Justin Gomes

For this month’s Give Me Fiction, we transform Lost Weekend Video into the perfect biosphere in which to observe the interconnected systems of the environment. Crawl into our narrative diving bell as a collection of writers and comics take you from the awesome whale and squid fights of the ocean depths, to the equally awesome lion and hippo battles of the savannah, to the most awesome spacewhale and spacesquid wars of outer space.

Some of the finest minds in comedy, literature, and the arts write short stories based on a theme. The results have been at times hilarious, at times dramatic, but always compelling. This month’s theme is Nature, and reading will be:

Leslie Small
Aviva Siegel
Justin Gomes
Alan Leggitt
Emily Epstein White
Jasmine Wilkerson Sufi

And as ever, your host and guide to the wonders of the natural world, Ivan Hernandez.

Buying tickets ahead of time is strongly recommended. You can check out more at http://givemefiction.net and listen to the podcast at https://soundcloud.com/givemefiction