Name: Justin Kase

Favourite method of murder: Mental and physical torture until they wish they were dead, then granting that wish.

Murder weapon: Varies. Scalpels are a common tool, but I’m also not afraid to get my hands dirty, as it were.

Do you know how to hide a body? : Yes [x] No []

Cannibal? (In case I should save you some leftovers) : Yes [] No [] Maybe [x]

Do you think I’m crazy? : Yes [x] No [] Not crazy enough []

Will you betray me? : Depends on your definition of betrayal

Tell me a bit about yourself : I like puns and I’m a big fan of your work. The “acting” work, I mean, not the mercenary bit. Though that’s good too.

[Wanda stiffens, eyes going dangerously flat, voice even.]

I’ve never done any “acting” work.