okay so @nerdy-dreamer-traveller messaged me some days ago screaming about this Fernando Pessoa poem being about Grantaire and holy fuck yes?????

get in fuckers I am talking again portuguese!grantaire.

The first time Grantaire sings this poem is kind of ironic but not quite. Because he tries to sound ironic but he feels like he was punched in the stomach. Enjolras was looking at him so mad and asked why did he even was around here if he didn’t believe in the cause.

And R just gets up again with a smirk and starts talking in portuguese as he normally does when wants to fuck up with Enjolras because Courf has to translate to him or he has to goggle it.

“Prefiro rosas, meu amor, à pátria, (I prefer roses, my love, to patria)

E antes magnólias amo (And first magnolias I love)

Que a glória e a virtude. (than glory and virtue)

Logo que a vida me não canse, deixo (Soon as life doesn’t tire me, I permit)

Que a vida por mim passe (that life pass me by)

Logo que eu fique o mesmo. (As soon as I stay the same)

Que importa àquele a quem já nada importa (What does it matter to the one that nothing cares anymore)

Que um perca e outro vença, (that one looses and the other wins)

Se a aurora raia sempre, (if the dawn always streaks)

Se cada ano com a Primavera (if every year with spring)

As folhas aparecem (the leaves appear)

E com o Outono cessam? (and with Autumn they cease?)

E o resto, as outras coisas que os humanos (And the rest, the other things that the humans)

Acrescentam à vida, (add to life)

Que me aumentam na alma? (that increase my soul?)

Nada, salvo o desejo de indiferença (Nothing, unless the desire of indifference)

E a confiança mole (and the soft trust)

Na hora fugitiva.” (In the escaping hour).

And when he stops, he is still looking at Enjolras but grabs the rest of his whisky and bottoms it up. Leaving the second after.

Everyone is looking confused and worried. And Enjolras is standing where he was looking at the place were Grantaire was and he just doesn’t get it but he throat hurts.

And Courf is the one that gets up and goes running to Grantaire.

Grantaire may be crying a bit when Courfeyrac finds him. Because fuck why did he do that? That fucking poem is too close to his heart. And he is fucking sure that the last thing Apollo wants is to be close to his heart. 

Courfeyrac just hugs him and ask: “Mano que foi aquilo? Você está bem?” (Bro what was that? Are you okay?)

And Grantaire just shakes his head and holds Courfeyrac closer. “Levar uma faca no coração doí menos que isto, meu.” (Taking a knife in the heart would have hurt less than all of this, dude)