Before taking questions he played a three minute scene or us that was cut together from the early days of the shoot – a scene where Barry Allen in casual clothes enters an abandoned, graffiti marked building, a warehouse of sorts.
A few steps in, Barry opens a circuit breaker where he inserts a battery – that’s already sitting inside of it – into a socket before closing it and pulling the switch. Sparks fly, not even phasing Barry, and the power activates to what’s best described as The Flash HQ. The concept art in the War Room of the Justice League set refers to this place as Barry’s “apartment” but it seems to serve more as a hideout for Barry to track crime and store The Flash costume which sits upon a mannequin to the right of his massive workstation which featured easily over a dozen screens abstractly placed all over the main wall.
- Justice League Scene Description: Batman Recruits The Flash

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In the spirit of summer, I request a beach trip with Barry <3

I’m doing headcanons srry ;u; and I hope you meant Ezra Miller’s edition bc that’s what I’m going with. Likes and reblogs are really, really appreciated!

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  • Very excited Barry. 
    • He loves the beach.
      • “hey maybe I’ll see Arthur”
        • “HAHAH”
  • Probably has red swim trunks, because red is his color.
    • Not ‘pow, in your face’ red, but a really deep ruby color.
      • Makes jokes about how it ‘goes with his skin tone’.
        • It does, but you won’t allow him the satisfaction of telling him so.
  • Very fit body.
    • Lil’ chest hair, but not too much. Slender, but with enough muscles to vaguely tell you about his adventures running fast.
      • toned legs.
        • Sort of tan, but is leaning towards a pale tone.
  • Wearing sunglasses that are yellow.
    • Refuses to put sunscreen on his cheeks until you tell him that he’s going to get a sunburn in the shape of his glasses if he doesn’t.
      • Tells you he’s always wanted to be a raccoon, and getting sunburned on his face would help him achieve his dream.
        • Ends up having you help him put sunscreen on his cheeks after you pester him enough about it.
  • He’s still sort of nervous to see you in your underwear, let alone your bathing suit.
    • Probably stares at you for longer than needed.
      • It’s red too, but not the same shade as his. It’s a bit brighter.
      • Offers to put sunscreen on your back though. Barry doesn’t want to miss that opportunity.
        • Moves his hands really fast against your back to the point where they feel like they’re vibrating.
          • “Are you that excited for the beach?”
            • “You could say that.”
  • Sits back with you on the towels for a while, just watching the waves.
    • He’s the one who stands and pulls you to the water though.
      • Very quickly. “If you don’t hurry up, I’m picking you up and running to the water”.
      • Makes playful threats, like “I’m going to throw you in, just watch”
  • Barry is the one who starts complaining when he pokes a toe in the water.
    • “That’s FREEZING!”
    • This makes you laugh, “C’mon, I thought you wanted to dive right in.”
  • Lays on his back in the water.
    • It’s really relaxing.
      • Will play with you and splash here and there if you’re feeling up to it. 
  • Under water kisses.
    • Lots of them.
  • Barry pulling you closer to his body when he feels a shiver run down his spine. Merely gives you a cheeky smile and explains, “Body heat is the best kind of heat.”
  • Barry demanding the two of you get ice cream when the two of you get out of the water.
    • You get chocolate.
    • He gets mint. Two scoops and slowly regrets his decision when he can’t eat it fast enough(HAHA).
    • You licking ice cream off his nose, lips and chin with a small smile.
      • This makes him blush.
  • Lots of sandcastles.
    • Barry is actually really good at building them.
      • Barry tries to convince you to let him bury you in the sand but you refuse.
  • Walking along the shoreline together, and picking up seashells.
    • He starts getting all science-y on you and starts talking about the ocean, shells, and the creatures that could have lived in them before they wounded up on shore
      • him chasing you with a crab in his hand. 
        • Barry is manically cackling the entire time and you’re just screeching.
  • Sitting on your towels at the end of the day and just watching the sun set with one another.
    • Barry is watching the colors of the sky change carefully.
      • Tilts his body towards yours and bumps his shoulder against you to get your attention. “It’s beautiful, huh?”
        “Yeah.” You whispered quietly as he tucked back some of your hair. His sharp jawline twitched as he thought about what he wanted to say. You were even more beautiful than the ever changing sky in front of him, and Barry didn’t want to take his eyes off of you.
        “I miss a lot of things, sometimes. You know, because of how fast I move… To me things are slower, but that isn’t enough. I still miss a lot…”
        You listened to him intently.
        “I’m glad I wasn’t moving too fast to miss meeting you.”

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The DCEU cast are problematic as fuck

Ben Affleck - drunk that cheated on his wife

Jason Momoa - openly made rape jokes on tv

Jared Leto - in trouble for harassment, sends used condoms to co-workers

Gal Gadot - zionist who openly supports the continued bombing of Syria

Ezra Miller - made Darren Wilson Black Lives Matter documentary which the black community hated and trashed

like, how the fuck am i supposed to support these people?

Wow, there are so many arguments and so much trash talking going down in all the DC related tags. People bashing pretty much every member of the DCEU cast for being problematic, people defending the DCEU cast, people bashing ‘The Killing Joke’ for being sexist, people defending the killing joke. That SDCC hype and positivity was short lived, huh?


So now I’m reading comments from fans widely decrying the photo of Aquaman that Zack Snyder put up on Twitter. Apparently oblivious to the fact that it’s clearly my version of Arthur, fans are shouting that it looks nothing remotely like the DC Aquaman. Which I guess makes sense; mine was twenty years ago and that’s two generations of comics fans to have passed through and forgotten my iteration of the Sea King.

But still: when will they learn? I still remember clearly being at a convention back in the early 90s, and it had been announced that Tim Burton was casting Michael Keaton as Batman. I was on a panel and we were asked about it. Every other panel member said it was an insult, that it was going to be 1960s Adam West all over again. And I was the last person to speak, and I said, “Look: Tim Burton is a director. Keaton is an actor. They’re both good at what they do, and just because they’re mostly known for comedy doesn’t mean they can’t turn out a great Batman film.”

And I was booed. By everyone. Even the other panelists gave me the evil eye.

Flash forward several years, and I’m at another convention, and I hear two fans talking about the just announced “Batman Returns.” Their opinion: “It better be Tim Burton and Michael Keaton or otherwise it’s gonna suck.” I felt vindicated.

Remember when photos of Heath Ledger surfaced as the Joker and fans proclaimed he looked completely wrong and the film was going to suck?

And fans never learn. They NEVER learn.

Why the hell can’t they rein in their perpetual expectation for the worst and just wait to see the damned film? Yes, “Man of Steel” was a flawed film. Y’know what? It was still 100% better than Superman III and IV.

Peter David: Writer Of Aquaman 1994-1998