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don’t say that not having danny be canonically bi is bisexual erasure, and then turn around and totally ignore the fact that Lafontaine is probably in a relationship with JP. right now, it is more canon that lafontaine is bi/pan than danny is. you can’t have it both ways ok, you can’t bitch about lack of explicit bi representation because you want danny safely paired with someone that doesn’t get in the way of hollstein and then ignore laflashdrive because it gets in the way of laferry.

What do you call it when…

…you see/hear something maybe the day before or that current day & then all of a sudden you start seeing it everywhere or references to it? For ex. I had to write about “Hairspray” for my music class last night. (I hadn’t seen or heard anything about “Hairspray” in a veryyy long time prior). Then right when I was finishing the assignment my mom was like “Ooo my movie ‘Hairspray’ is coming on.” Then today I saw a gif on here & I’ve never seen anything “Hairspray” related on here before today lol. Idk maybe it’s not called anything but this kinda stuff happens to me all the time. Like if I hear a new word, I suddenly hear it like 5 more times that same day. Or hear of a new person & see them on TV/Internet multiple times that same day. There has to be a word for this 😁

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How would BTS react if you start talking fast in your native language whenever you're really happy/angry/emotional? ♡

Hello! Thanks for requesting! Enjoy :)


*watches rant angrily and hears you speaking some other language*

*note to self: don’t make her mad…or emotional…*


“It’s not Chinese or Korean but I can say things in English, too!”


“Woah, what did you just say?”

J-hope (ft. suga):

“uhmmm… wtf?”

Rap Monster:

*gasp* “Jagi, you can speak English, too? Lets just speak English to each other all the time and look cool!”


*sees you speaking another language while getting excited over something*

“She is so awesome! Look at that! That’s my girl speaking another language! She’s so smart!”


*What your speaking isn’t Japanese or Korean*

*gets confused*

~Gyeong Bi *(^_^)*

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One of the pics on Insta from that night (the caption) caught my attention after I saw the pic in the Bronco. I went back and looked and there's one where L tags her two friends and mentions "J", just the initial. Gotta be Josh. His jeep, his arm, his initial.

j'en ai marre. tout c'que j'fais c'est pas assez, c'est jamais assez. “fais des efforts” cette phrase on me la répète des centaines de fois par jour. mais putain quand même tous les efforts du monde ne suffisent pas, on fait comment? j'ai essayé, ouais j'ai essayé, mais c'était pas suffisant. j'veux juste crever bordel.

Can I just say - seeing the j’s get out there and get involved and do stuff and be amazing - warms my damn fan girl heart.

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the entirety of get your head in the game from high school musical

fuck ok

“ Coach said to fake right // pelatih bilang untuk memalsukan kanan (??)
And break left // dan hancurkan kiri
Watch out for the pick // hati - hati dicuri
And keep an eye on defense // dan waspadalah terhadap pertahanan
Gotta run the give and go // harus berlari dan terus berjalan
And take the ball to the hole // dan masukkan bola ke dalam lubang
Like an old school pro // seperti yang ketinggalan zaman dan pro
He said, “Don’t be afraid” // dia bilang, “jangan takut”
What you waitin’ on? // “apa yang kamu tunggu?”
To shoot the outside “J” // untuk memasukkan diluar “j” (?)

Just keep ya head in the game // fokuskan pikiranmu dalam permainan

And don’t be afraid // dan jangan takut
To shoot the outside “J” //  untuk memasukkan diluar “j” (?)
Just keep ya head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranmu dalam permainan

U gotta // kamu harus
Get you get you head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranmu dalam permainan
We gotta // kita harus 
Get our, get our, get our, get our head in the game //  fokuskan pikiran kita dalam permainan
[repeat 3x]

Let’s make sure // pastikan
That we get the rebound // kita dapat melambung
‘Cause when we get it // karena jika kita dapat melakukannya
Then the crowd will go wild // penonton akan menjadi gila
A second chance // kesempatan kedua
Gotta grab it and go // harus berlari dan terus berjalan
Maybe this time // mungkin kali ini
We’ll hit the right notes // kita akan mendapat skor yang benar (?)

Wait a minute // tunggu
It’s not the time or place // ini bukan saatnya atau tempatnya
Wait a minute // tunggu
Get my head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranmu dalam permainan
Wait a minute // tunggu
Get my head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranmu dalam permainan
Wait a minute // tunggu
Wait a minute // tunggu

I gotta // aku harus
Get my, get my head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranku dalam permainan
You gotta // kamu harus
Get you, get you, get you, get you head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranmu dalam permainan
[repeat 3x]

Why am I feeling so wrong // kenapa aku merasa bersalah
My head’s in the game // pikiranku sudah dalam permainan
But my heart’s in the song // tetapi hatiku di lagu ini
She makes this feel so right // dia membuatku bersemangat 

Should I got for it // harus melakukannya
Better shake this, yikes! // lebih baik membagikan ini, ew!

I gotta // aku harus
Get my, get my head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranku dalam permainan
You gotta // kamu harus
Get you, get you, get you, get you head in the game //  fokuskan pikiranmu dalam permainan
[repeat 4x]

send me english words/sentences and i’ll translate it to indonesian B) (pls no more lyrics)

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Mä sain just tietokoneen takas 5kk jälkeen Mitään ideoita mikä motivois enään menemään ulos?

Jäätelö ja uiminen tulee pian taas ajankohtaiseksi asiaksi, plus kesäalennukset JOTEN SHOPPAAMAAN

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Hello! I was wondering if you had any Vocaloid or just j-pop songs with a sad story? I feel like ripping my heart out haha. Also, do you know of any good websites to learn Japanese? I'm a bit of a beginner, but I've been wanting to learn about 4 or 5 years now haha. XD

You just described like 40-50% of both of those genres haha.

For vocaloid stuff feel free to browse through my, Ame’s, Coleena’s, OccasionalSubs’, Sunnysubs’ and Vghime’s channels.

Some other things I just randomly thought of that aren’t Vocaloid:

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (A Bakemonogatari ED) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI4dOUQ1xaU (so much copyright stuff on this you’ll have to dig for an english translation)

And my personal favorite “I NEED A SHOT OF FEELZ SO BAD”-tune:

Mutueki no Soldier (The Invincible Soldier): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAZzLZbwRTE

DAT ENDING, Dem Tears, dem feels, dat soldier’s belief in redemption….

….and you just made me loop it 6 times again

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Marcus- I- I didn't know you and your muse were a... thing before.... I feel like I'm just getting in the way of you two from being together again... She was your one true love... I'm j-just a... replacement...

But I don’ wanna get back together with ‘er. I mean, yeah.. we had somethin’ or other way back when.. But I don’ remember it, an’ I don’ feel nothin’ roman’ic for ‘er. Ain’t like that anymore. Yer not a replacement, Divi..

J'aimerais juste trouver un livre d'amour qui parle de moi et raconte des détails que je n'aurais pas remarqué
—  22:06

I know yall mad but man listen here…when you the most defensive boxer ever then you don’t expect knockouts you expect to win on them cards…you got do what you need to do to win them cards. Don’t let yall personal feelings disregard the facts. Manny landed half the punches Mayweather did…so tell me how he didn’t win? That’s like if we playing basketball and you play hard as fuck and j just shoot 3s and win, do you win cause you went harder? Or does the score win? I’m just saying #floydmayweather is the clear winner here#My2Cents

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im sorry i didn't know jesus christ you couldve just said yes damn

sorry i just like sheldon j plankton

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Kisses Daisen's cheek [[Meme >W>]]

Daisen blushed, and held his hand up to his cheek, unsure of how to react. Gradually, his face become more and more red, and his eyes widened. “Wha-You-J-Just-uh-ah-W-why-”

Nope. Nothing coherent was able to come out.

@homuchan: Is this Outbreak again?


It was a normal night for Satoko. She was at her apartment, waiting for Rena to return home from whatever she was doing and setting some traps at the windows. She didn’t find those really necessary, but she needed to keep Rena trusting of her and willing to listen to her, so she had to attend to some of her paranoid demands. But it wasn’t like anybody would ever come all the way to J-5 just to hurt any of them.

At least, that’s how it’d be in normal days. But today wouldn’t be one of those.

Just as she finished spreading some oil at this window, a terrifying vision before her eyes, followed by the not reassuring announcement on TV. What the heck, and invasion? Alternate selves? What was this madness about?! Okay, she’d seen some otherworldly thing or another ever since she came to this city, but this was ridiculous!

And yet, the chaos developing before her eyes was a pretty strong evidence this wasn’t just a tasteless joke. For now her apartment was safe, but how long would that last? …And where was Rena?! Oh god, her friend was there, in the middle of all this havoc!

It’s not like she can just go outside and search for her, though. Sure, the scientists said they had full access to weapons and whatnot at some strategic points, but that’d mean going out of her apartment and exposing herself to imminent death.

In the end, she decided to stay home. Rena was strong. Keiichi and Shion were too. They could survive and get to a safe place. In the meantime, Satoko would stay here, guarding her position and praying for her friends’ safety. Of course, if a familiar face comes, she would offer them a refuge too.


Celà faisait un moment que je pensais arrêter mon blog, parce qu’Hamanaki était plus devenu un blog pour mes potes, pour les faire rires, plutôt que pour moi, pour me vider la tête. Dès que je ne postais pas un truc c’était “Et çà fais un moment que t’as rien posté sur tumblr !!

L’histoire du Catfight a été un déclique, je ne pouvais pas dire vraiment ce que je ressentais parce que comme ma pote, celle qui plannifie toute sa vie, lisait aussi mon blog, je n’osais pas poster quelque chose à propos de çà sous peine de créer des embrouilles alors que j’avais cruellement besoin d’extérioriser ce que je resentais.

Du coup je leur ai annoncé que je supprimais mon blog parce que je m’en étais lassée. Leurs réactions:

Quand ils ont réalisés que je ne bluffais pas:

Mais en réalité j’ai juste changé le nom de mon tumblr pour leur faire croire qu’il n’existait plus… Alors que je suis toujours bien là !!