If you hypothetically want to cross the border from the USA into Canada, say around Manitoba

This weekend is going to be warmer than most. I mean, if you hypothetically wanted to cross, this would be the hypothetical weekend to hypothetically cross.

Also, you should, if this is your hypothetical plan(I’m sure no one is actually planning this. Just theorizing. It’s a fun thought exercise), hypothetically dress in layers. It’s still cold, after all.

Hypothetically, wool and down are the best materials to wear. Hypothetically, you should also have sturdy, warm boots. Ski pants help, too. Make sure your hypothetical journey include mitts and gloves. Scarves and hats, too, you want to expose as little skin to the elements as possible if the weather turns nasty, or if you get delayed and have to cross next week, or something.

Following this thought exercise, you should have a compass. Stay walking North.

Theoretically it might be best to keep walking, in this game, until you reach a road, then keep going until you reach a town or city. Give your imaginary city a name, like, say, Brandon, or Winnipeg!

Have fun rp-ing, dudes, and stay safe!

Fan canon vs bbc canon

Fanon Mycroft:
- controls the entire British government
- is omni present
- can single-handedly make jerks who are mean to Sherlock disappear without a trace
- can get Sherlock out of literally ANY sticky situation
- can make any crimes/killings/drug charges that Sherlock made go away
- always has everything under control
- is god

Canon Mycroft:
- can barely control anything
- struggles to keep Moriarty locked up
- can’t take down Magnussen
- is barely able to control sociopathic sister to stay in prison
- has to whore around to ensure Sherlock doesn’t get incarcerated
- almost got himself and/or Sherlock killed in sherrinford
- has a sad fridge

The Zodiac Signs As Serial Killers

Aries - Seduces you. Blunt force trauma. Exhibits their victims. Cries when caught

Taurus - Stalks you after you break up with them. Poison. Feeds bodies to pigs. Finds Christ in jail.

Gemini - Con artist. Giggles when they stick the knife in. Hates blood. Taunts the cops and then gets caught.

Cancer - ‘Angel of Death’ type. Plays music while they torture you. Visits graves. Creates shrines to their victims.

Leo - Wants to become famous. Kills flamboyantly. Hides bodies in the attic. Screams “thats me!” when sees their crimes in the news.

Virgo - Looks sweet but has a scalpel in their sleeve. Keeps body parts in china cabinets. Mommy issues. Smiles in their mugshots.

Libra - Copies other people’s crimes. Whistles while being led to the gas chamber. Foot fetishes. Likes guns.

Scorpio - Killer grin. Loves playing psychological games with their victims. Falls asleep during trial. Keeps a scrapbook of their crimes.

Sagittarius - Roams for victims. Drives a shitty car. Loves strangulation. Takes a bite out of you.

Capricorn - Hammers and screwdrivers. Married but their partner has no idea. Has a torture chamber. Keeps trophies in a little box under the floorboards.

Aquarius - Likes to make homemade bombs. Maniacal laugh. Caught because they cant help but brag. Has Hitler’s speeches on tape.

Pisces - Worst killer of all. Simply snaps one day and goes beserk. Pleads insane. Keeps cyanide pills in a fancy locket around their necks.