Myers Briggs Types as (Fictional) Gay/Bisexual Males

ESTP - Agustin (from Looking)

ISTP - Richie (from Looking)

ENTP - Dom (from Looking)

INTP - Connor (from How to Get Away with Murder)

ESFP - Emmett (from Queer as Folk)

ISFP - Blake (from Queer as Folk)

ENFP - Eddie (from Looking)

INFP - Justin (from Queer as Folk)

ESFJ - Jack (from Brokeback Mountain)

ISFJ - Lynn (from Looking)

ENFJ - Patrick (from Looking) / Michael (from Queer as Folk)

INFJ - Ben (from Queer as Folk)

ESTJ - Shane (from Faking It)

ISTJ - Ennis (from Brokeback Mountain)

ENTJ - Cody (from Queer as Folk)

INTJ - Brian Kinney (from Queer as Folk)


This is my boyfriend, Justin. We’re hella Disney fans, and recently we fought to be able to go to prom together. We were given an alternative stag option where we’re still allowed to be together in order to bypass the LA Archdiocese, so we took that as a victory! I chose to be creative and did a Disney scavenger hunt :)) There were 8 clues hidden throughout Disneyland and California Adventure. At each location, there was a sealed envelope with a clue to the next. I sent him on his way, put on a bow tie, grabbed my rose, and headed off to Paradise Pier. The Paradise Pier sign had just been refurbished, so it was absolutely fantastic! I asked him to prom, and luckily he said yes. We had lunch at Blue Bayou and just enjoyed the fact that we will be the first gay couple at our school’s prom in 150 years! He’s just so lovable and very cute when taking photos with characters lol 

It was simply magical