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does anyone else feel like they are just… clenching rn, waiting for when Tower of Dawn spoilers start coming out and then the book is released and the ToG fandom turns into a shitstorm of criticism mixed with antis trying to stir shit up, and that takes all the enjoyment out of reading and the fandom experience?

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I recently came out to my parents as bi, and they don't support it. I'm losing hope, and i was wondering if you have any advice?

J: first off, i want to say that i’m so sorry it didn’t go well and that i wish it wasn’t like that for you. second, i don’t know your circumstances, but i can tell you about mine. my folks weren’t supportive either- conservative as shit, my entire family. i’m holding out for one more year, and i’ll be off to college. that’s why i’m applying to so many colleges outside of my state.

again- i don’t know your circumstances, so i don’t know if just holding on is an option for you. if it is, try it. if not, try this anyway- take every day on its own. focus not on tomorrow but on the next hour. live day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. if you could handle the last minute, you can handle this one. before you know it, you’ve survived another day and you’re onto the next one. that’s how i do it. maybe it’ll help you too.

otherwise, other things:
-one to consider: try to make them see your point of view. try to make them realize that being bi is perfectly okay, and that it’s a part of who you are and your personality, just like your attitude, your intelligence, and your caring parts. try to make them realize that they’re refusing to accept a part of who you are, and that you can’t change who you were born to be.
-just keep going. you can do this.

little by little, anon. you’ll get someplace where you can be yourself one day. i promise. good luck, and i’m sorry again. i’ll be here if you need anything.


When someone calls a member ugly/untalented/unimportant reaction moodboard

Every meme I make is so passive aggressive I’m doing backflips

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i sometimes think about how jake peralta went from someone who was uncomfortable with emotions, who would’ve rather been a lone wolf, who thought he had no real family and would end up alone, to someone who regularly says “i love you” openly to amy and terry and holt and his squad, who communicates his affection and resolves his fears with others, who clearly has his friends’ backs just as they do his, and i just get randomly emotional about his character growth and how far he’s come

Hobi may not spit as fast as suga, or as powerfully as rapmon, but his rap skills are so unique and his verses are so multi tonal. You could never get bored listening to him because he uses his voice in such varying ways. I’m in awe of him.

(not to mention how attractive I find his voice)

Seriously, some of y'all maknae line stans are so annoying. This could be the chance for J-Hope, the best dancer of BTS (that was literally said by all of them) to go to Hit The Stage but no. The maknae line has already a lot of opportunities compared to the hyung line and you don’t even want to give the hyung line a chance to show what they can do.

Nessian to celebrate ACOWAR releasing today and my sadness cause I won’t be able to read it until the end of May *cries*