Right now my focus is on Ferguson and not on the original theme of my blog. Sorry to anyone who this displeases but change is happening right before our eyes, the people are angry I am angry. I’m angry that my mom has to call our family in New York to make sure they’re protesting safely, I’m angry that my grandmother called me today from Jamaica to make sure I was safe (the news coverage in the prospects is minimal and she didn’t know where the riots were) I’m angry I made posters that had black quotes on them and my school officials told me I wasn’t allowed to put them up because “It’s not a situation we should be involved”. In Canada, it hurts me to see that racism is still so evident in the country right underneath us, and obviously my country is not exempt, no country is, this decision, this event represents so much more. #staywoke #blacklivesmatter

As my parents and I sat watching the President speak about Darren Wilson and the fact that he was not indicted, I couldn’t help but tell them how outraged I was.

My parents and I don’t often agree on political views. My mother borders the line between liberal and conservative. My father often wishes Reagan were still in office, I believe.

But this is one thing we agreed on.

We are not black. We are white working class. We have privilege, no one suspects us of stealing or being a ‘thug’ when we walk down the street. We’re from a relatively small town.

But here is the thing: due to unfortunate accusations and shitty neighbors, we HAVE dealt with the state police. And let me tell you something: they are not authority figures you can trust. They are not figures that come to you and smile and believe you. Though I believe that not all are corrupted, egotistical, cocky and awful, the majority are. They smile at you and question you, and they manipulate the situation into something that looks better for them.

This is my experience.

And if my experience as a white privileged female is this, then I know Mike Brown’s experience was a hundred percent worse, I know Trayvon Martin’s experience I was so much worse. I know there are others out there with so much worse to speak about.

This is not justice. This world where, years after the civil rights movement, people are still struggling to be heard, this world where cops literally actually GET AWAY WITH MURDER, it is not right.

And this is the thing my parents and I agree on.

This is the thing all of Ferguson agrees on.

The is the thing people around the world are angered about.

So I dare someone to look me in the eye and tell me the system isn’t corrupted. Because I will point to this exact day and prove them wrong.

I am so fucking embarrassed by all of the white people who’re up in arms because black people are saying they hate white people.

Newsflash: when people are getting murdered because of the colour of their skin, that’s a massive fucking problem. Your hurt feelings are slightly upsetting for you. That’s it.

Consider this:
Society is geared towards white people: it’s white people we see on adverts, white people dominate the covers of magazines, white people who play the leading roles in films. Studies show that features associated with POC are considered less attractive than white features: hell, even Beyoncé’s been edited to fit these ideals. White is considered the “norm” - when you read a book that doesn’t specifically refer to a character’s skin colour, how do you imagine them? White?

When unarmed white people get killed, the world explodes with outrage and the perpetrators convicted. But we don’t even know the name of the officer who killed Mike Brown - not because no-one knows, but because the police are defending him. And it’s not like this is a one-off case: Darius Simmons, Jordan Davis, John Crawford, Jonathan Ferrell, Renisha McBride, Amadou Diallo, Andy Cruz, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant. This just doesn’t happen to us, because we’re white.

If there were equal representation and treatment of all races in every other regard - fine, then maybe you get to be upset when people say they hate your race. But we white people are still the oppressors, and whilst black people still get murdered because of the colour of their skin, we’re the problem. 

So please take that into account when you start getting up in arms about the injustice of black people saying they hate white people. You wouldn’t complain about a papercut to someone who’s just had their arm cut off, don’t go whining about “reverse racism” to a group who’s been systematically oppressed, enslaved, and murdered, for hundreds of years.