Antoine, light of my life, makes my heart sing

- Montparnasse’s child by blood, but everyone insists he has Jehan’s eyes. Large, round, so dark they’re almost black. Jehan knows he can’t really have their eyes, not like that, but the resemblance is uncanny.
- He has always been the best dressed of all the Amis children because his father is a tailor (now). His fashion sense falls squarely in the middle of both his parents; he’s a fan of patterns and bright colors, but he matches them way better than Jehan does. Parnasse lets him pick fabrics for anything he’s going to wear.
- All the Amis are some form of relative for him. He knows they aren’t blood family, but he also couldn’t care less about blood. 
- Also one of the oldest among their children, just behind two of Marius/Cosette/Eponine’s kids.
- He’s so sweet, angelic even. A social little thing, though he tends to be a bit shy about adults and blushes a lot.
- Jehan is the one he usually goes to for emotional things. Not because he doesn’t think he can talk to Montparnasse, but because Jehan has always been incredible with emotions. They know when he’s feeling off before he says anything most of the time. They don’t want him to deal with any of the confusing, awful stuff that usually goes hand-in-hand with school.
- Very tactile. He loves hugs and cuddling and leans on people a lot when he’s comfortable with them.
- Jehan taught him flower meanings and Italian while Montparnasse taught him how to defend himself. He has used the former far more than the latter.
- He grows up to be both soft and passionate, handsome and sweet and kind. He reads a lot and seems aloof and mysterious, has no idea how to flirt or tell if someone else is flirting, stores facts in his head for any occasion. Stylish and Romantic, tenaciously loyal, completely and totally and unapologetically himself.
- His parents couldn’t be prouder.

me: The world is a horrible place, people’s intentions are always mean, you can’t trust anyone, I am also a terrible person and I hate myself, I have lost all faith in humanity and in myself

me: *watches a video of Thomas Sanders similing, laughing and singing*


me: I take everything back

I just have SO MUCH LOVE for bokuakakuroken and all of the possibilities.

Just think of how they got together, maybe Bokuto and Kuroo realized that they liked each other more than friends and wanted to take their broship up a level. Maybe Akaashi and Kenma got really close during a training camp. Who knows, there’s so many ways they could get together. Maybe they all realize that they need each other.

What I love thinking about is how well they could work together.

Just think of Akaashi spending mornings on the couch with Kenma as he plays a video game and Akaashi just reads. They don’t have to say anything. This is their alone time, the quiet they have before the two hurricanes that are their lovers walk back in the door from the gym.

Think of Bokuto and Kuroo doing the stupidest shit ever together. Things that only the two of them could come up with and enjoy doing. Seeing who can find the biggest owl while taking a long walk at night. Trying to find out how many oreos they can possibly fit in their mouths. Or something like when they go to the store together they both try to find something small to bring back for Akaashi and Kenma to show they were thinking of them.

Akaashi, Bokuto, and Kuroo experiencing Kenma’s first anxiety attack all together and afterwards, when Kenma is feeling better and can be around people, they all cuddle on the bed. They make a huge blanket nest and it’s all so warm and comfortable.

All the small touches that already come so easy between Bokuto and Akaashi and Kuroo and Kenma and they all learn that it’s okay now. They have two more people they can show their love to. Two more people that already had the other half of their coin, but they wanted another one too.

Sometimes Kuroo and Kenma go off and do things they used to as kids, and Bokuto and Akaashi go and do something that reminds them of their high school days. Most importantly, they all go out and play volleyball together as often as possible, because that is how they met to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be all sunshine and giggles. There’s enough things that can go wrong in a relationship between just two people, try adding two more. There’s times that Kenma and Akaashi just have to get away for a bit. They absolutely love Kuroo and Bokuto, and they’re used to the energy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not overwhelming for them sometimes. Kuroo and Bokuto understand and they take their time together too.

I’ve read in fics things like Kenma not liking Bokuto and I really wonder why people think that. Yes he has a lot of energy, more than Kuroo. Yes that can be overwhelming, but Bokuto is very similar to Kuroo. I like to think that after some time Kenma would like Bokuto just as much. For the same reasons he loves Kuroo. The terrible puns, the constant need to know they are loved, the clinginess, and most importantly the blinding smile that their faces light up with when they see Kenma.

No one can convince me that Akaashi wouldn’t be like the mom of the group. Making sure that Kenma eats properly (when Bo and Kuroo aren’t able to do it themselves) and making sure that Bokuto and Kuroo don’t burn their place down trying to cook breakfast while dancing at the same time. It’s not something he considers a burden. He knows when it comes down to it, they can take care of themselves. But it really is no problem to kiss a few bruises and hand Kuroo a brush every once in a while.

I could go on for so long. More than the almost 700 words I already have, but I’m still not great at writing and my face hurts from smiling for so long.

I just needed to share this, because I love these dorks so much, but together? They make a pretty damn good team.

i literally JUST !!!! posted this as a comment to something but I NEED TO OBSESS BC ??? i actually cried at this moment ??? BUT U KNOW WHEN U FIRST ARE INTRODUCED TO ANN AND THAT GORGEOUS ASS MUSIC PLAYS AND SHE DOES THAT LIL ANGELIC SMILE AND AKIRA IS LIKE IN !!!!! ??? I LITERALLY D I E D  holY  FU CK 

♫ korean indie / acoustic ; 어쿠스틱 인디 모음 (11 songs) 

danielions playlists

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share this playlist with you all because it’s such a beautiful playlist and is really so nice to listen to while studying, reading, or just chilling out with a cup of tea.

All credit goes to the channel owner, this is not my playlist, I’m just sharing because I love it and I though some of you might too :)

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when i was around 8, me and my bestfriend used to joke around about how we would get married someday and how amazing would be to just be the two of us together. today, 10 years later, we are moving in together after for 4 years of dating, i just wanted to share this because i love her so much 💖💖💖

this is absolutely adorable!! i’m so so so happy for you guys -Mod S

Please Don't Do That

Alright, so I’m a cosplayer who goes to local cons, and usually tries to make at least one new costume per year. I get pretty great feedback despite my nagging doubts and my pudge. And, I meet some pretty excellent people because of this.

This year, the two local cons I go to in the spring were on the same weekend. I heard a lot of stuff about the more popular one doing stupid things with planning on purpose so that the campus officials can shut it down.

So, I went to both, just one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I cosplayed Rose Quartz from “Steven Universe”, and had possibly the best time I’ve had with a cosplay to date. At one point on the Sunday con, people were crowding around taking pictures of all the SU cosplayers who were sitting around and chatting at the time, and having a lovely time talking to new people. At least, I had a lovely time.

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listen to that cover of chocolate by the 1975, i really like it! just wanted to share it because i love it.