A friend of yours. Good fucking guy. Let you skate in his backyard. Trashed out city you been many times.

Beer and methamphetamine. Cause that’s all the fuck you knew how to do.

Kids. Right?

We got older. Started bands.

Northern California skate rock. Everyone was different but all the same.

Fuck you. Fuck society.

But then we all started getting too beat up.

Physically and emotionally. We all wondered when each would die but who the fuck cares, right?

Just fuck reality and fuck sobriety. Put a needle in my arm and watch me go.

Then we all got real. We are all dying. Fuck everything happening. Let’s figure out what’s important.

We all did. Who all didn’t make it, a beer poured out for you.

But to see one of my friends bands songs on a car commercial?

Fuck you.

You don’t belong. Too many tears have been spent and fuck however you got that song.

/I’m angry that this has happened

Today in a nutshell


👟 My hill run which I am proud of myself for
🚿 a hot shower alone and without children yelling for me
🍳 delicious and healthy breakfast while watching OITNB again
😊 cleaned for just a half hour and crocheted a scarf to sell
💇 boys all got haircuts (baby’s first one)
😙 my oldest got an award at school today
🍚 hubby took us out for Chinese food for supper and I stuck to veggies, non deep fried protein and a few California rolls. One bite of dessert off hubby’s plate

Now time to get organized for the morning - MS Walk with my friends (taking baby in the stroller). And of course more Harry Potter reading and maybe some crocheting after kids go to bed with some tea.

You guys have made my “day after” so much easier than I thought it would be. I owe you all big time. Much love to you all!

Story Time w/ Mikayla: How I Got My URL

Okay so I saw a post saying “Reblog this with the story of how you got your URL” and I soon realized that the story of how I got my URL wouldn’t fit in the tags AT ALL, but I really wanted to tell you guys (whoever cares to know- it’s probably nothing too spectacular for everyone else, but it means the world to me).

Anyways, as most of you probably don’t know my original URL for this account was “matthew-espinosa-is-the-bae” and it was just supposed to be a blog I had to the side. I never had a fan account before and I had made it out of appreciation bc I had found this kid on Vine who made me laugh and smile which was a really good thing to have when I felt alone- especially with my depression, which had been getting a lot worse at the time.

About a month after I started the account things in my life got really bad. Really REALLY bad. I’m not gonna get into it now, but maybe I’ll post a story about that another day.

Anyways, I hate to say that I relapsed on self harming after over a year of being clean. I felt so ashamed. My mom still doesn’t know and I don’t intend on her ever finding out. (I told myself a long time ago I will NEVER be sent to a hospital for self harming again, and to this day I’m keeping that promise.)

Things were still horrible, but I knew I couldn’t keep self harming; my mom would start asking questions and telling me to stop wearing sweatshirts in the middle of Summer.

I remember one day when I was laying in bed I felt the urge to cut again and I looked at my nightstand. I was going to open the drawer, but I saw my phone sitting on top of the dresser and picked that up instead, looking for a distraction. Something (or I suppose, someone) was there. Matthew and these other kids that used to be in this thing called Magcon. I remember my nose was still stuffy from crying, but now I was smiling; LAUGHING even.

And since that moment every time I wanted to self harm again, I forced myself to pick up my phone instead. It was hard to make myself do that on some days, but what can I say…I’m hard-headed.

That’s when I realized that I needed a better URL to reflect how much he–as well as the rest of this family I’ve joined–has helped me. Made me smile and laugh when I didn’t want to go on anymore. I didn’t have to think about it for very long; it was literally the first thing to come to my mind.

Fortunately, it was completely original and no one had it on any social media site I made a fan account for. I was happy about this bc this URL has a meaning behind it that means the world to me…

And that is how I got my URL;

Matt. Is. My. Smile.


(based on posts and RP and other chatter.)

tovakiin & eorzeia as one of the Sand Snakes from GoT. (You guys pick idk which lel)

tinolqa as this guy. (idk after chatting about Last Remnant for a bit, I just see it. a lot. haha Though, I also see Aumeric as this guy too.)

calusheen as Kid. Just. Yeah.

haybayrhiannon as a less stoic Lulu. But a more sarcastic Lulu. Also less belts. I changed my mind.

lesserkey is totally Terra, at this point. I think. Maybe less stoic though? Hm.

ashlenhart a male Yuna? (best personified with this artists rendering of such I can’t actually find the artist, sadface)
Which would make sharpe-vision this redhead. (No. I’m kidding, actually I see you more as: This dude.)

That’s actually all I can come up with for now. Sorry if these are like totally off. It’s just how my brain seems to be working. Haha. I’ll do more of these soon. :B

warducky asked:

Okay so fun thing to tell you. You once did a blog rate on my blog that made another blogger called keksregal follow me and then her and I ended up talking about mashed potatoes and she set me up with a guy from germany that is now my bf and I went and visited them all for 10 days and will be back in Germany in a few weeks for a month. So it's basically thanks to you somehow and she just texted me bcs it hit her and we all say thank you very much. All 28 ppl that got connected thanks to that❤️

you gotta be kidding me, this is an awesome story omg :D 

i’m glad i could function as some kind of connecter here haha, i never knew this could happen :)

you’re very welcome! and thanks for sharing this with me uwu

Zouis (Zayn Malik)

This blog stans Zayn ®


Everything was going great today.

 Zayn invited be over to spend the night and play games - just the two of us. I was really excited about that, having him all to myself.

 “I’m glad we got a chance to do this babe. It’s been a while since we’ve done something just for us.” I smiled as I set down the ‘Sorry’ board game. I would have brought out Monopoly but there is no end to it, plus it’s no fun with only 2 people.

 Zayn looks back at me guiltily, rubbing the scruff on his face. “Uh, babe-” he was cut off by the doorbell and a split second later, it opened.

 “Hey guys! Thanks for inviting me!” Louis said, strutting in and hanging his jacket up.

He gave me a hug and sat on the couch next to Zayn.

 “You have got to be kidding.” I muttered under my breath, throwing a dirty look at Zayn, who looked sorry and apologetic. I shut my eyes and rubbed at my temples.

 An hour into the night, Zayn had completely forgotten about me but I can’t say that I am surprised. He and Louis were fighting about not shuffling the deck correctly. I didn’t care. I stopped playing 10 minutes after we started because they kept skipping my turn.

 I stood up with my hands on my hips as they bickered like an old married couple, “Zayn, can I see you in the kitchen for a minute please?” I wanted to sound angry and mean but it’s kind of hard when you’ve been polite and kind your whole life.

 Zayn followed me into the kitchen, “S’up?” he asks, grabbing two water bottles from the fridge - I knew one of them weren’t for me. We were separated by the island counter and it was probably for the best.

 “Zayn, I thought it was going to be ‘just the two of us’?”

 “Babe, come on. It’s Lou. He’s here all the time.” he shrugs.

 “Exactly! He’s ALWAYS HERE! Doesn’t he have a house? He has a girlfriend!”

 Zayn rolls his big, brown eyes. I should be furious but his eyes are what made me fall for him in the first place. “Babe, are you jealous of Louis or do you just not like him?”

I crossed my arms over my chest, “I like Louis. I have no reason to be jealous of him! But, I’m dating you Zayn, Louis’s not!” I exclaim, waving my hand in the air.

 “You’re being ridiculous,” he huffed, taking a drink of water.

“How?! When was the last time we did something? Just us?”

I waited for an answer but all he did was look down at the tiled floor and kicked at it,“…Dunno.”

“That’s because we haven’t since you’ve been back and I’m sick of it.”

Zayn’s eyes grew big and I swore his face turned a slight shade of red, “Well If you don’t like it, you can leave!” he said harshly.

My eyes widened as well. I couldn’t believe he said that.

It took everything in my power not to climb over the island and hit him over the head with a skillet.

I turned on my heel and went back to the living room to grab my purse. I could feel Louis eyes on me, no doubt he heard everything. He was saying something along the lines of an apology but I wasn’t listening. I was fuming and all I could think about was how hot my ears were.

I headed towards the door and left without a word.


(Open This)


I’m online for the weekend. Hello!!

i hate when customers at work hand me a 100 dollar bill and then scoff when i check the watermark. like, lady, i will break out the counterfeit pen. i’ll draw your god damn portrait over benjamin franklin’s before i make a ruling. i’ll get a second opinion from a coworker on the opposite side of the store. i’ll call the mint like, “heyy…it’s daniel…you guys print any hundreds lately? i got a lady here with a hundred, just making sure it’s one of yours…haha cool just checking. so how are the wife and kids?” the people that make a fuss are always like, obviously rich too and you know that’s why they have a problem. like the nerve of me to doubt a rich person’s money. how dare i lump them in with a normal person with a hundred dollar bill. eventually one of them is going to let it slip. i’ll take the bill from them and go to hold it up to the light or feel it between my fingers or something and they’ll laugh and go, “oh, no, no no no i’m wealthy.”

I don’t want to scare you guys, but I’m actually a wizard… just kidding, I have two of the same little gold-rimmed glasses! This is round two, and I can happily say that it’s now in my tummy and not all over the floor. At least my ant friends got some good food (and the plants, by the look of that gooey leaf) 🌿🐜

It’s inspired by an iconic kiwi icecream called ‘Jelly Tip’, which is exactly as it sounds - an icecream with a jelly tip and a crunchy chocolate shell. This one’s creamy @heilalavanilla icecream littered with crunchy cacao nibs, and swirled with jammy boysenberry goo. The perfect balance of sweet and sour! The recipe is on www.thecoconutgoddess.com - go and try a fruity reimagination of a crazy New Zealand dessert for yourself 👅☁️🍧🍥🌸

Just Like a Band-Aid

A/N: I suggest listening to the song this is inspired/based off of “Break Up With Him” by Old Dominion. It’s such a good song, I’m obsessed!

Pietro had been sulking around for over two weeks now, even Tony was starting to feel bad for the kid, so with that incentive the boys called for Thor and had a guys night. Alcohol, sports, laughs, jokes everything you would need to help a boy with a broken heart. They got two shots of Thor’s Asgardian liquor in him and now he had a slight buzz and the confidence to do what he’s been wanting to do for weeks now. While all the guys were distracted he sped away to get outside to have some type of privacy while he made his call.

“Hey frumoaso.”

Your heartrate spiked at the sound of his voice at the other end of the receiver but you quickly took a look over your shoulder to see your boyfriend sound asleep. Quietly you slipped out of your bed and made your way down the hall to the living room, stepping through the balcony doors to get as much privacy as possible, “Pietro what are you doing? Are you okay?”

“Of course I am.”

“Are you…are you drunk?”

He let out a laugh, “No…well maybe I have small buzz.”

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Who needs Phantom Freddy when we’ve got FREDDY PHANTOM (Fazbear)

Dooda doo doo da doo da da doo doo dooda da doo da doo HE’S A FAZBEAR

Yo Freddy Fazbear he was just 13
When he was taken backstage, behind the scenes
He was excited to meet the bear of his dreams

He’s gonna jump scare em’ all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear

He walked up to to the bear and suddenly he got bit!
Then the kid was stuffed inside of it!
There was a great big flash and everything just changed
His body parts got crushed and strained

Fazbear Fazbear!

When he first woke up he realized he had brown fake hair
And glowing green eyes!
He could bust through doors, and make you die
He was much more unique than the Slender guy!

The puppet came in and told him what to do
“You have to find the guy who did this too you”

He’s here to jump scare me and you!

He’s gonna jump scare em all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear
Jump scare em all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear
Jump scare em all cause- SCREEEEEEEE Freddy Fazbear

This is the result of random Skype calls with my friends ;w;
Freddy Fazber© Scott Cawthon
Danny Phantom©Butch Hartmen

Fleetwood Mac Live, San Jose, CA - May 22, 2013

“You know, it is emotional for Stevie and me being back in the Bay Area. Um, I grew up 20 miles north of here. Stevie showed up at my high school, um, in her senior year and I’ve known her that long. Um, we were in a band here and played in the San Jose area for about five years before we got together as a duo. And there’s just so much resonance for us up here and you guys, you guys just remind us of all of that. I can tell you I’m not kidding. It’s very, very real to both of us. And so we thank you.” - Lindsey Buckingham 

HQ copy: {x}

So I watched the Supergirl trailer and kinda wish I didn’t. At least not all the way. Don’t get me wrong; I love Kara with all my heart, but my only real gripe is that the teaser gives away a bit too much, such as the reveal that it’s Superman who wants his cousin to create her own path for herself. That said, I’m glad they’re able to go with an untraditional Jimmy Olsen. Because who wants a generic, dorky white boy when you’ve got Mehcad Brooks? Just kidding, guys; don’t hate me. Melissa Benoist seems perfect for the role; I followed her from her Glee days, and she is the most lovable nerd, a great parallel to Clark Kent. So stoked for this show to finally take flight!

Supergirl, by Agus.

Luke’s eyes are so BLUE. It’s like when he was being made god was like you know what I’m going to get a pinch of the shy a pinch of the Ocean and put it in this kids eyes. So then he has one of the most Bluest eyes in the world. And when young girls and guys and even adults look at them they get all flustered. His hair is just so brownish blonde that he got the mid day sun and fresh crisp wind. His lips so pink like a pink rose just blooming. Basically Luke Fuckng Hemmings is THE GREEK GOD APOLLO.

I never forget the day I realized white people didn’t know what “being ashy” meant. In 5th grade gym class we just got done swimming, and of course all of the black kids took longer in the locker room because we were putting on lotion. It frustrated my gym teacher everyday. 

So one day she was like, “I dont understand whats going on with this lotion but you guys need to hurry up!” And we all said, “Well we aint tryna be ashy.” and she said, “What’s ash?”

It blew my mind. I thought “ashy” was a universal term up until that moment.

So, this actually happened a couple of days ago but I just never got around to typing it up but, here goes.

So, as you guys may or may not remember, I work at GameStop and we get all kinds of characters that come in. Well, one lady with a couple of little kids came in… and, how do I put this…? She looked EXACTLY like disneyismyescape except a little older. And I don’t mean, like, a vague resemblance either. I mean, I was practically stalking this lady from behind shelves because I had no idea if Shannon had transported herself to Austin, TX or not. You think that’s weird enough? Oh, no. NO. IT GETS STRANGER. The lady’s name is Shannon. Not even kidding. BUT THAT’S NOT THE TRIPPIEST PART. The two little kids she was with weren’t her own, they were her nieces. And, I swear to you on all that I own, they… called… her… Shanmom. So, at this point, you can imagine my face as I’m looking at these people. Kind of a mix of shock and wondering if I’m witnessing a glitch in the Matrix. So, I kinda inch my way over there and start a friendly conversation with her and I just gently ask why her nieces call her Shanmom. She said that her sister worked so much a couple of years ago that she was pretty much taking care of her kids while their real mom was working. One of the girls mixed up Shannon and Mom and thus “Shanmom” was born. Naturally, I had to tell her about the Shanmom that I know and love and she thought that was amazing and wanted to me to give disneyismyescape her warmest regards. XD


chocoanimato asked:

Is there a personal reason that Louis is so mad at John after he finds out that he was friends with Teddy before he started bullying him? He seemed fine with John when he only knew about the bullying. Why does the fact that John and Teddy were friends before suddenly make Louis this angry?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Louis isn’t the nicest guy - some people from his past could probably call HIM a bully, so he can’t really judge John for just being a jerk when he was a kid. But Louis also has some concept of like, loyalty and friendship - for example, he knows that even though Kamri has totally given up and Vincent and really doesn’t care, he still wants to tell her he’s fucking Vincent now. He hasn’t outed Vincent to the entire school yet even though he’s got nothing to lose and would probably have fun doing it. He’s an asshole but he’s not an asshole, y’know? 

But he’s also not one to give out what he can’t get back. Finding out that John betrayed a friend and also like didn’t tell him anything about it makes him feel a little less secure in their friend/stepbrother relationship. He and John were actually like pretty close, so suddenly feeling less safe in their connection pisses him off. 

Anyway, it was also the extent of the bullying - he assumed the harassment wasn’t as bad as it was. He thought John just like teased Teddy, not tormented him for like an entire year.

I hope that answers your question!!

Unrelated to this Q: I’m trapped at the airport for the next 5 hours so please send me asks, bffers!!!!

Going On A Field Trip - 4/4

Ashton: When he asked you to sit with him on the bus you were excited, he was a nice enough guy, but you’d never actually had a conversation with him aside from asking to copy his English homework once or twice. When you got on the bus you made sure that your other friends were seated around you, just in case the two of you hit any awkward lulls in conversation. He would spend the ride telling you lame jokes that were so bad they were hilarious and he’d ask you what you’re most looking forward to about the trip and when you finally got there, he would be so excited. He would be that kid that breaks apart from the group and the two of you would just be wandering around, him pretty much giving you a private tour as he carried you around on his back. When it was time for lunch, the two of you finally made your way back to the rest of the group and you would try so hard not to laugh at the fact that he brought broccoli in his bag lunch.

Luke: You had had a crush on Luke the minute you met him at the beginning of the school year. Your friends always told you that it was clear that he liked you too, but you were always too afraid to act on what you felt. So when he asked you to sit with him on the bus you couldn’t possibly have said yes fast enough. He would put his arm around you and then blush when you looked up at him, even though you clearly didn’t mind. When you finally got to the zoo he’d spend the whole day talking about how excited he was to go see the penguins and when you finally got to see them, you’d watch him as he watched them, blue eyes wide as saucers as he grinned like the happiest person on earth. And you didn’t even care that he spent thirty minutes just watching them, because you couldn’t think of anywhere else you’d rather be. When he finally managed to pull himself away from the penguins he’d take your hand and tell you what a great time he’s having before kissing you on the cheek. When you looked at him in surprise, he’d blush and apologize like crazy before you kiss him on the lips and make him blush even more.

Michael: On the bus Michael wouldn’t really even interact with you. He’d spend the whole ride with his head against your shoulder, fast asleep because “It’s too early to be on a bus, do they even know what time it is?” and you’d just laugh and roll your eyes, letting him sleep because he was clearly not a morning person. Once you get to the zoo, you’d have to take him by the hand and drag him around because he’d still be pretty much asleep and “Why are we even at the zoo? This is so much walking.” But after he woke up fully he’d really enjoy himself, and you’d have such a great time with him because he would make sure you get to see the animals you want to see, even if you end up falling behind because “if they’re gonna make us get up early and walk this much, we’re gonna make the most of it.”

Calum: You hadn’t planned on sitting next to Calum at all, but when your two other friends ended up sitting next to each other, the only open seat was the one next to him. You weren’t complaining, though. Calum was probably the cutest boy in your entire class. He would smile as you sat down next to him and you guys would talk about music and when you found out that you both love Green Day, he’d offer you one of his headphones and play his favorite album of theirs on his iPod and you’d be singing along together, despite the other people around you giving you strange looks. At the zoo, the two of you would stay with the main group, but in the very back of it as he held your hand the whole day, and you’d just talk about the things you saw and get to know each other better as you get lost in your own world.

anonymous asked:

u got an murphamy au's up ur sleeve

i have like more than a thousand au’s for these stupid dorks. but my favorite is preppy bellamy and punk murphy. 

  • where bellamy goes to this private school where he’s the captain of the lacrosse team, valedictorian, full ride to any ivy league he wants, and the biggest history nerd you’ve ever seen. 
  • murphy pretends to go to school (even though he stopped showing up a long time ago) but now most of his time is consumed by fast cars, fast drugs, and the fastest route to forgetting his house that reeks of booze and the drunk mother that made it smell that way.
  • them meeting after murphy clipped bellamy’s car going 100 in a 30 mph zone. bellamy swearing at the douchebag that just knocked off his mirror (which is fucking expensive to replace mind you) and murphy pulling off with a grin on his face because he got exactly what he wanted: a really pissed off rich kid.
  • murphy realizing that the guy with freckles isn’t horribly unattractive – that curly brown hair especially did it for him – and that the car he just smashed isn’t even that new considering where the khaki and polo clad kid attended. so murphy offers to help him fix it, promising that he’s got a couple of friends who can re-attach the mirror free of charge.
  • bellamy and murphy hanging out more and more; doing cute things like taking walks in the forest or meeting up at coffee shops. bellamy asks to visit murphy’s house, but murphy just shakes his head and promises that it’s not a place anyone would want to see. bellamy takes murphy to meet octavia, who smiles more than a normal person should after seeing how they act around each other.
  • murphy hanging out outside mecca prep, waiting for bellamy to sneak out during his free period. murphy and bellamy making out in his car, and bellamy going back into class smelling like murphy’s cologne and cigarettes.
  • bellamy and murphy being really fucking adorable together and wearing each others clothes sometimes. murphy secretly likes how he looks in khakis, although he’d rather die than admit that to anyone. and bellamy thinks that the beanies and leather jackets really make him look 10x hotter (and murphy would tend to agree)
  • murphy and bellamy being cute little boyfriends with a height difference (◡‿◡✿)