i have been on a “young stans” kick as far as drawing goes. i don’t think they were the kind of kids who liked being dressed up at all for any reason.

Songs for each character in Stranger Things:

Eleven: (x), (x), (x)

Mike: (x), (x), (x)

Lucas: (x), (x), (x)

Dustin: (x), (x), (x)

Will: (x), (x), (x)

Nancy: (x), (x), (x)

Jonathan: (x), (x), (x)

Steve: (x), (x), (x)

Admin A(va), here. I recently drew the Voltron Paladins in Adventure Time/Bravest Warriors art style! My main account: @motorcycle-vroom-vroom 

I also had a revelation while drawing: Danny (from BW) and Lance are actually twins. Not only do they look similar, their personalities are practically identical. This led me to draw Lance in Danny’s place in the original image of this.

And since I ended up drawing Lance with Danny’s infamous eyebrows, I expanded on this screen-cap.

Please do not repost/copy any of my art!

Mari would do something gay like that lmao. I bet Dia would zoom in on that too, and one day when they’re all just chilling at school, Dia’s like “So Mari, why don’t you tell me why your favorite color is purple.” Mari is sitting there drenched in sweat while Dia just stares her down with this lil smile on her face. Kanan looks back and forth between them like wtf is happening

Imagine The Avengers

Imagine sprinting- yes, sprinting- through the facility with this sudden…energy. And, depending on who you ask, it’s not the good type of energy. No, it’s the sudden urge to laugh, pull pranks and just smile.

It starts off as a bubbly rumble in your stomach, and it fizzes, making you all giddy and full of fun. 

You halt suddenly, nearly sliding past the entrance to the common room after you notice a the group of Avengers socialising inside. Adjusting your hair and relaxing your body, you sway confidently into the room, the first to notice you being Clint.

“Oh God,” The archer moans out, hand reaching up to rub his eyes. “(Y/n) is in one of them moods again.” 

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You stop abruptly, “What mood?” You laugh, strolling up to Steve and resting an arm on his shoulder…despite him being taller than you. The super soldier just looks down at you and crosses his arms, shaking his head and laughing to himself. The sight of Steve laughing already made you happier.

“Yeah, what mood?” Pietro cooed, tearing his eyes away from the television. “I think it’s only fair if we newbies get a warning.” He snickered, looking back at you from behind the sofa with his scruffy silver hair and stubble. 

“Eh, silence Dicksilver.” You call out, throwing yourself onto him. Pietro frowned as you flailed on the sofa. “Yeah, thank you guys, for the warning.” 

“Well, no one ever said being an Avenger was easy.” Steve replied, becoming more amused and smiling over to Natasha. 

“Kudos to the grandpa over there.” You yell, arm raising from the couch and pointing at Steve’s general direction. 

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“Well, the biggest mission is coping with (y/n).” The assassin teased, walking over to the bar to grab a drink. 

“Watch yourself there, Gingerninja. I’ll release a noodle serving of whoop-ass channelled by Bruce Lee, on you.” Taunted you, head pooping up from the sofa to smile at Nat. You throw yourself back once more, situating yourself comfortably on Piet’s lap, whom just sighed in defeat. 

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“You eyes are like crystal blue meth that…that that one old dude from that program made.” You mumble, leaning up to look into the man’s eyes. Pietro laughed to himself, purely because he had no idea what you were making reference to, but he felt rather complimented.

“Speaking of meth, what’re we doing tomorrow? There’s no planned mission or something. So..?”

“What in the holy hell does meth have to do with tomorrow?” Clint asks, squinting his eyes and searching the room for a reply. 

“Well, (y/n)’s either been watching to much Breaking Bad, or hasn’t been sharing. And judging by [his/hers/they’re] behaviour, I’d say it’s the second one.” Natasha coos, joining in with the fun, making you pop your head over the sofa once again to grin at her. 

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“Okay, Robin Hood, want to go somewhere tomorrow?” You ask, getting up from the sofa and stretching. 

“Well, the Captain has previously mention that he would like to go to that…American diner, not too far from here.”  Wanda speaks up from the far side of the room, looking up from her book. You think for a moment, before asking, 

“Have you ever had anything American here yet, Witchypoos?” 

Wanda looks up from her book again, with a confused expression. “Is that me?” She whispers, unsure what you meant by ‘Witchypoos’. 

You hear Natasha cackle from behind the bar. “No, not really, (y/n).” Wanda says, giving you a small smile. 

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“Well thank goodness we’re actually going to do something. I thought I was                                 going to kill over if I didn’t do anything soon.” 

                     “Well unfortunately for us, you’re here bugging us.” 

                                         “Gah, give it a rest Cupid.”

                                                  “Oh my God.”

I downloaded @miraculous-rain and am steadily becoming the biggest player ever dont stop me

No but seriously I plan on getting every possible ending. I finally got all the miraculous endings (Chat noir was a bitch for me honestly) and all the good endings. I just need the normal endings for Alya, Nino, and Chat Noir. And then I’ll be done.
Also that bit where you can talk to chloe is gold and I totally suggest trying to go for that if you can. You can get Adrien points from her but you definitely won’t be getting a miraculous ending. Just as a heads up.

The game is so delightful overall. The art and writing are super great and I adore the music.

Oh and im like the biggest ladynoir/adrinette shipper out there but
Holy shit
Like the nino endings are so cute.

loveinthebones  asked:

Hello! I saw that there was a request party going on! <3 I wanted to say thank you for writing FiNAGLC and that it was amazing. Could I please request a fic of Sans being in the Royal Guard (perhaps before the resets) and Baby Papy looking up to him? Bonus points if it ends in angst. Thank you very much for your time!

Here you go:

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i was with a couple of friends and we made some characters for fun and thEN I WAS LIKE “would you like me to run a really short session so you can see how everything works?” I THOUGHT WE WOULD JUST BE CHILLING IN A TAVERN!!??!? BUT THEY WANTED TO EXPLORE MORE OF THE TOWN SO I CREATED AN IMPROMPTU QUEST INVOLVING AN ABANDONED HOUSE AND A BOOTLEGGING GANG. 


do you have something you want to give or say to the fun home cast?

hi everyone! @ghostquartet gave me the lovely idea to collect the words/works of fun home fans who won’t be able to make it to the closing night of fun home (september 10), so that i can hand them off to the cast along with what i’m currently preparing.

so, if any of you have anything you want to say or give (i.e. artwork, something along those lines) to the fun home cast, you can submit, PM, or send an ask to me!! if you need to email it to me or have any questions or concerns or anything at all, my ask box and direct messages are always open!!!! whatever you send will be credited to you in whatever manner you’d like it to be.

if i could have whatever y’all will be submitting by tuesday, september 6, that’d be awesome!!! thanks!!