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Can you imagine Brian fucking Kinney doing that ice cream kiss with any other trick? Just goes to show how different Justin was from the beginning.

Okay, I have a LOT of feelings about the ice cream kiss and I NEED TO SCREAM ABOUT THEM FOR A HOT MINUTE.

Because we’ve already seen time and time again that Brian uses sex as a coping mechanism. Hot, anonymous sex to allow him to forget about his troubles for a while and feel like the immortal, untouchable god he yearns to be.

But now he’s lost Michael, his best friend, one of the few people in the world who really understands him. That’s deeply traumatizing, and Brian feels well and truly alone.

And yet…this time he actively rejects that anonymous sex he usually seeks out! Multiple guys propositioned him and he turned them down flat. And instead…he goes to Justin!

They have sex, of course. Sex will always make Brian feel better. But tonight, he’s looking for more than that. He’s looking for companionship. (Stop rolling your eyes at me, Brian, we all saw you.) He’s looking for someone who’ll make him laugh, who makes him feel good about himself, who knows him and loves him anyway, who’ll goad him into eating that last spoonful of ice cream. He’s looking for a friend.

And Brian’s never been friends with any of his tricks.

Justin is a unique blend. He’s someone Brian has fantastic sexual chemistry with, but who he also just enjoys spending time with. They can fuck and they can laugh together. He’s something Brian has never experienced before. He’s special.

Even all the way back in the beginning.

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I totally do not want Justin to create youtube channel and document his steps as an artist. I totally do not want him to get really excited that it's taking off and that people love hearing him talk about it. And I totally do not want him to someday force Brian to sit down and do the boyfriend tag because everyone wants it, why are you even asking me this??

I do not want Justin to geek out as he explains this new art technique he’s trying out and he wants all the viewers to see.

I do not want Brian to tease Justin as he films and making things 1000x more difficult than they have to be because he can’t stop flirting with him during production time. 

I do not want Justin to post his latest video and “totally not care” how many views it gets in the first hour but ever-so-casually peeking every few minutes…or for Brian to ALSO ever-so-casually announce the viewer count every fifteen minutes. 

I do not want want Brian to ““““““““anonymously””””””” reply to any critics with blistering comments about how they can go fuck themselves because their philistine selves obviously don’t know one shit about art. 

I do not want Justin Taylor to go down in history as one of the premiere artists of his generation who was able to successfully utilize social media to push his art and further his image, cementing his status as both a highly respected and wildly popular artist.

I do not want Justin to feel so humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude no matter how many times fans reach out to him to tell him how much he inspired them, for him to know it was all worth it, that he’s finally made it.

I do not want Brian’s face to beam with pride as he looks at all of Justin’s success and see how happy he is and think that this is it, this is the life, this is what it all means.



get to know me meme | [8/10] favorite tv shows: Queer as Folk (2000-2005)

“So the thumpa-thumpa continues… It always will, no matter what happens, no matter who’s president. As our Lady of Disco, the divine Miss Gloria Gaynor, has always sung to us, ‘we will survive.’”