Last month on Twitter, Benito Cereno issued the challenge to assemble a seven-member, all-female Justice League. He ended up getting a lot of responses and several pretty spiffy drawings as a result, and after much delay, I present mine. I made the decision to draw them out as a team to see how they’d all look together, and yep, that’s a team all right. (Also? Unfortunately and unintentionally overly Caucasian and very blue-eyed brunette-y.) I’ve begun referring to them in my head as the Seven Lady Army (or 7LA), and have had a modified version of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” stuck in my head for two weeks, so I’m glad to finally move past that.

Here’s the line-up:

Wonder Woman - You don’t just put Wonder Woman on an all-female Justice League, you build around her. When Grant Morrison assembled the heavy hitters for his famous run on JLA back in the day, he equated them all to members of the Greek pantheon of Gods. In his league, WW was Hera. In mine, she’s the Zeus.

Big Barda - Another no-brainer pick. Barda is the Ares of the team. I drew a somewhat modified version of what I like to call “Barda’s Battlin’ Buick” gear, scratching an artistic itch I’ve had since I drew Barda in her “Battlin’ Itsy Bitsy Bikini” look a few years ago. 

Black Canary - The street level fighter who can easily hang with the heavy hitters. The Athena of the team, as she was the goddess of law and justice, strategic warfare and strategy.

Zatanna - I briefly considered giving this spot to Traci 13, but she didn’t make as much sense in the team dynamic. In relation to the Pantheon, Zatanna is the Hephaestus, using spells and conjuring like the Greek god forged weapons and tools.

Mary Marvel - She actually gets her abilities from the Gods, so Artemis seems like a good parallel. 

Elasti-Girl - She’s here because I love me some Doom Patrol. An Olympic gold medal athlete-turned-actress, she’s the Hermes of the group.

Sidenote: Look, I anticipate flack for drawing her in high heels, but A) I was keeping with the silver age look, because I love it and B) It makes me laugh that someone that can grow hundreds of feet tall would wear heels on top of it. I did however give her pants/leggings because, come on.

Talia al Ghul - How’s that for a left field choice? I originally had Katana in this spot, but after I shared Cereno’s tweet with my friend Rider, he threw Talia’s name out there. And then it was a done deal. She’s the Hades analog on the team, herself a ruler of an underworld. Can you imagine what sort of global crisis would necessitate Talia joining forces with a bunch of do-gooders like these? And what sort of constant conflicts that would cause? Man alive, someone start writing this hypothetical line-up already.