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Get to know me — (1/5) favorite tv shows: SMALLVILLE

“The Blur? No, no. Sounds like a roller coaster or something. You need something strong, something simple. Something that starts with that "S” you wear. Something….super!“


Just a CLOIS tribute to brighten your day… Last week, I suddenly had inspiration and decided to do a video about
Lois being Clark’s guardian angel when he “died”. and how she is his voice of reason. It’s true what the song says… Because she lives, he lives!

I thought about this song for a while and I wanted to do it justice because it’s such a Clark song. It’s also my favorite Jesse McCartney song. It means a lot to me and I love the meaning of the song. I hope that you like it as much as I do…

Thanks for watching!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Created for entertainment purposes only and not for profit.

Credits: Smallville (CW and WB)

Song: Because You Live (Jesse McCartney)

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mama’s so proud

I literally have no words for the situation that went on last night at Webster hall but thank god that they are okay👼🏽❤️

“baby, please come cuddle”