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I remember when Justin Trudeau  won the Election up here and for some reason a large amount of our  Canadian customers would call in and just complain about how he’s bad for Canada

like we would help them with whatever they needed, but then they would be like “so that Justin Trudeau, he’s nothing like his father he can’t run our country blah blah” i’m like ‘sir you know this is Onstar right…”

it makes me chuckle, when people get mad at change in the world. Like you are just forever salty and you want to stay in your rut until death comes a callin!


Justin Trudeau invests $20 million in stem cell research

Here’s yet another reason to love Canada’s national treasure, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Canadian government will put $20 million toward establishing the Center for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies, Trudeau announced on Wednesday. “Regenerative medicine is the future,” Trudeau said — and he’s not wrong.

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stirlingshitposting asked:

Hey, have you checked out what Justin Trudeau, our (Canada's) prime minister said? He basically urged the entire country (and world) to be feminists. This is huge considering our last arsehole on the job

Yes that was amazing! He is so consistently vocal about feminism, he sets a great example for world leaders and for all men.

Readers, here’s the video:

Justin Trudeau just made a really important point about feminism

“Speaking at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos on Friday, the Canadian PM described a conversation he had had with his wife Sophie:

Men have to be a big part of this conversation. One of the things I am incredibly proud of is to have a partner, in my wife Sophie, who is incredibly committed to womens’ and girls’ issues.

We’re of a like mind and I agree with her on that and I’ve been very thoughtful of how we raise our daughter.

She took me aside a couple of months ago and said “Ok, it’s great that you’re engaged with and modelling to your daughter that you want her empowered, but you need to take as much effort to talk to your sons about how they treat women and how he is going to grow up to be a feminist, just like dad”.

And as if that wasn’t great enough, he went on to say:By the way, we shouldn’t be afraid of the word “feminist”. Men and women should use it to describe themselves any time they want.”


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