulling it over slowly in my head. “That’s what this is about!” Loco burst into the hotel room, shouting, “Man, what the hell!” “Huh?” I stared at him, bewildered by his sudden rage. “You have a girlfriend! You have a girlfriend, and you didn’t think you should mention that?!”
Hep walked over to him, “Woah, back off man….Seriously, what’s up with you?” “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, we’re keeping it quiet…” I tried to be apologetic, but he was having none of it. “Tell me sooner? How about if you didn’t tell me at all! How about if you didn’t have one at all!” He screamed in my face. “What?” “Did you not think about consulting us guys first before you just swanned off with some girl?” “Dude, no offence, but I didn’t think it was really any of your business…” Now I felt a little irritated. Who did he think he was? “None of my business?! Jay have you even thought about what this is going to do to our image when our main guy is all tied down with some slut-” I didn’t know when it had happened, but my fist had collided with his face, “Slut? She isn’t just some slut!” “She really isn’t, Loco. Seriously, she’s pretty cool."  Loco blew up still, "What makes this girl so great? Is she amazing enough for you to throw your whole career away on, Jay? Well? Is she?” Through gritted teeth, I said, “This isn’t going to end my career.” “No. Maybe not. In fact, I couldn’t give a fuck about your career because when you got with her you clearly didn’t give a fuck about what it would do to our careers too-” “Oh, I don’t give a fuck? I’m staying on for another two weeks just to help you out!” I screamed back at him now, anger building inside of me. “Well what the hell does it matter when you’ve not even thought about how this affects us too! We could lose fans because of this!” “Well then they aren’t very good fans.” I muttered. “Who gives a fuck, Jay? Fans are fans!” I tried to calm myself down, I didn’t want to punch him again.
“You don’t even need a girlfriend! You could have any girl you wanted to every night, no strings attached but instead your wasting your time on this girl-” “It’s not like that!” I shouted at him. “It’s not like what?” “I’m not using her, man. I love her.” I spoke calmly, collecting myself. “Fuck man, a girl looks your way and now your saying your in love?” He shook his head and walked out, slamming the door behind him. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– He called in the middle of the night. Twenty minutes past midnight in advance. You answered the call, expecting to find his usual happy greeting, but instead he sounded exhausted and quiet. “I miss you."  It was quiet but you heard him. You let out a small smile, "I miss you too, Jay.” “I wanna go home.” He sounded sad. “What?” “I miss you baby…"  "What’s this about, Jay?” He spoke even quieter, “Nothing. I just…don’t want to be here.” “Why, hun?” “Because I want to be with you…” You let a laugh fall from your lips, “Come on, Jay, you’ve been fine this whole week and now suddenly you miss me so much you have to come home?” There was a pause, then he spoke, “I had a fight with Loco, ” You heard his serious tone finish and you could almost hear his smile as he said, “I do really miss you, though.” You giggled, “See? I knew it wasn’t about me.” “It is…partly.” “Hmm?” “We were fighting because-” “Wait, a real fight? Are you hurt?” He chuckled, “No. Not that sort of fight…Although, I did punch him.” “Jay…what’s going on?” He turned serious again, “He’s angry about you.” “He’s mad at me?” You squeaked. It seemed so ridiculous - you hadn’t even met. “No…Not at you. At me. For dating you.” “Why?” “He thinks it’s bad for our image…that it might…ruin his career or something.” “Do you think it will?” He chuckled, “No. He’s just being an idiot…He’ll get over it. It’s fine.” “If it’s fine, then why did you punch him?” “I was mad. He called you a slut.” “Oh…” He laughed, “Don’t worry…I don’t think you’re a slut.” You smiled, “So…sounds like you had an eventful day.” “Yeah. I still want to come home though.” “Jay…Please don’t come back just for me.” “Baby, I want to….” He sounded whiny now. You sighed, “Atleast sleep on it then? And check it’s okay with everyone? For me~” “Okay,” He chuckled, “Gawd, anyone would think you don’t want me back.” —————————————————————————————————————————————- The next night, he called at midnight again. You picked up, biting your lip. “Guess what?” He sounded excited. “What?” “I’m coming home, baby.” You smiled to yourself. He’s coming home…
Will I See You Again (Part 2)

This is a continuation of Will I See You Again? which you can find HERE. 

Will I See You Again? Was originally going to be just a oneshot, but now I am turning it into a long fic :D

Part 3 will be uploaded by tomorrow, have a good day/night jwalkerz~

-Admin Kitty

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After you hung up the phone, you tied your hair up and began washing your face, smiling in the mirror as you went. Getting changed into your pajamas, you surveyed the wound on your shoulder. Looking at it for more than a second made you gag; Jay hadn’t been joking when he said it was quite deep. You covered it up with your sleeve and picked up your phone as it started to ring again.

“_____? Hey…I was just calling because I forgot to tell you to get the cut dressed properly…You should probably go to the hopsital tomorrow morning so they can dress it…I don’t want you to get an infection or something.”

You smiled to yourself; it was somewhat nice to know that he genuinely cared about what happened to you, “Okay, I will.”

He said goodnight, and then hung up.

As soon as your head hit the pillow, you fell asleep.

The next morning, your eyes flickered open only to be met by blinding sunlight that stopped you from seeing anything. You covered your eyes, you had been so tired last night you hadn’t even remembered to close your curtains. You pushed yourself up from the bed, but a sharp pain in your shoulder caused you to fall back.

The pain caused all the memories of last night to come flooding back, bringing a sense of dread with it. Those men had almost…You didn’t dare think about what could have happened to you. But it made you scared. Very, very scared. But then, you remembered something else. They hadn’t. Yeah. They had almost. But they hadn’t. And why was that? Because someone stopped them…someone…Jay. Jay Park had saw it. Jay Park had rescued you. Jay Park had taken you to his apartment and took care of you. Jay Park had flirted with you. Jay Park had kissed you. Jay Park had wanted to see you again. And when you thought about that, it kind of almost made you feel like, as stupid as it sounded, the first part didn’t matter so much.

Your new relaxed state was shattered when you saw the time. Shit, I’m late for university, you thought to yourself.

“__________! Get out of bed! We’re late!” Your bubbly roommate, Brooke, burst into your room.

Right then, you made a conscious decision to not go to the hospital. There was no time, you had to get to work. That was true, but, honestly you knew even if you had bothered to call in to tell them you wouldn’t be in that morning, you wouldn’t have gone anyway. You were terrified of everything about hospitals.

The day went by slowly. You went to lecture after a lecture, but still no call from Jay. If you were speaking honestly, you didn’t date all that much. You weren’t like Brooke, who seemed to have guys swarming towards her every time she so much as blinked, you were just you. And you didn’t get hit on very much, especially not in bars. Or outside of bars. Because of this, you had no idea how long you were meant to wait for a call. Should it be today? Or, was he playing it cool? Would he call tomorrow? Was he even going to call?

You didn’t want to call him, because you knew that would be too needy. So you waited. But when you had finished a long day of lectures and ten pm rolled around, you started to believe he really wasn’t going to call. You had contemplated asking Brooke what the usual amount of time the guy usually waits, but then pushed that thought of your brain. You didn’t want her to know, for now. She was a big fan of Jay Park, and you knew she’d freak out. You could just picture her now: asking a billion questions a minute about kissing him right down to the smallest detail. You shivered at the thought slightly.

Maybe he had changed his mind. Maybe he’d never even had the intention of calling. Maybe he just pitied you because you’d been hurt. ‘Oh, poor girl, all alone and wounded’ he’d probably thought. You fell asleep, almost completely sure you’d seen the last of the beautiful boy.

A harsh bleeping cut into your dreams and woke you up abruptly. It took you about 5 seconds for you to register it was your phone, and another ten for you to realize it wasn’t on your bedside cabinet.

The door opened with a loud bang, shaking the door frame and Brooke stormed in, her hair a mess and her glasses wonky, “Oh my god, I know your my best friend and I love you to death…BUT LORD HELP ME IF YOU LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN THE LIVING ROOM ONE MORE TIME AND WAKE ME UP, I’M GOING TO SHOVE IT SO FAR DOWN YOUR THROAT YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO HEAR IT RING AGAIN!” She growled, throwing the phone at you, which you narrowly missed.

You stifled a laugh, “Good morning to you too, bestie!”


She whirled around and began storming out of the room as you called after her, laughing, “You are SO not a morning person!”

You heard her yell back from her room, “THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S NOT GODDAMN MORNING!”

You laughed as she left and then realized the phone was still ringing. 

You picked it up quickly, “Hello?”

“Hey, ______!” A voice said into the phone, and you knew it was him. Realising it was him, your heartbeat started to speed up.

“Hey.” You tried to sound relaxed, pulling yourself up into a sitting position.

“Oh shit! It’s really late!” He sighed and then said a little quieter, “Did I wake you?”

“Oh, um. No.” You lied, not wanting him to feel bad. You weren’t exactly going to complain about lack of sleep when the perfect Jay Park had called you, were you?

He let out a relieved breath, “Oh. Good. I’m sorry though, for calling so late.” He sounded a little embarrassed.

You let a smile seep into your voice, “Oh. No. It’s fine.”
“It’s just that I’ve been really busy-” He stopped himself, “Damn, that sounds lame…but I’m being honest, I really was busy today…”

“Oh, it’s fine. Seriously, it’s okay. I understand.” You really did get it. Come on, he was a singer. And a pretty famous one at that.

He sighed again, obviously not believing you, “How’s the arm, anyway?”

You smiled, he really did care. “Okay, just…sore.”

He sounded a little concerned, “Did you get it sorted out at the hospital?”

“Uh…Yeah.” You lied, and you felt bad about instantly.

“Good…What are you doing tomorrow night?”

You tried not to sound too happy, “Nothing…”

“So, you’ll be free?”


“Let me take you out to a movie." 

You grinned to yourself and tried not to sound too excited, "Okay.”

“I’ll cook for you at mine first. I promise it will be more fun than last time, okay? No stabbings. Or first aid.” He chuckled lightly.

You laughed, “Okay.”

You hung up when you had sorted out times and he had said he would pick you up at half nine. You fell asleep soundly, thinking about Jay.

By the time the next evening had rolled around, your whole body was alive with butterflies fluttering around inside. You were nervous and to add to it, you had no idea what to wear. Brooke was out for the night, so you couldn’t ask for her help. You would have called her, but she would have assumed that you had a date. And you really, really dreaded the very thought of explaining how you ran into the great Jay Park. You put on your cream coloured dress and tights, admiring it in the mirror. You twirled, but in the mirror, you caught sight of your great big ugly cut on your shoulder. You stared in horror at it. How were you going to cover it up? If he saw it, he would know you had lied to him. Feeling guilty, you slipped on your leather jacket just as the doorbell rang.

You heart beat fast as you ran to the door and opened it. When his eyes flicked up to your face, your heart came to a halt and then he smiled warmly. You smiled back as he said, “You ready?”

You nodded quickly, “Yeah, just let me put on my shoes.”

He stood in the doorway and watched you slip on your shoes. When you were done, he slipped on his sunglasses incase anyone saw him and gave you another grin, “Okay, let’s go. My car’s outside.”

As you made your way down the staircase of the building, he caught your eye and let a slow smile spread across his face. You wanted to kiss him. Right now. You didn’t realize how intently you were looking back at him, until you missed a step and almost hurtled down the stairs. Before you could fall, however, Jay’s arm had looped around your waist.

He chuckled as he set you back upright, shaking his head. “Are you this intent on injuring yourself every time we go on a date?”

You laughed too, but in the back of your head all you could think was: So there’s going to be more dates?

When you had been clutching your shoulder in pain the previous time you had been in his car, you had barely paid attention to any details at all. But now that you had the time to look around the interior of his car, you surveyed it. You noticed it was clean and polished, apart from a few CD’s that had been pushed into the storage compartment between you and him. While he concentrated on the road, you ran your eyes over them. Girls Generation…2NE1….SHINee? Did he like SHINee? Or was it someone elses? A girls maybe? A past girlfriends? You hoped it wasn’t.

He saw you eyeing them and spoke up, “The SHINee CD’s my little sisters, she’s crazy about them. I’m not too into them, but they are pretty cool guys.”

You stared at him, “You’ve met SHINee?!” You really didn’t know why you were so surprised - he was a celebrity after all. He probably met the idols everyday.

He chuckled and nodded, “Yeah. They’re really nice…” When he saw your gawping face he smirked, “Although Onew has a third nipple." 

"What?! No he does not!" 

He raised an eyebrow, trying not to laugh, "And how would you know that?”

“Because! They did a topless live performance!" 

He raised his eyebrows higher, a teasing smile plastered on his face, "Oh?”

You blushed crimson, “I mean…Not that I was looking…”

He chuckled alot at your embarrassment then shook his head, “You’re so adorable, _______.”

You blushed more at his words. Had Jay Park…just…called….you of all people….adorable?

Arriving at his house, he offered to take your coat. 

“Oh sure…” Then, you remembered why you were wearing it, “…Oh. Actually, no. It’s f-fine. I-I’m cold.”

He raised an eyebrow, “_____, you know, I’m not going to jump you just because you take off a layer of clothing.”

You laughed, “I know. Honestly, I’m fine.”

He walked forward and seized each side of your jacket, he started to peel it off, but you pulled away quickly. He began tickling you, and you screamed in laughter, momentarily forgetting about why you were covering up. While you were laughing, he had managed to get your jacket off you.

He stopped tickling you suddenly and you opened your eyes to look at him. One hand left your ribs to hold your arm delicately.

“Where’s the dressing?”

“Uh…” You stuttered. This was so embarrassing.

His eyes widened, “You didn’t go?”

You scratched your neck, your cheeks aflame, “Uh…”

He looked a little hurt, “Why did you lie to me?”

“I’m sorry. I just…I didn’t want you to worry. I really hate hospitals and I was late for class…”

He surveyed your shoulder, “____, it’s gonna get dirty if it doesn’t get dressed soon..”

“It’s fine, Jay.”

He shook his head, he was having none of it, “Yeah, for now. But we gotta go to the hopsital…now.”

“Don’t be stupid Jay, our date will be ruined-”

He shook his head, “If we don’t go now, you’ll just put it off. This way I know you’ve been and done it.” He smiled sweetly.

To be continued~

Will I See You Again? (Part 5)

This is a continuation of Will I See You Again? which you can find HERE. 

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Will I See You Again was originally just a one shot but I’ve made it into a long fic ;3

Hope you like it, jwalkerz ~

-Admin Kitty

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“Brooke! I’m going out in ten minutes!” You shouted out to her from your room as you smoothed down your hair in the mirror. She appeared at your door, frowning, “Oh? I wanted to watch that new film tonight…” You turned to look at her, “I’m sorry. Tomorrow, maybe?” She smiled, “Okay…Where are you going anyway?” You turned back to the mirror, smoothing some lip gloss over your lips, “Out..” She ran up behind you, poking you in the side repeatedly, “Going to see the secret boyfriend again, huh?” “Yah! Yes, okay? Yes I am,” You grabbed her hands and pushed them away, “Now will you stop before I staple your hands to the table?” You heard her laughter as she left the room, “I expect to here everything about it tomorrow!” You groaned. You’d narrowly avoided talking about Jay or giving any significant details as to who he could be to her, but now you figured you were going to have to give some details. Just, obviously not his identity.
Later on, you were sat in his arms while you watched stupid cartoons and laughed. You were getting pretty tired so you let your head fall onto his shoulder and you felt his lips place a kiss on the crown of your head. “Jay? How come you don’t date much?” You blurted out, it had been on your mind for a while now. It seemed so odd that someone like him wouldn’t date very much. “Where did this come from?” He said, an amused look on his face as his eyes fell on you. You picked your head up and looked at him, “Nowhere I just…It seems weird, that’s all.” His smile turned into a full on smirk, “What? Because I’m so good looking, you mean?” He teased you. You muttered, “Shutup.” making him chuckle. “I don’t know…It’s hard to find someone who actually cares about you rather than your success. But with you…It’s different. You don’t make a big deal about my job at all.” He looked down at you and smiled, giving you a peck on the lips. There was a moment of silence and then he said, “______…You know I care about you a lot, right?” You couldn’t help but smile, “Yeah…Why?” “I just..I don’t want you to think your just someone I’m messing around with. Because I’m not, okay? I’m serious about you.” You quickly kissed him on the cheek and he looked at you, bewildered, “Woah, what was that for?” You smiled, turning pink, “Me too.” He grinned at you for a moment then said, “I’m thirsty, you want a drink?” You both got up and he asked you how you liked your coffee. Before you answered, you caught sight of some milkshake powder on his kitchen worktop. He turned to look where you’d been staring and chuckled, “You’re such a child, baby~” “Says the guy who refers to himself as the Pancake Master…” You said under your breath. He asked you to pass him the milk, but on the way over, you hit your head on the cupboard. Ouch. “Yah! ______!” You heard Jay behind you and then his hands were on your waist, spinning you around so he could look at you. You clutched your head in pain, that really had hurt. He took your hands away from your head carefully, “Yah! You’re bleeding!” “Argh, it hurts…” You grimaced. “Alright, come here…” He bent down and picked you up by your hips. You chuckled, “Hey! What are you doing!” “Putting you on the worktop so I can see properly.” He dropped you down on the marble worktop carefully and then stood between your legs. He cradled your face in his hands so he could look properly and then proceeded to get a plaster out of the drawer next to your left leg.  “Baby, you gotta be more careful…” “I didn’t mean to…” You pouted. He kissed your forehead, next to the cut, “Why’s my girl so clumsy?” You cracked a smile, he’d just called you his girl, “Sorry.” He carefully put the plaster on your cut and then dropped a kiss on your lips, “It’s okay. I like looking after you.” He smiled sweetly. When he had asked you to meet the AOMG guys, at first you had refused. But after he had given you those big eyes and flashed you his pout, you found it hard to stick to your guns. Eventually you had agreed and then you had spent the next couple of days trying to push it out of your head and not think about it. Now, you were on the way there…and it was all you could think about. They could hate me. They could really hate me, you thought to yourself as he drove. He looked over at you, feeling your eyes on him. “You okay babe?” He looked at you quickly, then back to the road. You nodded, “Yeah."  The whole way there, you didn’t speak and when you finally arrived, you’d got yourself well and truly petrified about meeting them. You weren’t cool, you weren’t famous and you sure as hell knew you weren’t good enough to be Jay Park’s girlfriend. You knew what they’d think as soon as they cast their eyes on you: he could do so much better. The car rolled around the corner and into the private car park, "You ready?” He stopped the car and you nodded slowly. He got out and you followed suit, as you stared at the studio building. The sun was setting and Jay had chosen to wait until tonight to tell them of your existence because that’s when they would have finished work. You started to walk towards the doors, expecting Jay to follow but he didn’t. Instead, you felt a hand pull you back, “Woah, before we go in, come here and talk to me.” You turned around, confused by how serious he sounded. He took your other hand too and pulled you towards him, putting your arms around him and then holding onto your shoulders so he could look at you properly, “What’s up?” “Huh?” “Oh come on, you’ve barely said a word since we set off,” Then, his tone softened, “Is something bothering you, baby?” “Don’t be ridiculous…” You said, giving off nervous laughter and trying to pull him towards the doors, but he wasn’t letting you move. “We’re not going in until you tell me what’s going on, so you might as well tell me now so we don’t have to stand out here and freeze to death.” You sighed, “It’s just…meeting your friends…” He pressed his forehead to yours, “What? You’re nervous?” He took a guess. You gave him an embarrassed half smile, “Well….yeah. A little.” He picked your chin up with his fingers, “Listen, they’re going to love you.” Your face crumpled, “You can’t know that.”
He kissed you, “I bet I’m right.” You grimaced, “How much do you want to bet?” He smiled, “My life savings. Let’s go, you’ll see.” He pulled you inside of the entrance. “Guys…this is my girlfriend, _______.” He squeezed your hand in comfort. Hep grinned, “We know.” Jay stared at them, mouth agape, “What? How?!” Chase laughed, “Because, you’re not exactly James Bond, Jay…” Gray joined in, “Yeah, when you started checking your phone every minute of everyday, we figured there was a girl.” You couldn’t help it, you let out a small laugh, it was cute.  Jay spoke, “Yah! I was not that bad!” Jeungoon chuckled, “I have to agree, you really were.” They all introduced themselves to you one by one, and they weren’t how you expected at all. They were so accepting, they didn’t bat an eyelid to the fact you weren’t famous. And they didn’t look down on you one bit. They treated you like their own, like one of the guys. They made you feel so welcome. After a couple of hours of hanging around in the studio on the sofas just talking, Hep stood up, “I’m starving. Do you guys wanna go out to eat?” Jeungoon and Chase wanted to go to an Italian place, but Hep, Gray and Jay wanted to go to the Indian place. After a while of arguing, Chase looked to you, “_________, you can decide. You’re the lady after all.” You laughed and thanked him, opting for the italian. You all took Hep’s car and when you all filed in, you realized how big it was. It was shiny and black with tinted windows and had eight seats. You’d never been in a car like this, you’d only ever seen them on television when celebrities got out of them. But now you were in one. And you were with the celebrities. And one of the celebrities was your boyfriend. And you had to take a second to take that in, just for a moment. Jeungoon and Hep jumped into the front, while Chase and Gray got into the middle seats, leaving you and Jay in the back seats together. On the way there, they listened to music and rapped to all the different parts which made you laugh. You couldn’t believe these goofballs were famous, not one bit. They just seemed so god damn normal. Arriving at the Italian place, the car came to a halt but no one moved for a couple seconds. “Oh shit…” Chase muttered under his breath. What? What? “What are we waiting for guys? Let’s go….” Hep trailed off suddenly, staring out of the window you couldn’t see. Chase and Jeungoon didn’t listen, they were staring out of the front window. You started hearing faint girly screams that got louder and louder. The hum of people getting closer and closer. Chase and Jeungoon were staring out of the window, but you didn’t know what at. There were no windows in the back seat at all. “Jay. You might want to take a look at this.” Jeungoon said, sounding grave. Jay leaned forward, “What are you…” He trailed off when he looked outside. “What’s going on?” You said loudly, but everyone ignored you. “How many do you think are out there?” Jay asked. Hep spoke, “It looks like alot. Maybe a hundred.” “Will someone please tell me what’s going on!” You said, alarm in your voice. What was going on? “A O M G! A O M G!” Chanting was heard from outside of the car. Gray spoke to you, “There are fans and press out there.” Your mouth fell open. No. No. You and Jay were meant to be a secret. If you walked out there….everyone would see you. Everyone would know. And everyone would stare at you. You’d be in magazines. And on gossip pages. You started to panic, “W-What are we going to do?” Jay spoke to Chase, “Do you think I’ll be able to get ______ out without being seen?” Chase gave him a look, “Yeah. If you’ve got an invisibility cloak on you..”
Jay groaned, pressing his hands against his face. “We could pass her off as a random guy friend, if we tried?” Hep suggested. Jay took his hands away from his face and looked at you, “It could work, I guess.”
Then Jay spoke to you, “We’re going to try and get you out, okay baby?” You nodded as he unzipped his hoodie, taking it off and then putting it on you, “Put this on, okay? Zip it right up to the top.” The hoodie was ginormous on you, but you slipped your arms through anyway and zipped it up as far as you could. “Alright, let’s pull this up.” He pulled the hood up, bringing it as low over your eyes as he could. He leaned forward and tucked your hair behind your ear, “If they see your hair, they’re going to know you’re a girl.” You nodded, “What else should I do?” “Um…Hunch yourself up. You need to walk sorta masculine. Hunch your shoulders okay? It might help hide your face and your chest aswell.” You hunched over, “Is this okay?” He nodded, “Yeah. And push your feet outward when you walk.” He pulled some of his sneakers from under the chair out, completely new and told you to put them on. You did and then he looked at you. “Okay. When we go out there, hold on to me. We’ll walk in a single file and hold onto eachother, we don’t want to get anyone pulled into the crowd.” Everyone agreed and then he spoke only to you, very softly, “Don’t worry, okay? I won’t let anything happen to you.”
Hep called the restuarant and asked if they could use the back door, which they agreed to. Then, you vacated the car, one by one. Jeungoon went first, and Hep followed. You opened the car door and heard Jay whisper, “Just go. It will be okay, I promise.”
You were met with a sea of people. Fangirls of all different shapes and sizes, which you avoided eye contact with. You ducked your head down low as you stepped out of the car and into the crowd. Hands grabbed you from all angles, pulling you and pushing you this way and that. They grabbed at everything. Your sleeves and your hood were grabbed at, which you fought to hold onto to hide your face. You reached Hep’s shirt and grabbed a hold of it with your free arm as cameras were pushed in your face and flashes blinded your eyesight. You felt Jay move in behind you and grab onto your shirt tightly, keeping you from being thrown over by the crowd. People were shouting and screaming and you tried your best to keep your head straight. The crowds moved in closer and suddenly it felt like you were walking through thick mud as you struggled to move past person after person. You held onto Hep’s shirt as tightly as you could because you worried if you let go, you may never get out of this hell. The air seemed to get thinner and disappear as you scrambled for breath and fresh air, finding none. Tears stung your eyes as someones hand raked across your arms under your hoodie. Suddenly, a persons hand grabbed for yours, pulling it away from Hep’s shirt in the process. As soon as your hand fell, you tried to grab for Hep’s shirt again but your hands found nothing at all. You reached for him, for anyone but nothing. You were pushed forward suddenly and you felt Jay’s hand leave your shirt. You were now completely without any guide at all, and you couldn’t see for the people who threw their faces in yours. You found a slight gap and pushed your way through. After a short while, the thick mud of people cleared a little and you began running, head down, not knowing where you were going. When the violent hum of people quietened, you felt it was safe to look up so you did, only to find you were completely and utterly alone, on a strange street you had never seen before. You felt onto a step to a closed shop, a quivering mess. In the silence, you could now hear how loudly you were breathing and you prayed for it to stop. A distressed voice called out Jay’s name and it took you a second to realize it was your own. No reply. You called his name out louder, still no reply. You screamed Hep, Chase, Jeungoon and Gray before realizing no one was coming. No one was there. To Be Continued~
Will I See You Again? (Part 9)
Will I See You Again? (Part 8)

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Will I See You Again was originally just a one shot but I’ve made it into a long fic ;3

Hope you like it, jwalkerz ~

This is a short update, I’m sorrrrrry :c

I also am really sorry about the wait for this one!

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PART 9: You were awoken by the sun streaming in through the curtains, blinding you. You rubbed at your eyes, trying to wake up. Noticing Jay’s weight was no longer on you, you reached out for his body, but your hand found nothing but a cold, crisp material. You opened your eyes properly in confusion, calling out, “Jay?” No answer. You sat up, waking up properly now. Your eyes searched the room, finding no one. You got up out of bed and wandered towards the kitchen, searching for him frantically, but trying to keep your cool, “Jaaaaay?” “Who the hell is Jay?” A voice asked loudly from behind you, making you jump. You whirled around to find Brooke giving you an expectant look. “Umm….” “Is he the secret boyfriend?” She grinned. “Uh…yeah.” You said, trying to discreetly look around for him still as you answered your roommates question. “Was he here?” She smiled, eager to know. “Uh, no…” You mumbled, bewildered. Now you weren’t even sure he had been here, where was he? “Then, how come your calling out his name?” “Ah, um. Well, um…I’m not sure…” You scrambled for words, but none came. Her eyes lit up, “_______, you did SO have him around last night!” “Brooke, no I didn’t….” And now you weren’t even sure if you were lying. “So…How was it?” “How was what?” You stared at her, confused. “Ya know…” She wiggled her eyebrows comically and your eyes widened. “No! We did not!” “Whatever you say…” She laughed as she sauntered back to her room. As soon as she’d gone, you hissed, “Jay!” You thought he might have been hiding from Brooke, but apparently not. Walking back to your room, you really did start to believe he hadn’t even been there. Had it all just been a dream? But then, your eyes fell on a note on your bed, next to where you had been sleeping. You snatched it up quickly, then smiled to yourself. It read: I’m sorry, I had to go the airport. I was going to wake you, but I felt bad. I will call you when I land baby~ there was a big gap and then on the bottom right hand corner in smaller writing it said, P.S I love you. Also, You smiled to yourself, he had meant it. He had really meant it. He had really been here. But the happiness was short lived as you realized he was gone. He was probably on the plane right now, you thought to yourself with a sigh. Even though you hated the fact he wasn’t here, you hoped him and the boys would have fun.  Brooke rushed into your room, “Hey, you around tonight? Or are you seeing lover boy?” You hand wrapped tightly around the paper as quick as you could and threw it backwards behind your back so she wouldn’t see. “No, I’ll be here…” You blushed at her words and then sighed heavily, knowing exactly how long you wouldn’t be able to see him. “Good. Because Mindy’s coming over.” You raised your eyebrows, “Mindy?” You hadn’t seen Mindy in months. When she hadn’t got into your university, you and Brooke had found it really hard to see her, her university was absolutely miles away. You agreed quickly, happy to try and stop yourself thinking about Jay. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– By the time it was 8 o clock, Mindy was about to come around and Jay hadn’t called or contacted you whatsoever. You thought about texting him but hung back, suddenly feeling a little timid. You didn’t want to bother him, especially if he was at work.  When Mindy arrived, she was beaming so wide. She pulled you into a hug and complimented you on your shirt and then hugged Brooke aswell. Honestly, you had been worried that she would be upset by the fact she had to go to her second choice university, but she seemed happy as ever. She had lots of stories to tell you about the new people and she met and it honestly did seem like she was having a really good time. Brooke, naturally, straight away asked about if there was any cute guys there. As Mindy started to talk about this boy, Mike, who sat next to her in the lecture the other day, your phone leaped into action, vibrating along the table with a message. You quickly picked it up, trying to still listen to how good looking this Mike guy was, but getting distracted when you saw Jay’s name on the screen. You grinned secretly to yourself when no one was looking and opened it. It read: I’m sorry I didn’t call, I’ve been at fanmeets all day. But I’m free now, call me? Your heart felt torn. You wanted to hear his voice, but right now, your friend from a billion years ago was sat infront of you and it would be really rude if you just upped and left. Before you could reply you heard Mindy whisper, “Oh my god, look! _____’s smiling at her phone.” You heard them giggle and then Brooke piped up, “Oh, well I know who’ll that be…” You looked up to watch her roll her eyes and giggle. “Brooke!” You said loudly, trying to stop her. “What? We can’t tell our best friend about your boyfriend?” She grinned at you. You bit your lip, “Brooke…there’s nothing to tell…"  You hoped she’d shutup, but she didn’t, "He’s really cute, apparently!” Mindy grinned, “What does he look like? Who is he? Show me!” “Uh..” You mumbled, trying to think of something else to talk about that would bring their minds off your boyfriend. “Oh, we can’t tell you,” She waggled her eyebrows, “He’s a mysteeeeerioooous boy!” Mindy clapped her hands excitedly, “Ooooh, myserious!”
Brooke laughed, “Yeah, she spends all her time with him and I’m not allowed to see!” “Brooke, will you stop!” You tried to not sound angry. “Aw come on, _____. Tell us who it is already!” Mindy pleaded. You ignored her and Brooke joined in, “Yeah! Come on!” “Brooke, will you stop!” You shouted. Then you shutup, realizing how loud you had just been. They stopped asking you about him after that, and you were sort of glad even though you felt bad for shouting at Brooke. You knew she hadn’t really meant anything by it. When Mindy left, later on that evening, the door shut behind her and then Brooke whirled on you, “What’s up with you, _______?” You stuttered, “W-What?”
“_____, I was only messing around talking about you and Jay.” You nodded, “I know…” Instantly feeling bad. She looked at you for a couple of seconds and then said, “Who is he?” You looked at her, she looked very serious, for maybe the first time in forever.
You smiled, “Um..” She sighed, “This is getting beyond a joke now…”
“A joke?” “______, at first, when you wanted to keep him a secret, I thought it was just because you wanted to get to know him before introducing him. But, it’s been ages now and all I know about the guy is that he’s called Jay and he’s a secret.” You scratched your head, “Um…”
She exhaled loudly again, “Why can’t I know anything about him?” “Because…um…” She started to get annoyed, “What is it about him that means you can’t even tell me his full name!”
“It’s just…we’re not ready to go public…” There. Something honest had left your lips. “Go public? It’s been ages! I’m your best friend and you won’t tell me anything!”
“It’s nothing personal, Brooke. You know that.” You put an arm on her shoulder but she shrugged it off. “How can I not take it personally, _____? You can’t even trust me enough to tell me who he is! What’s the big deal anyway? It’s just his name.” You opened and closed your mouth, making her more frustrated. “Did he break the law?” “What?” You looked at her, dumbfounded. She bit her lip, “Is he a criminal?” You shook your head vigorously, “No! It’s nothing like that!” “Then why aren’t you telling me! Why don’t you trust me!” She looked like she was about to cry and you felt so guilty, “Of course I trust you…” “Then freakin’ tell me!” Her face was pinched and she really did look like she was about to cry properly. “I can’t!” She sighed again and then let her voice fall quiet again, “Fine.” She left the room quickly, slamming her door shut as she walked into her room. You bit your lip and headed to your room, you figured she didn’t want to see you right now. You got into bed, fully clothed and pulled your covers around yourself, feeling helpless. You felt terrible. Absolutely terrible. Brooke was your best friend and as a general rule, you didn’t keep secrets from eachother. That’s what made your friendship so great, you could tell her anything in the world. But not anymore. You hated fighting with her, you hated it more than anything. Seeing her cry was painful to watch at best because it happened so little. You weren’t used to vulnerable Brooke. The last time you’d seen her cry was 4th grade, but when you had been arguing with her, she had really looked like she was about to again. You felt so guilty you actually almost got up to tell her what was going on. Almost. You closed your eyes, you can’t ______, you told yourself, You musn’t, for Jay.For Jay. The laptop on your desk made a loud ringing noise and you realized someone was calling you on skype. You answered as fast as you could as soon as you realized it was Jay. “Hey, baby.” You heard the soft silky tone to his voice before you saw him, making your heart melt deep in your chest. His webcam loaded on your screen and then, there he was. You could only see his top half and he wore a black tee that read ‘AOMG’. His hair was styled perfectly and you could tell he was sat in bed from the pillow behind his shoulders. From what you could see of where he was, it seemed he was in a hotel. “Hey.” You breathed. He smiled, making your heart ache, “You’re in bed early…It’s only eight.” You laughed, “Yeah…” Then his face clouded over, “You didn’t text me back…"  He looked a little hurt. "I’m sorry, Jay…I was busy…” “It’s okay,” He smiled softly, then his brow furrowed, “Are you okay?” “Me? Oh, err…Yeah.” You smiled, but he didn’t smile back. “Something’s up.” “Don’t be stupid…” You tried to sound happy. He ignored it, “Tell me?” Before you could explain, you heard a door slam and then heard Brooke shout, “Don’t wait up!” Which let you know she was annoyed by the whole argument. Jay’s eyes widened, “Woah. Was that your roommate, Brooke?” You sighed, “Yeah….” “Did you two get into a fight?” You nodded, solemnly, “It was my fault, I guess.” “What happened?” He sounded a little concerned. You bit your lip, not really wanting to explain. “Tell me? Please?” You mumbled, “It….was about you…sort of.” “About me?” He looked taken aback, “What about me?” You sighed, “She wants me to tell her who you are.” “So why didn’t you?” “Because, we decided we weren’t going to go public. I don’t want this to get out and you to lose fans just because of me…” He didn’t speak for a moment, but instead looked at you like he was contemplating something. He pursed his lips, then opened his mouth to speak, “Do you trust her?” You nodded, “With my life.”
He paused and then said, “Then tell her.” “W…What?!” “_____, you’ve already been reduced to a crying mess on the pavement because of me, I won’t let you lose your best friend over this.” “But-” He shook his head, “Baby, my job means the world to me. And, you do too. So just tell her.” “Jay…What if word gets out?” He smiled softly, “If you trust her, I trust her, okay?” “Are you sure?” He shrugged, “As long as she doesn’t tell anyone…I don’t see what the big deal is.” “Can I wait until you come back?” He looked at you, curiously, “Why?” “Because…I don’t think she’s going to believe me otherwise.” You smiled and he chuckled.
Will I See You Again? (Part 13)

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Will I See You Again was originally just a one shot but I’ve made it into a long fic ;3

Hope you like it, jwalkerz ~

This is a short update, I’m sorrrrrry :c

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The next day, you heard Jay’s voice call out from behind the door and you told him it was open. As you heard his footsteps walking through your kitchen you threw your jacket on.  You walked into the kitchen where he was running his fingers over your kitchen worktop, absentmindedly. Since he wasn’t looking, you took the chance to take in what he looked like right now. His hair was perfectly styled and all you wanted to do was run your hands through it forever, it looked so damn soft. You surveyed the curve of his back and the way his forearm muscles moved slightly as he fiddled with your pots on the worktop. You breathed, “So, where do you wanna go?” When he didn’t respond straight away, you started to babble, suddenly feeling oddly nervous, “I mean, we could just stay in if you like-” “Baby?” He spoke softly, turning around as his eyes darted all over the place, his lips in a thin line. You carried on going, “Or we could go to that new Chinese that’s open down the street, I mean..” “Baby.” He spoke, even softer, sounding grave. “What’s up?” He finally looked at your face, swallowing hard, “I need to talk to you about something.”

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