Justin bieber

excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (31)

“I took you for granted. I’m willing to admit that,” he begs, eyes full of fear and dissapointment — dissapointment in himself.

“But please, we can’t just put everything in the past that easily,” he tilts her chin upwards, pleading for a second chance as her heart starts to contemplate.

“You were my first everything, baby. Everything,” she winced as he calls her by the word she once loves to hear, but felt meaningless right this second.

“You were my first everything — and I plan on you being my last as well. So please give us another try.”

Her gut told her to say yes, but her heart was too wrecked to risk another chance.

“I can’t. I’m sorry. You were my first everything as well, but you lost your shot in being my last.”