Trick ‘r Treat

Request- Yes
   “can i request a mix of 26 & 23 with a fem!reader x montgomery, please & thank youuuuu!! xx
*reader and character are watching a scary movie and reader gets scared* “aw, is little Y/N scared?” “no, i’m not. but come here and hold me.”

Pairing(s): Montgomery x Fem!Reader

Warning(s): sMUT

“Come on, princess! Just one scary movie!” “How about we rock, paper, scissor it?” He nodded and stuck his fist out.

“Rock! Paper! Scissors!”

You opened your eyes and noticed you had lost,”Yes! We’re so watching Trick ‘r Treat!” You groaned,”Well would you look at that! Its time for my curfew! Well see you Monty!” 

“But you’re already home? This is your house right?” You grumbled,”Right.” He pulled you into his embrace, giving you a peck on your temple. 

”Come on princess, it’ll be fine! Your big, strong boyfriend is here to protect you from all the monsters!” You rolled your eyes and you slumped back onto the bed,”Lets just get this over with.” He chuckled and gave you a peck on the nose.

“Jesus christ!” 

Montgomery laughed at your reaction,”Aw is little (Y/N) scared?” You scoffed,”No, I’m not. But come here and hold me.” He let out a laugh before opening his arms, welcoming you into his embrace.

“Ok, scaredy cat.”

“I’m not scare-holy shit!”

You jolted awake, breathing heavily. A cold sweat swept over your body, causing you to look around the dark room. You reached for your phone, checking the time.

4:20 a.m.

You sighed,”Princess?” You jumped at the sudden voice,”Monty?” He shifted to face you,”Whats wrong.” “I-I had a nightmare,” you said quietly. 

“Come here.” 

You shifted your body down into his warm embrace. His raspy voice filled your ears with sweet nothings. This didn’t stop you for getting arouse at his deep voice. A pool formed between your legs, causing you to rub your thighs to create some friction. Catching on of your actions and flustered face, he smirked. 

“What’s this? Is my princess horny?”

You bit your lip as his hand slid down your undergarment,”I know how to help you forget about your nightmare.” You let out a small moan as his lips attached to your sweet spot, your nightmare no where in your mind.

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Okay but sweet Justin and Alex kisses and discussing random things

Okay but you right, because they just lay there, someones head on the others arm/shoulder and they just talk. Half the time they’re not even sure what they’re talking about. They just stay there cuddled up together and talk about their lives, and their friends and what they want for their futures.

It’s the only real time Justin properly calms down and really opens up. Also the sensual hickies!!!! Nothing sexual, just slow kisses to the skin that leave behind a mark sometimes. It’s Justin literally just worshipping how perfectly delicate Alex is. There’s the little kisses too, in between the mumbled words, and probably ‘I love you’s before they even know they’ve said it

Me trying to convince myself I’m not going to hell after reading smut in public

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