Your Fave Is Catholic: Huntress (real name: Helena Bertinelli)

Known for: Crime fighting heroine from the Huntress comic book series by DC Comics. After her family was killed by a rival mafia gang, she started a life of heroism to get vengeance against those who wronged her & all criminal organizations in Gotham City. She is often a major character in the Batman comic books, often butting heads with Batman but getting along well with Nightwing & Oracle. She has also joined forces with the Justice League & the Birds of Prey. She is easily recognized by her purple costume & for primarily using a staff & crossbow as her weapons of choice. She is the second & modern incarnation of the Huntress character, the previous being Helena Wayne.

Evidence of Faith: When the Huntress comic books were rebooted & she was reestablished as a girl named Helena Bertinelli, her backstory directly states that she comes from an Italian Catholic family. According to ComicBook.com, it states that for a long time, Huntress was more of a lapsed Catholic, feeling angry & skeptical about faith, & that it has no place in her crime fighting crusade. However, as she grew & matured as a character, she began to feel more at peace, reconnected with her faith, & begin going to church once again. Additionally, her costume also features a golden cross around her neck (as seen in the bottom image & the middle right image), which further indicates her Catholic faith.

9/23 Update: When I initially posted this, I thought that all the pictures I used were of the Helena Bertinelli version of Huntress. However, others have pointed out that two of the pictures I used were of the Helena Wayne version of Huntress. I have corrected this error with new pictures, & I apologize for making this mistake. Thank you @thelastofthebertinellis, @purpleladyofthenight, & @redhatmeg for correcting me on this!

Clark doesn’t dress as Superman for the Daily Planet’s annual Halloween party just for the sake of irony. 

He also does it because he knows that Bruce will find out, because Bruce always finds out, and he thinks it’ll be hilarious. 

Well, that plus Bruce is always getting on his case about the fact that he doesn’t even bother to wear a mask as Superman. Clark has tried to explain it, how posture and body language can change people’s perceptions, how he keeps his Midwestern drawl as Clark, but drops it for Superman, how he wears intentionally ill-fitting clothing as Clark to hide his body shape… 

Bruce believes him, but only begrudgingly. After watching the fifth talk show where Bruce has to comment about how “Do the butts match?” Clark has to wonder if Bruce isn’t also maybe a little bit jealous. It’s a good thing that Clark isn’t the petty sort, (Except maybe he kind of is, just a little bit.) 

He almost buys the “Stripper Superman” Halloween outfit because it makes him crack up; only the fact that it’s a work party dissuades him. Instead he goes for the one that has fake muscles in it. They’re so awful, and so anatomically incorrect that he has to go for it. The fabric is shiny, and the “S” stretches funnily across his chest when he tries it on; the fabric is, after all, also cheap. The cape only goes down to his waist, and he has to buy the tights separately. It doesn’t comes with shoes, only boot covers, and he immediately decides he’s going to wear crocs.  

Because he’s Superman. 

He can do what he wants.

Bruce finds out about his plans (…because of course he does), and tries to talk him out of it. Clark listens politely, then mentions politely that he’s been watching episodes of drag race to get tips on how to make a fake derriere for his costume. After all, he’s got to make sure that the butts match. 

Bruce leaves him alone after that (except to mutter darkly that Clark’s secret identity is going to be blown, and is Clark really-?) 

When he gets dressed for the party, Clark makes sure not just to slick back his hair, but to make it obvious it’s slicked back. He parts it to the “wrong” side, like he was looking in the mirror when he did his hair, and forgot everything was backwards. He puts on the ridiculous, ill-fitting costume, the crocs, the boot covers, and adjusts all the foam “muscles” so that he “looks like Superman.” 

He wears his glasses, because everyone knows Clark Kent can’t see without his glasses. He makes sure to slouch at the party, to keep to the mannerisms that scream to the world “I Am Clark Kent And Definitely Not Superman Nope.” And if his drawl is a little stronger that night then normal? It’s probably the available drinks.  

Funnily enough, he’s not actually the only person to dress up as Superman; Superman is a popular figure at the Daily Planet, and there are enough costumed fans to have a “Superman look-alike” competition. 

When Bruce finds out that Clark came in last place… Well, it’s hard not to act smug.