I know this is going to sound as if it’s about Britney but it’s not (not really anyway); but listen – we al know that the mainstream press loves to hate her and hate to love her. It’s been proven again, with the reviews on “Glory”. One review I read praised the album, but dissed her as a performer, singer and everything in between.

No one ever really disses her personality, eventhough it’s usually the only nice thing they can say about her, but whatever.

It’s like – fuck you, if you like the album, then write a positive review. BASICALLY they’re saying “my editor made me listen to this album so I did and I liked it but I will not admit to it”. And I’d like to translate that into a review on Yelp: “I dislike lobsters but mom made me go to Red Lobster but I really l liked it, actually. But I don’t want mom to know so now I’ll just say something nasty about something totally irrelevant such as the amount of ice cubes in their cokes.”

And I’m so sick of journalists pissing all over pop music. It’s manufractured. YES. we’re not children nor stupid. Lots of my followers love pop, right? Britney but also Gaga, Katy, Bey, Taylor, Justin, Selena,… you name it. And every review always comes back to one thing: it doesn’t have substance. Well, except for Beyoncé reviews, lol.

Perhaps some songs have substance for us, you dumb twat. Even if it doesn’t, maybe we just like the damn music? Is that allowed or are we all ironically listening to indie punk/folk garage bands just because they’re cool?

It also pisses me off when people make fun of music that is targetted at teenagers, especially teenage girls. Most 1D fans are slightly older by now, but guys, wasn’t it fucking horrible to feel like it wasn’t okay to totally fucking love them when you were 14? If it’s your fucking jam, it’s your fucking jam.
And it’s yours. Completely and 100% yours.

Look, my boyfriend’s knowledge of the pop/punk and punk/rock scene is insane. To me, all the songs in that genre sound the same. And all the lyrics are basically all variations of “you ripped my heart out, now watch me bleed”.  but if he’s happy with his music choice, so am I.

but the general public doesn’t understand that. And it pisses me off. And you know what? It starts with the media. I mean, bitch, I know you’re singing Toxic in the shower, Teenage Dream in your car, lipsyncing Wrecking Ball on the subway. Don’t fool yourself just because you’ve got FKA Twigs on your playlist.