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hey I'm the one anon who ask about your oc's the one's I'm most curious about are the four who are right next to the element oc's because those are the only ones I haven't seen mentioned anywhere and also I understand about having to save money

The story takes place in a prison and the overall universe is called “Lockdown”

The basic plot is that the prison goes into lockdown mode after a supposed breakout in the mental hospital wing. The guards, police and staff left but the prisoners themselves were left to fend for themselves.

Some of the stuff down there might change in the future so..
Feel free to ask anything about them!

Comes Down To You - Justin Foley

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Request: Justin Foley x reader where she is really calm and shy but when she sees Bryce punching Justin (during the fight scene from season2) she jumps in straight away and punches Bryce? Love your writing!

Please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.



“I never thought i’d be thanking Clay Jensen for a ride.”

You laughed lightly, shaking your head at Tony’s comment. It was his solemn attempt at lightening the mood and honestly, you appreciated. 

Your shoulders felt heavy with a certain weight upon them. Another attempt at getting justice for Hannah, for Jessica and all the countless other girls that have been mistreated by Bryce, failed. It was your last resort, or what had felt like it - you expected Bryce to lie in court. You’re sure everyone did. But not like that.

The jury actually bought it. 

Walking beside Justin, you followed him around the corner, biting your lip as you did so. You weren’t as angry as Clay, or as Justin, mainly just disappointed. You didn’t like to get mad, at least not in front of others, and prided yourself in remaining calm in difficult situations. Still, this one absolutely sucked and you just wanted to curl into a ball and cry.

You felt yourself slow to a stop, the others following as well, as you all noticed Bryce, just a little ways down the hall, laughing and chatting with his fellow baseball friends. As if he hadn’t just lied through his damn teeth.

The utter disgust you felt for Bryce grew tenfold. This was absolutely ridiculous, the way he could just lie and get away wit-

“Fuck me.”

Your attention snapped over to Justin, who took a small step forward, cursing under his breath. Before you knew it, Justin was making his way over to Bryce and the rest. You stepped forward, calling out his name but Clay grabbed ahold of your wrist, holding you back.

“You’re a goddamn liar.” Justin spat, stopping just inches before Bryce. Scott and him turned around at the sound of a new voice, the smile on Bryce’s lips faltering. 

“This does not end well.” Tony sighed, looking over at you and Clay. You let your eyes fall on Justin, gnawing at your lip with worry. 

“You never would’ve hooked up with Hannah. You would’ve told me.”

“Why?” Bryce asked, taking the short steps towards Justin. You clenched your fist in anticipation. Literally anything could happen, and Tony was right, not one possible outcome ended well. “Because we were best friends and I told you everything?”

Justin paused, shaking his head. “I should kill you.”

You sighed when you saw Monty step in, pressing a hand against Justin’s chest. With just Justin up there and Bryce, Monty and whoever else decided to stand up for the rapist, Justin was outnumbered. “Hey, chill out.” Justin aggressively shoved Monty’s hand off of him, to which said boy chuckled.

“Still gonna hide behind your boys, Bryce?”

Pulling your hand out from Clay’s grip, you stepped forward, hand falling to your back pack strap with anxiousness.

Bryce nodded at Monty, patting him back before dropping his backpack off his shoulders and taking a dangerous step towards Justin. “I’m not hiding,” Bryce said. “You wanna go?”

There was a few long moments of silence, during which you almost felt like you couldn’t breathe, before Justin suddenly snapped forward. He grabbed ahold of Bryce’s hoody, pushing him back before slamming him up against the locker. You gasped in response, flinching as the thud of Bryce hitting metal echoed. Before you knew it, Justin reeled back his fist, sending a punch across Bryce’s cheek.

Almost immediately, Monty came to Bryce’s defence. Chaos broke out.

You don’t know what possessed you to do it. You knew that it was utterly stupid of you to throw yourself into a fight of boys twice your size and strength. Maybe it was seeing Justin get held back, and punched. Seeing him get hurt while he was so clearly outnumbered. Or maybe it was because you saw him fight back, and thought it was time you did too.

Before you knew it, you found yourself delivering a sharp kick at Monty, before digging your elbow into his back. The force of it forced him to let go of Justin, who stared back at you in shock before Bryce grabbed ahold of him. You knew what that look meant - Justin wanted you to get out. Before you really got yourself hurt.

But there was no time to before Monty spun towards his, face red with rage as he panted. “You’ve just made a big fucking mistake.”

The next second you were aggressively shoved against the locker, similar to how Justin had slammed Bryce against one. You hissed as you felt the lock dig into your back painfully, blinking to clear your blurry vision and focus on the threat that loomed before you. Monty held fast on your wrists, pinning them above you as he seethed.

“I don’t think you get it, princess.” Monty spat, whispering so only you could hear. “There’s no-”

You expected him to do a lot worse, but Monty was interrupted by Zach lunging on top of him, sending Monty spiralling to the ground. You panted in shock, eyes wide as you stared out before you. 

A grunt to your left caught your attention, and you saw Justin being punched. Your instincts caught up with you, and you moved forward to help Justin before a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you back. Panic gripped at you, afraid it was Monty but when you turned, you saw it was only Scott.

“Scott?” You questioned, brows furrowing. “Let me go! I have to help Justin!”

Scott only shook his head, holding you tighter. And you were forced to watch as you friends got beat on, unable to help.


“Jesus fuck!” Justin whispered next to you, shaking his head. “What’d you do that for? Y/N, Monty really could’ve hurt you.”

You sighed, glancing back in the direction of Monty only to find him already staring back at you, glaring. Biting your lip, you faced the front of the detention room, fiddling with your thumbs. “Like he hurt you?” You mumbled, barely audible.

Justin paused, his words registering within you. “That’s different, Y/N-”

“I saw you doing something,” you interrupted, turning your head to face him. “And I couldn’t let you do it alone. Doesn’t matter if I could’ve gotten hurt.” You whispered, leaning towards him. You paused a moment, trying to gather your thoughts. “Not when it comes to you.”

Justin’s lips parted, unable to find the appropriate words to respond to your kind and caring words. You only smiled gently, leaning back. 

A moment later, Justin dipped his head down; “thank you.”

You shrugged; “it’s no problem.” You whispered, before smirking lightly. “Just, next time, think before doing? Okay?”

Justin chuckled, shaking his head. “Yeah… Yeah, okay.”


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