What I especially love about Seventeen is that they never make fun of others’ looks. In the era when it’s trend for idols to mock own members for skin tone, size of eyes or appearance in general putting them in uncomfortable situation for sake of being funny, Seventeen not only avoids doing so but supports and praises all of it. 

When Soonyoung wondered if he sees world differently with small eyes, members around him didn’t find it amusing. When Seokmin tried to be funny saying the fact he ran into door is why he looks this way today, Seungkwan yelled at him that he’s handsome. Not to mention the fact no one makes fun of Mingyu’s skin tone but instead they compliment it. When chinese members feel shy to speak in korean, they encourage them. The list could go on in infinity, but you got the point.

Seventeen members have mere respect for each other. They never fail to give credits to any single one of them. This is one of billon reasons why I love these kids.

me: *walks up to liam’s parents* big fan of your art!
liam’s parents: we’re not -
me: huge fan. very unique style. extremely gorgeous. probably the most beautiful piece of art in the history of humans.
liam’s parents: but -
me: thank you


there is a particularly racist and transphobic fan of Steven Universe that is making edits of every character of color and basically making them light-skinned and blue-eyed. There have been several messages that have been replied to on their blog regarding their white-washing of these characters and sometimes recoloring of fanart without any regards to the original artists. They usually reply with something along the lines of “This is how they should be and I can do what i want”, even though this is creating a dangerous enviorment in the fandom because they also start to talk about their blatant hatred for people that aren’t white, straight, cis, or skinny. 

I already reported them on the grounds of malicious speech, which on the tumblr guidelines is described as, “ Don’t encourage violence or hatred on the basis of things like race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. We encourage you to dismantle negative speech through argument rather than censorship. We will, however, remove anything that is overtly malicious”. I made the liberty of bolding all that applied so far, along with fatshaming.

i encourage anyone that is to report steven-universe-edits and help make the fandom a little less dangerous and more accepting.

i have some screenshots of replies they’ve had to anons and people who are trying to explain to this person just how damaging their edits are

I stopped at this reply because i was feeling physically sick scrolling through their blog.


This is perfect.

I need to ask something of the phandom right now. I hate to do this because everyone will say I worry too much or I’m too overprotective, but IDC, I’m gonna say it anyway because hell, that’s who I am:

PLEASE, for the love of God, DON’T bother Dan about this anymore! He clearly doesn’t want to talk about it anymore after these last replies. I don’t think he’s gonna do a liveshow this tuesday because of his well deserved break with friends, but when he does another one, don’t go all: “what were the tweets all about??” on him.

Let me explain why: I don’t think he’s telling the whole truth. No, he’s not just lying because he wants to, he’s telling half truths like he usually does whenever things bother him. He’s always ‘trying to be funny’ to a certain extent when he tweets. This is something very different. He’s trying to calm us down because he doesn’t want people to worry and question him. But I feel like it’s more than that.

Look, humor and self-depreciation are Dan’s coping mechanisms. It’s clearly so. His channel is basically a therapy thing (hence the internet support group) where he can let his problems out through humor and entertain people. We can see both attempts at humor and self-depreciation in the tweets from last night and the new tweets today. He’s still striving to make it seem funny because that’s the way he deals with things.

The thing with coping mechanisms is people NEED them. You have to let him have it, ok? He needs the reassurance that he can say those things, that he can be open. I wish he wouldn’t close himself off and laugh it off again, but we’re just strangers on the internet, no matter how much we love him, ok? You gotta remember that.

So PLEASE whenever he does another liveshow, don’t force him to talk about it. Don’t force him to make up an elaborate story to explain why he thought the tweets would be funny. He doesn’t owe us anything else, ok? Let him be, plz, he doesn’t need the kind of stress of having to come up with an explanation to his tweets just for people to laugh at him again and call him a liar.


Happy Birthday, Jun-kun! ♥

my fave thing about this pic is that joshua’s like “fighting!!” as in the good kind of fighting like y0u cAN DO IT!! but minghao in the back looks like hes ready to fight a living soul and chan’s like “savage minghao is showing abort mission AbORT”