sugar and spice 💫

an // oh hi i’m back again. this wasn’t exactly a hiatus, just an annoyance lol. anyway, this is something i have been writing for quite some time now so, i hope you enjoy it and there will be something else posted in the next coming week or so; be on the look out for that, babes. thank you for sticking with me! and to clear up any sense of confusion, i still am writing about justin so, feel free to continue sending in bieber requests but, i also expanded my horizons to writing shawn imagines so, also feel free to request those, too. okay, i’m done talking how. i hope you enjoy! love you guys so much, k 💋

p.s., this is actually a lot shorter than i thought it was.. i’m sorry…

and this is the first time i’ve written something like this so, let’s see how it goes.


word count: 968

my wet hair cascaded down my shoulders as i dropped my towel on the floor, looking for pajamas to put on, settling on one of justin’s white tees and a pair of his boxers. it was currently 7 p.m. and i was already excited to go to bed. but, my boyfriend, justin, had just gotten back from touring so, i knew that i had to spend as much time with him as i possibly could. which is why i went out while he was at the studio this afternoon and bought everything we needed to bake red velvet cupcakes; my absolute favorite. 

i walked down the stairs into the kitchen, putting my hair into a bun on top of my head. as soon as i took out all of the ingredients that the pinterest recipe called for, i heard the front door open; letting me know that i was no longer home alone. continuing what i was doing, i felt the all too familiar arms wrap possessively around my waist, the lips i knew better than my own coming into contact with my now exposed shoulder. 

“damn babe. who knew that my own clothes would look better on you than they do on me?” he chuckled. “i think they look better on me, too.” i smirked, not knowing what was to come out of his mouth next.

“you know what i think? i  think that right now, they would look the best on the floor.” he whispered, the raspiness of his tone sending shivers down my spine. 

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