Weak Flesh
Weak Flesh

Godflesh - Weak Flesh

I said I was going to take my time listening to all the Godflesh I picked up a while ago… I didn’t do that. I just ended up listening to pretty much all of it in a big bulk, because I was really diggin’ it… The debut EP (though with the bonus tracks it’s more like an album) is the only one I didn’t get round to until now.
It’s just as good as the others - probably among my favourites actually. Definitely underrated in the Godflesh canon. I’d take this over Streetcleaner any day…

Hear new JK Flesh track “Exit Stance” on Radio Dogma’s Kerridge feature mix. Forthcoming on Downwards.

“Punching Nazis in the face since 1989!“

01. Tapefeed – Dawn Of The Eclipse – Metempsychosis Records
02. Sophia Size – Solace – Dusk & Haze
03. G Man & Francesco Bonora – Ikarus – Thirtyonetwenty
04. Clark Davis – D313 – District 66
05. Cari Lekebusch – Hide and Seek 1 – H Productions
06. Nachtbraker – M.m.m – Heist Recordings
07. Samuel Kerridge – Possession Control – Downwards
08. Samuel Kerridge – Ascension – Downwards
09. Fennec & Wolf – Nazareth – Incroyable Music
10. Suman – Here – Ameniia
11. Under Black Helmet – Unmask – Mord
12. J.K Flesh – Exit Stance – Downwards

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just like
me, you’ve
lost your
sight now

just like
me, you
see no reason
to fight


Orphx + JK Flesh - Light Bringer 

“Berlin Atonal: Force Majeure”, The Wire Magazine, 2017


Godflesh - Scapegoat
Messiah, 2003