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Puis j'laisse tomber, j'en ai plus rien à pété, j'ai tout gâché, j'ai tout massacré, j'suis qu'un poison, j'sais que merder. Il me faut du son, de quoi oublier, de quoi avancer. J'ai b'soin fumer, de prendre l'air, mais ça j'sais pas faire, j'sais juste pleurer

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I... u-uh, t-talking to S-Seymour seems.... l-like... uh... uh.... s-something... I-it c-could be hard!? I j-just.. uh.... w-what's t-the v-voicemail s-say? W-who's it from?....

*Caddy listens to the voicemail.

Caddy: “…Looks like this message is from yesterday… maybe the day before… ? I should’ve checked this sooner, it’s probably too late now… ”

Cleaver: “I am sure Dr. Greenburg will be able to make time for you, Caddy. He is, after all, your mentor. And your need for care is not as inconvenient to other monsters as you might think.”

Meaux: “Yeah. Ain’t no shame in needin’ help sometimes - Cleaver couldn’t go to the grocery store durin’ the holidays, ‘cause of the crowds, so Meaux went for ‘em. It ain’t no thing - ’s just what you do when you care ‘bout somebody.”

Cleaver: “Indeed. Why would things be any different for you?”

Je suis émotionnellement usée. Je peux plus rien supporter. Je crois bien que j'ai juste besoin de m'en aller, et de m'évader loin de toutes mes pensées.

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What does Daryl do that turns you into mush?

J: Just seeing how he acts around Richie. I mean, I know why he acts the way he does…he always wants the best of everything for us. But seeing him spoil our son and just talking to him does that.



Two Types Of People
  • Slow Rabbit: cries when bangtan wins Artist of the Year
  • Pdogg: films Slow Rabbit crying and laughs, then posts the video online