Justin Lucas


American Psycho {org. Mary Harron, 2000}

1. Robert Pattinson as Patrick Bateman {org. Christian Bale}

2. Nicholas Hoult as Timothy Bryce {org. Justin Theroux}

3. Michael B. Jordan as Craig McDermott {org. Josh Lucas}

4. Alison Pill as Jean {org. Chloe Sevigny}

5. Emma Watson as Evelyn Williams {org. Reese Witherspoon}

6. Zac Efron as Paul Allen {org. Jared Leto}

7. Kevin Bacon as Donald Kimball {org. Willem Dafoe}


Comedy Theme Song: “A Whole New World” from Aladdin

[Justin Lucas has a tremendous rendition of this song in his repertoire]

I was tagged by the bae factory-of-phan, so…*NSYNC melody* here we go-o-ooooo :D

Go to your playlist, press shuffle, and list the first ten songs.

1. Fourth Of July - Fall Out Boy

2. Someone - Trevor Moran (my sON)

3. Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake

4. Stars - Ricky Dillon

5. Share It With Me - Family Force 5

6. I Still… - Backstreet Boys

7. Scream - Zac Eron/High School Musical 3

8. Fun - Troye Sivan (aka my current jam)

9. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato

10. You Got It - Lucas Grabeel

Hey look, it’s all my jams

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Taylor Swift Month, Day 12!

Date: June 30th, 2015

Day: 12

Thanks for reading todays edition of the Taylor Swift Month newsletter! I am happy to have you here, enjoy! taylorswift

Flashback Topic of the Day:

As the third single of Taylor Swifts “Fearless” album, the label released “You Belong with Me” on  April 18th, 2009. Taylor wrote the song after overhearing a phone call of a friend, and she developed the story line farther. “You Belong with Me” tells the story of a girl telling her crush to ditch the cheerleader girlfriend because he belongs with someone who will treat him well and make him happy. 

Photo: “You Belong with Me” single artwork.

The song was very successful, winning Taylor a Kids Choice Award for “Song of the Year” in 2010 and even some Grammy nominations. The song debuted on the Billboard Top 100 chart at #12 and peaked at #3 making it Taylor’s second best chart record after “Love Story”. It also earned Taylor her eighth consecutive top 10 hit! 

The music video has Taylor playing two separate roles. The first being the narrator of the song, the ‘band geek’ crushing on a guy, and the second being the ‘popular cheerleader’ role who has the guy she doesn’t deserve! The male love interest and ‘football star’ in the story is played by none other than Lucas Till. After meeting him, she thought he had the perfect dreamy boy look and asked him to be in the video!

Check out the video below!

So what is Taylor Swift up to these Days?

Well of course Taylor Swift is always up for helping her fans out, and this past weekend, helped one out in a big way, with free tickets to her show in Dublin! Two fans from South Africa traveled to Europe with tickets to see Taylor’s show at Hyde Park in London. They made it all the way to Amsterdam, when suddenly the airline had unexpected delays and put their plane to London back 9 hours! The fan, Stephanie Be, took to Twitter to complain to the airline that she and her boyfriend, Joe Crann, would miss the Taylor Swift concert because of this error. After the concert had come and gone, Taylor saw the tweets from the heartbroken girl and replied saying that if they can make it to Dublin, they would have tickets waiting for them! 

Photo: Taylors Twitter offer of tickets to the Dublin show.

After some unplanned traveling, the two made it to the 3Arena in Dublin for the concert, and brought a sign reading "Taylor I made it! Thanks for the tickets!“ 

Photo: The tweet thanking Taylor for the tickets!

Taylor Swift Tweet of the Day:

Photo: Taylors tweet about 10 million followers. Her twitter is at 59 million followers today. 

Taylor Swift shirt of the Day:

Todays shirt is another Speak Now Tour shirt from 2011. It has Taylor on the front with a city skyline in the background, and on the back, lists all of the tour dates! 

Photo: Me sitting on my bed wearing my Taylor Swift shirt!

Taylor Swift Trivia of the Day:

Where did Taylor meet her “You Belong with Me” male costar, Lucas Till?

Answer in tomorrows newsletter!

Yesterdays Answer:

Ellen brought Justin Timberlake on the show as a surprise for Taylor, back in 2009!

Thanks for reading todays newsletter, see you all tomorrow!

Only 18 days left until we see Taylor at Solider Field in Chicago (night #2)!!!



Comedy Bodega kicked ass tonight. Without a doubt we are the best show in San Francisco that feeds the audience free salvadorean pupusas. 

Without free food we are still one of the best comedy shows in town. Tonight’s co- headliners Betsy Salkind and Justin Lucas were DIVINE and our featured comics Jules Posner, Loren Kraut, and Mary-Alice Mcnab OUTSTANDING. Producer/Ringmaster Marga Gomez was her usual dainty self.  Charming guest sets by NYC visiting comic Ben Rosenfeld and Louie Armstrong impersonator and comic Alma Deleon. 

4/8. A Funny Night for Comedy @ Actors Theater. 855 Bush St. SF. $10. Featuring Nato Green, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Justin Lucas, Natasha Muse, Ryan Cronin, Mike Spiegelman, Kelly Anneken and Brian Fields. Tickets Available: Here

Join Host Natasha Muse and her side-kick Ryan Cronin as they welcome a variety of stand-up comedians to the stage, and then ask them a variety of strange questions. It’s like a late-night talk show, except it’s in the early-evening. and it’s not on television. And it’s funny.

With the Mike Spiegelman Cacophonous Euphoria Band, Kelly the stage manager, and Brian Fields on the signs!

Disney After Hours || Jendall

“There you go, bud.” Justin whispered as he leaned forward to press a kiss to Lucas’ forehead before setting him down in the crib in front of him. Justin just spent the last thirty minutes getting Lucas, a very stubborn baby, to fall asleep. His son refused to and wanted to stay up with his father, but exhaustion from his son’s eyes were obvious. They had spent another day at one of the parks and running around, out in the sun definitely made Lucas tired. It exhausted everyone, even Madeline who spent most of the day in her stroller if Justin or Kendall weren’t holding her. She fell asleep with ease and Justin had no problem putting her to bed. She slept in another crib right beside Lucas. Justin took a step to her crib, running fingertip across her tiny cheeks, causing her to stir in her sleep. Justin quickly pulled his hand away, chuckling. Turning around, Justin face the bed that Kendall and him shared. He began to run before launching himself onto the bed beside his wife. “Hey beautiful.” Justin greeted her, pulling her close and holding her in his arms. He nuzzled his nose into her neck and kissed it. “The kids are asleep and we finally get some alone time.” Justin mumbled against her neck as his hand travelled down her body and into her shirt where he slid his hand to her stomach, tapping it slightly. He pulled his hand out and sat up excitedly. “I need you to get dressed– or you could choose to stay in that because you still look beautiful as ever, baby girl.” Justin gestured to Kendall’s outfit. He hopped off of the bed and to his bag which he didn’t bother to unpack during their entire trip. It was late, but Justin refused to leave Disney World without having done something special for Kendall.


Clockwise, from the top: The cast around director Amy Heckerling (front, left); Cher, Dionne, and Amber in the tennis-court scene, in which Dionne says, memorably, “Well, there goes your social life” (of all of Dash’s lines, her favorite); Heckerling on the set.

All images © Paramount Pictures.