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Here I am wearing my own Juvia necklace so you can properly see how large they are:

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It’s Gonna Be Ok: Gruvia

He held her close. His arms tightly held her close to him so her face was just inches away from his chest. This girl… he thought. He thought she was dead. However, she proved him otherwise. Words couldn’t describe how happy he felt when he felt her soft breath on his chest. Her shoulders steadily moved up and down as she breathed. He could even hear her heartbeat fighting to keep her alive. 

However, even though he felt so pleased that she was still alive, he can’t doubt the feeling he felt back there when he originally thought she was dead. The pain, the anger, the sadness, he felt so much of it that he lost his mind and went completely berserk.  

He regrets doing what he did, but… his mind wasn’t thinking clearly. But this made him realize something…. during the battle with Invel and her almost dying in the process, he realized…

He had undying feelings for Juvia.

It was true and no matter how much times he tried pushing those thoughts down they kept resurfacing. Eventually, he realized it was pointless trying to push away feelings. Besides, he’d been acting on his feelings his entire life. Ever since Deliora destroyed his family and his home village, he was so shook and broken. 

Then Ur came along and helped him learn a magic he is very skilled with to this day. Ice-Make Magic. It was all his fault in the end. He was so passionate about destroying Deliora, it consumed him and in the end, Ur had to fix his problems for him and she had to pay the price.

Then there was that whole fiasco with Lyon. He tried to revive Deliora just so he could defeat it himself. Gray ended up fighting one of his friends from childhood. 

Next there was Ultear. She was in fact Ur’s daughter. Gray ended up fighting her too. Her story was quite saddening. She was sent away as a child by her own mother to improve/decrease her magical abilities. Once Ultear had come bakc to her mother, she saw her with two boy, playing in the snow. She thought her own mother forgot she existed. She then became consumed with madness. And eventually joined Grimoire Heart.

Gray helped her see that her mother didn’t forget her. He fought her in the process. In the end though, she backed out of Grimoire Heart and instead began Crime Sorciere along with Meredy and Jellal. However, during the eclipse gate  adventure, she had given her entire lifetime away just so she could reverse time. By 1 minute… she was unsatisfied by this. She thought she could have done better. But it wasn’t as worthless as she thought… she was able to save many Fairies and other guild members. Gray was one of those people who got saved. He got shot by multiple lasers saving Juvia. He was supposedly dying/dead but his life was able to continue because of that one minute. After that, he felt such intense pain once he realized that he would never get to see her again.

One of the things that pained him most, was during the fight with Tartaros. He had to battle his own father. At first, he doubted whether he really was his father. His father died over 15 years ago. Honestly, he couldn’t be lying if he said it was one of the most intense battles in his entire life.

At some point, the air had settled down a bit and the tension between them dropped. Silver announced he surrendered and Gray should just hurry up and kill him already. He said he just wanted to be free from all this. He just wanted to be up in the clouds with his wife. He begged Gray to kill him.

 Gray felt ever muscle in his body tense up again as he slowly walked towards him. He created an ice sword out of his magic and lifted it high above his head. He paused for a long time. He couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t do it. He just broke down into tears. Silver stood up and hugged him. If he wasn’t going to do it, he was going to have someone else do it. he thought. This then leads to Juvia defeating Keyes and then Gray eventually dying. Gray was upset about it for quite some time, although he forgave her straight away when she confessed that she actually killed his dad. 

And now there was this. There was so much going on right now it was hard to keep track. Gray looked down at Juvia who still seemed to be unconscious. He used one hand to lightly caress her cheek. He thought back to what he told her before the war started. “I’m grateful to have you. You’re always by my side…” 

“I really am grateful to have you with me, I wasn’t lying.” he whispered still caressing her beautiful face. “I am really glad you’re always there for me, even though I haven’t been the nicest to you…” he paused biting his lip. “I really admired you for that, how you were always so persistent and never gave up without a fight. Especially when I told you ‘no’ countless times you still kept on going” he chuckled. 

After all this sorrow and pain, it felt good to smile again. Although it was brief, he enjoyed what smile he had left and turned back to her. “I promise you, It’s Gonna Be Ok” he said even though it sounded more like pleading than telling. Like he was begging everything would be ok. 

He hugged her tighter as he spoke. Now her face was against his comfortably against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her head and gently placed his on the top of hers. 

“I promise, everything is going to work out in the end…” 


AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I was fangirling as I wrote that. *squeals* I LOVE GRUVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Ahem* anyway hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you want more!

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When Gajeel and Juvia "died" I wasn't really sad about it but more mad because they died without doing more in their life. Both ended up being part of a ship with rare possibilitys to do more. Juvia could do more with friends who would accept her gloominess like Cana or Meredy and Gajeel can live his life without his sidekick Levy all around. They were villians who turned good but got wasted on a ship and even were sacrificed to make it romantic.

That’s an excellent way to put it. If they live, it cheapens their sacrifice. If they die, they die as poorly treated characters. Neither one is a pleasant option.

Mashima Give me Gray and Lyon Ice Skating

An homage to Yuri on Ice. Gray a d Lyon can ice skate for Juvia’s heart.

Ichiya can judge. “Meeennnnn”

Juvia would be torn between wanting to hate it but finding it too beautiful to see her Gray-sama skating with Lyon-sama, while also being an angry force like Yurio.

Lyon has white hair. Victor has gray hair. Yuuri and Gray have black hair.