some crazy bich swatted sivi in the face for playing w her dog?????

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How about Scriddler kissing in the rain or something as cheesy and romantic? I can't think of anything angst at the moment, so...

“Have you ever read Indecent?”


“It’s a play. About Jewish lesbians,” Edward says. “Well, a play about a play about Jewish lesbians. It’s very good, I saw the premiere with Harley.”

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10 songs you’re obsessed with + 10 blogs

I was tagged by @ladytp! Thanks =D  I can listen to these anytime.

1.  Fell in Love With a Girl by The White Stripes, also the Joss Stone version    

2.  Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand   

3.  Gold Dust Woman the Hole cover    

4.  Gold by Chet Faker   

5.  Dancin’ On My Own by Robyn      

6.  Fire With Fire by Scissor Sisters  

7.  Kid Fears by Indigo Girls      

8.  Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson (me and my hubs song)    

9.  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Amy Winehouse cover      

10.  No Ordinary Love by Sade  

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Working on a Pennywise Fic. A unique one at that. Will have a fans idea of how Pennywise ties in with Bill acting in Castle Rock.

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I started it last night after a brain storm that came from a lovely fan theory talk with the lovely @vialdovi Who helped give me the idea to write this in the first place. 

So far got a page written and shared some of my idea and threw some more back and forth with vialdovi as well. 

I am so thankful for the encouragement you are giving me my friend, it means the world.

So, keep an eye out for an update when I’ll finally get a ch up.

For now if you like an idea of my writing style, go check out my stuff on fanfiction.net : HERE

random question tag

ohh this one sounds fun! thank you for the tag my dear @youngjaesloudlaugh [insert kissy emoji]

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SONG(S) TO SING/HUM: lately it’s been o sole mio by sf9. it’s always stuck in my head.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE FLOWER/TREE/PLANT (ALL 3 OR WHATEVER YOU HAVE AN ANSWER TO)? i really love peonies. we have a lilac tree that grows next to my room and it’s so pretty in the summer. and i guess for plants i really like the pink/purple succulents.

FAVOURITE COLOR(S): coral pink (like all the different shades of flamingos) and a plum/maroon purple.

WHAT DO YOU ALWAYS DOODLE (IF YOU EVER DO)? i’ve been trying my hand at just random zentangles but i’m really bad at them. i wasn’t blessed with the ability to draw.

HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE/TEA? IF YOU DON’T LIKE THOSE WHATS YOUR FAV WARM DRINK? i use creamer on my coffee but not so much that it’s too sweet. and it depends on the tea so if i have my passion peach i like a little creamer in that too.

FAVOURITE CANDLE SCENT? i usually go for the tropical pineapple/coconut, but i also really love cinnamon. i use wax melts and the other day i bought a cedar/sandalwood/rose scent.

SUNRISE OR SUNSET? listen i live in alaska it’s either always dark or always light lmao but it’s that time of year when we start to gain daylight so the sunsets are so pretty.

WHAT PERFUME DO YOU WEAR, IF ANY? i recently bought michael kors sexy ruby. i have jimmy choo exotic that i like to use for special occasions. and for daily wear i bought some walgreen’s dupe for yves saint laurent black opium.

WHATS YOUR GO-TO DANCE MOVE WHEN YOU’RE ALONE? listen i’m awkward af. i just shimmy everywhere. it’s embarrassing lol

FAVOURITE QUOTE? “some women fear the fire. some women simply become it.” r.h. sin

FAVOURITE SEASON? i like the spring and fall.

FUZZY SOCKS OR HOUSE SLIPPERS? neither. i hate having things on my feet.

WHAT COLOUR ARE YOU EYES? blue/green. depends on the day lol


CHEEK, NECK OR NOSE KISSES? listen, i’m a gemini we’re ruled by our shoulders so neck kisses drive me crazy lmao

WHAT DOES YOUR HAPPY PLACE LOOK LIKE? i haven’t really thought about that. somewhere sunny, maybe just hanging out by the pool with my girls. we’re gossiping and laughing. bsb and nsync are playing in the background lol a kpop song comes on and i force them to like it lmao

okay we have 3 dogs which are all mixed breeds. umma is a golden doodle that looks more retriever than poodle. stella looks like she’s a dingo mixed with an australian cattle dog with a curly tail. and then taz is a terrier/chihuahua/poodle mix lmao. and i really want a french bulldog or corgi.

CURSIVE OR PRINT? well my handwriting is mostly print with the occasional cursive letters because i get lazy lol

SILK OR LACE? i like silk sheets and i want a lace tattoo lol

WHATS YOUR ZODIAC SIGN? gemini. i’m sorry that i never shut up lol

FAVOURITE WEATHER? sunny with soft wispy clouds

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The Avengers frequently lose Bucky after he officially joins the team. He goes away for hours at a time and everyone just assumes it’s best not to bother him. 

The thing is, the facility has a big kitchen and Bucky’s taken to hanging out in the facility’s huge, walk-in freezer. Weirdly, cold storage is his safe space. And because Bucky’s dealt with full-on cryo, the freezer is more like a spa than a fridge. It barely feels cold, and he can hang out for quite a while before it gets hard to breathe.

No one knows where he goes until one day Sam is getting a snack. And there’s Bucky, playing solitaire and eating ice cream sandwiches next to a bulk supply of frozen vegetables. 

There’s an intensely awkward minute of silent confusion as they size each other up.

Sam goes to get Steve. 

Steve steps into the fridge and takes in the sight of his best friend, slightly frosted, casually playing cards by himself. “What are you doing in here, Buck?” he asks.

Bucky plays another card and shrugs. “Just chillin’.”


“Do you want coffee?“

When Geoff was recruiting a new member to the crew, he tried to intimidate him with the Vagabond. It just turned out that Jeremy knew Ryan but not the Vagabond. And Geoff didn’t even know his name was Ryan.