eyes burning a way through me
overwhelm, destroying so sweetly
now there is a fire within me
a fire that burns

What started out as vent art turned into a fun experiment with colors. I’m just trying to have fun with my art and start enjoying drawing again. 

This is Caesyl, my wildfire-themed Sylvari Druid. He’s a Secondborn and former Warden of the Grove turned Soundless after escaping imprisonment and torture at the hands of the Nightmare Court. His brother, who was captured with him, wasn’t as fortunate, however; instead of freedom, he willingly accepted Nightmare. Caesyl blames himself for their capture and his brother’s corruption and still hasn’t quite recovered from the ordeal, even after all these years.

Fun fact: He has a soft spot for cats, and his best friend and companion is a panther named Moira.

NCT Group Chat

Originally posted by t-yong

It’s time our fandom got closer to knowing one another!
As one, I know it’s hard for us shy folk to make friends within the fandom, it’s hard to approach a blog one on one.
So I made a chat, designed for NCT stans to meet and chat and make new friends and to strengthen our fandom as a family.
All you have to do, is have a LINE account, and keep reading for more details.
Let’s be closer in 2017, and the years to come~


  • BE RESPECTFUL: The base of this is fans getting together, but people often have many fandoms and interests, so please be respectful of everyone’s groups and opinions
  • DESCRIMINATION: NCT fans come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and will all be treated as family, any disgusting behavior towards each other or other idols in the chat (i.e homophobia, racism, body shaming, over all rudeness) will result in IMMEDIATE removal. There will be no second chances, you will be banned from any and all chats you’re involved in, there is a zero tolerance.
  • NO SEXUAL CONTENT: There will be alternate chats made for different views, if a message that is NSFW is sent in the wrong chat, you are given ONE chance to behave(miss sends happen in chats, a mistake is understandable) if done a second time, you will be removed from all chats.
  • RESPECT BOUNDARIES: These chats are meant to bring us closer together, and that means respecting people’s boundaries. Which is why there will be different, alternate chats with age and content restrictions, so everyone feels comfortable.


  • Basic Chat: all applicants will be added here, unless you choose to not be added with the whole lot of us. Please try to keep the main chat clean, I know a lot of people in the NCT fandom are underage or uncomfortable with NSFW stuff, so let’s keep that in the NSFW chat, yes?
  • NSFW(18+) Chat: Any ages are welcome, if they choose, as this chat will house the…ehem…dirtier fandom members lol



On your LINE Account, you’ll have to make a few adjustments so we’re clear on who everyone is

  • Your line name(not ID)should be your prefered name/nickname so we can be aware of who everyone is
  • Your account bio must include your tumblr url, so we can find new blogs and follow our new friends


When submitting your info, you must include an answer to all of the following so we know where you place you/brief description of yourself

  • Age
  • Your tumblr url
  • Which chats you wish to be included in
  • Preferred name/nickname

DISCLAIMER: I will make sure the rules are followed, so be good 👀.



taswel  asked:

hey there! just wanted to ask; is there any advice you can give to independent artists on how to gain more exposure/larger audience? what kind of methods can you recommend or what has worked for you?

Yo! Right off the bat, i’m gonna say one good method of gaining more exposure would probably be putting your work out into whatever fandoms your into. It gives you a pretty decent boost when it comes to getting your stuff out there and noticed by more people! (more points if it’s something not well known probably because if ur like me and are into obscure shit chances are you’re not gonna find much in the tags AND YA GOTTA DO EVERYTHING YAHSELF which can double the chance of getting attention drawn to your stuff👍 i can guarantee u there are people like me who look through the tags and see barely any content and are like!!! where y’all at!!!!! feed me that Good Shit ™ blease… ) 

Do trades and gift art for people (who are alright with it!) People sometimes post the stuff they get into their galleries or will reblog/retweet it which helps get your name out there! As always, continuing to put yourself and your works (fandom and/or original works) out there is the key to getting an audience I think. It’s easy to get disheartened when people don’t give you much notice, but you also won’t get noticed if you don’t post often, if at all. Being an active member of a community I feel is essential for getting yourself out there!! Combine that with doing trades and gifts (or requests if you can handle it), tossing in some fanart or taking part in some memes (like the fursona ones that have been going around twitter) are a good recipe i’ve seen to getting noticed more~!

HOPE THIS HELPS!!! and was coherent dskdfslf. To be honest i’m crap at explaining this because I don’t have much experience with this kinda thing because I never really intended for my art to get as popular as it has and I always have just..drawn what i’ve wanted and shared it with people?? and they’ve liked what I put out so I GUESS I DID SOMETHING RIGHT LMAO. Sometimes simplicity is the best approach and u just gotta do u and you’ll be surprised at the audience you get from just that! But there is absolutely no harm in using fandoms as a bit of a stepping stone to help yourself get into the right direction if that’s what you’re aiming for!

So at my college campus there is a small area on the side of a grassy hill called the meditation grove. It has two small benches, a big rock, and three trees that sprout red flowers, and it looks over most of the campus.

And MAN just sitting here listening to birds singing and people talking in the distance is so fucking relaxing. I feel like a Jedi or something. It’s awesome.


wanted to work out a few design details and proportions, so here’s our humans, ghosts, and main skeletons for doubletale - now with Pap, who i haven’t shown the design of before!

i’m getting a few of the comics done before moving forward in posting them, just so i have a few things worked out and a regular set from there.

for the record, our older Frisk is about 5′5. Sans is a little over 6′, and Pap is well over 7′. monsters are… large in Doubletale, to put it simply.

SERIOUSLY GUYS. I know I’ve been saying it for years, but I legitimately want to do a metal podcast. Just shoot the shit with a few other people who know metal (and preferably have a niche different from mine; like, I know hair/glam/heavy really well, so it would be beneficial to have someone who really knows thrash, someone who knows new metal, someone who knows death, etc etc) and talk about current metal events. Because all the metal podcasts out there are run by old white dudes and honestly, we deserve better.

So yes? A viable thing to do? Like, the next step for my blog?

Me: It’s Best Scenes day of Ao No Exorcist Week. I should draw one of those really deep emotional scenes or coll action scenes that I love. 
Me to me: Draw something based of that scene in chapter 41 where all the guys had to cross dress.
Me: …Why am I like this.

Ao No Exorcist Week – Day 5
Best Scenes

xxxbladeangelxxx  asked:

Hello! Sorry to bother but if you are still doing the prompt thing can I please request (demon) Viktuuri and lots of scenting? When the ice melts has pretty much made it a thing for me!

Viktor waits silently in the shadow of the building, his eyes glowing as he watches the golem approach the trap. This is the third golem in the past month he has found lurking near his apartment building, and all of them sing of ice energy, which irritates him beyond belief. His family is supposed to leave him alone, but sometimes his cousins like to send feelers after him, spies that will report back on his activity, and their favorite tool these days is a golem.

Easy to handle, though. Viktor watches impassively as the golem steps into the spell circle, which lights up and sends crackling lines of energy through the golem, forcing it to crack apart, shards of ice left in its wake. With a wave of his hand, Viktor forces the ice to melt away, and he takes a few moments to clean up the circle before turning and walking away. Makkachin follows at his heel.

When Viktor reaches his apartment, he worries for a moment that Yuuri has stayed up late waiting for him. Yet when Viktor opens the door, he finds Yuuri snoozing on the couch, his favorite blue blanket pulled over his shoulders with his head nestled on one of Viktor’s pillows, and Viktor cannot help but smile to see him so restful.

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