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some hcs undercut

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// The Retail Games! [CLOSED]

// Hi guys! I had a dumb idea. I was thinking about getting some of your profiles and putting them in the well-known Hunger Games simulator. Message me if you want to join and I’ll add you to the list! 

// Note: I don’t care about districts. I’m just putting names in. Also, the people that are already on the list are the blogs I have mostly talk to – I need to have a place for them! Also Walmart Hanzo and Target Genji because they started this whole thing, so it’s only fair. <3 


  1. @ask-walmart-hanzo
  2. @dont-ask-target-genji
  3. @ask-whataburger-young-mccree
  4.  @ask-whataburger-reaper
  5.  @ask-spirit-genji 
  6. @ask-ihop-hanzo
  7.  @ask-claires-reaper
  8. @ask-bunnings-zenyatta
  9. @ask-lego-symmetra
  10. @ask-microsoft-symmetra
  11. @ask-lush-reaper
  12. @ask-homedepot-zarya
  13. @ask-subway-mei
  14. @ask-hottopic-dva
  15. @ask-dennys-genji
  16. @ask-subway-winston
  17. @ask-kmart-mercy
  18. @ask-dollartree-somra
  19. @ask-carls-jr-reinhardt
  20. @ask-partycity-mercy
  21. @ask-baskinrobbins-mei
  22. @ask-petsmart-mcwoofer
  23. @ask-biglots-soldier76
  24. @ask-rema-1000-soldier76

I’ve got like fifteen makeup looks in my notes that I want to experiment with and create to share with u all and then after that………….. hopefully I’ll be done with tumblr 😌

4 Colours thing! @gaiahypothesims tagged me! Thanks, you my lovely Rules: Pick 4 colours for your muse, and use gif function to post them!  I’m picking one of my favorite characters, Nick Dallas


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so i just finished making the best moments supercut video of Taliesin, Travis and Liam on last week’s Game the Game, but i can’t upload it yet because until i buy the registered version of the software i’m using, a giant, translucent watermark of the software remains in the centre of the frames. i’m hoping to get the thing registered by tomorrow though so the video SHOULD be up before the new CritRole livestream this week, which will be good because we all need a good laugh or two because reasons.