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You guys are lucky I have like, a mega list of these lol.

  • Lance sleeps like a corpse.
    • It was something he sort of trained himself to do, mostly because the first time he tried using a face mask at night it got everywhere and his mother nearly skinned him alive
    • so yeah, he’s a log, and will tend to stay in one place on the bed from dusk to dawn
    • Keith on the other hand, tosses and turns like the rugrat he is
    • He’ll wake up with his sheets halfway off the bed and his pillows thrown across the room wondering why he has a huge kink in his neck.
      • oh yeah, because he slept with it hanging over the edge of the bed (-_-)
    • Needless to say their first night sleeping in the same bed starts off great, with Lance relishing in having Keith curl up into his side like a little koala, and they both fall asleep fairly easily
    • but then Keith happens.
      • Lance wakes up in the middle of the night wondering groggily why Keith’s fucking foot is on the pillow and where the hell is his other half?!
      • And, Oh there it is. On the floor. 
      • Like seriously Keith how is that even comfortable you human slinky.
    • so Lance hoists him back up, shifts so that Keith is on the inside of the bed facing the wall, and wraps his limbs around the boy to keep him secure
    • It works, for the most part, but Lance wakes up the next morning without any feeling whatsoever in his arms and legs
      • he doesn’t mind too much though, because goddamn Keith is really cute in the morning
        • Plus Keith feels super bad about waking Lance up and sort of..coddles Lance all day afterwards.
      • so yeah, Lance doesn’t mind at all.
  • Keith is really good a naming smells
    • Like…scary good
    • The team will be walking around on some weird ass planet and Keith will just, without batting an eye, drop a line like:
      • the air smells like wet cotton candy mixed with spit.
      • And the others can’t even be mad because what the fuck it actually does?! 
    • It’s like his superpower or something, and there has yet to be an odour Keith can’t name, or at least relate to something else
      • K: Lance your hair smells like pine tree sap and wet dirt
      • L: …is that a good thing?
      • K: yeah.
      • L: Oh! Okay then!
    • Shiro is actually the one that asks him to stop the most
    • mostly because he grew up with this shit and so many things have been ruined for him
    • like, one time Keith said his hair gel smelled like freshly opened packaged meat, and he’s never recovered
  • Keith is also hella good with kids
    • No one really knows why, but youngsters just flock towards him
    • Hunk calls him the Pied Piper of Children and it would be cute if it wasn’t so goddamn true
    • Every planet they visit that has kids on it immediately run up to Keith, or else hold his hand or cling to his legs.
    • he’s just as confused as the others because I’m not even fun! I just stand here!
      • Lance was super jealous at first, because I have the siblings, so I should be the one who these children worship. and I’m more experienced, why do they love Keith?!
        • It must be the mullet.
      • But after they start dating Lance just finds it adorable, and has to stifle a part of him that really wants kids of his own one day each time he sees Keith bend to pick up a young’un
    • The others tease him relentlessly whenever they see him watching Keith interact with babies. 
      • Lance you’re making the face again
      • L: What face?
      • The ‘I’m so madly in love with Keith’ face
      • L: I’m not!
        • He is.
  • Lance speaks Spanish around the castle
    • At first it was just for fun, singing lyrics and what not
    • but after having a reoccurring nightmare about never seeing his family again, he sort of does it now to try and keep his language alive
      • The other’s don’t really know why Lance has suddenly started speaking strictly in Spanish to Blue, but don’t question it
      • Keith does, because he’s curious, and Lance tells him the reason behind it
        • After that Keith makes an effort to learn some Spanish phrases that he surprises Lance 
        • Lance cries.
          • He denies it, but he did.
        • Keith comforted him, and there was a lot of cuddling involved.
  • Lance’s favourite colour, despite popular belief, is not actually blue
    • It’s grey
      • Like the colour of thunderstorms and rain
      • Or waves as they lap the beach when it’s overcast out
        • Or Keith’s eyes in certain lighting…
      • Not many people know this, except Hunk and Keith, simply because it’s not something he tends to share
      • But Keith makes a point of beginning to collect pictures of storms and oceans from Earth specialty shops whenever they visit alien malls 
        • Lance keeps them all pinned up by his headboard, where he’ll sit and stare at them on days when he’s feeling extra gloomy about missing Earth
        • And if Keith’s with him, he’ll turn off the light and just gaze into his eyes, watching as they shift from a dark indigo to a heavy grey as the shadows play with his irises
      • That usually doesn’t last long though, since they end up making out, both thinking god why is he so attractive! as they let their lips do the talking

Again, stopping myself here. Some of these made their way into one of my fics….

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you know how steve always sleeps on the side of the bed facing the door "bECAUSE YOU ARE PRECIOUS TONY HUSH" okay but one if one night while they were asleep baddies did break in to try and snatch tony but were met with 240 pounds of kickass

If there was one good thing that would come out of this, it was that Steve now held the right to be able to gloat about being correct.

Although, when you woke up to the sound of foreign footsteps creeping through your bedroom as you held your very un-enhanced, very asleep and very vulnerable lover in your arms- that sort of thing tended to be pushed to the back of your mind.

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My Fave Game of Thrones moments...

Seasons 1 - 6 (I’m still re-watching, so I haven’t even seen Dragonstone yet):

1. Sansa & Jon reunion

2. “Fuck the King”

3. Daenerys fucks up the Masters of Astapor

4. Jaime’s speech in the bath, a.k.a. I thought I just heard a pin drop

5. Jon’s utter hopelessness as he leaves Hardhome and realises everyone’s pretty much fucked

Beautiful Whisper

Part 4 of Little Lost Soul

Negan x Reader (y/n)

2500 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, bit of angst (reader is selectively mute), no smut in this part

Tags are at the end. Want on or off my taglist? Just drop me a note! I am having issues with tags so I apologize!

 As we made our way upstairs, I watched as she interacted with the bird, it was almost as if they were communicating. I don’t know, maybe they fucking were. Two little lost souls in a fucked up world. A world where only the strong can truly survive intact, others either losing their lives, mind, souls.

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I just wanted to drop by and say that the Phandom is one of the nicest fandoms I’ve yet to come across so far. You’re all so nice and inclusive, and sweethearts all around 🙈💞

Love you all~!

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yeah a lot is going on,,

not gonna lie,, you highkey caught me off guard at the end fgskgjnksjd


I was in the middle of my typical morning routine. Using the bathroom, making some breakfast and feeling sorry for myself. I was pulled out of my french toast eating/sobbing daze when I heard a knock on the door. It wasn’t usual to have visitors, in fact since living here I haven’t had one visitor, which is good…for now. I set my toast down and headed straight for the door.

I poked my head round the corner, trying to conceal as much of my body as I could since I was still in my pyjamas. As soon as I noticed that it was Lewis, I stepped outside the front door, closing it behind me in an attempt to hide the emptiness my house held.

“Morning, Grace. I just dropped my sister off at school and was just curious to see if you wanted to grab a coffee or something? It’d be nice to get to know my neighbour a little more after all.”

The longer I was stood outside, the more I felt embarrassed. He was already up and ready for the day and then there was me, in a grubby shirt with food sitting in the corner of my mouth.

“If I knew that I was going to have a visitor today, I would have made an effort with myself.” I laughed nervously, my thumbs fiddling with one another. “I’d love to grab a coffee though, give me no more than ten minutes and I’ll be yours for a couple of hours.”

❝   —— on JULY 18TH, we reached three months old and i got an ask about another giveaway. i wasn’t expecting such a good feedback, and i am honestly hapy that people would like another giveaway. i know i will take my time doing it, as you’ve seen with the previous three but still, LIKE THIS AND I WILL BE MAKING SOME EDITS FOR YOUR CHARACTER like those in the historymeme tag. you need only to like this post ( deadline is my sunday 11:59PM; GMT+8 ) if you’re interested and i’ll be choosing three people from that with a random generator. i will then contact the winner, so if you’re a mumu or sideblog rper, don’t worry !! one position is reserved for the older members and the other two for everyone.

i also just want to drop a big heartfelt and sappy thank you for all of our members. for all of you who stayed with us from the beginning, for all of you who joined and make the rp a better and funner place to be in, this is for you. thank you for being amazing and bringing color to this rp. thank you for keeping us ɢᴏʟᴅ. i have no proper words in any vocabulary to express my love for you, honeybees !! here’s a virtual toast for us to continue on making this place a safe, fun, and comfortable place for all of us !!


THIS FINNA BE A RIDE. Ok so we had P2 tickets and when we got to our seats we had no idea we were sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE. LIKE TOUCHING DISTANCE, MAH BOYS. So anyway, the concert started and Minhyuk pointed at me then tripped on some wires lol and Jooheon waved to my sister and I made so much Kihyun and Wonho eye contact I honestly don’t know how I still exist. So then they started throwing them little mini Milky Ways at us and Minhyuk was RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME WITH A HANDFUL OF CANDY IN REACHING DISTANCE BUT I STILL COULDN’T GET ANY CUZ MY ARMS ARE SHORT. And Wonho dropped all his candy on the stage. Still don’t know how that happened. Well then Minhyuk just kinda dropped the rest of his candy in front of us and my sister snatched a piece up so quick I honestly didn’t know she could move that fast. The concert was lit af and when Kihyun came and stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF US I completely froze and I know I had an absolutely dumb look on my face because after he walked away my sister looked over at me and burst out laughing because we were both too sh0ok to pull out our phones. We’re all sad and half deaf because the concert was over but FUCK YEAH HI TOUCH TIME. So they lined us up or whatever and took us through a door. There was a guy checking if we had our wristbands on right outside the door and we were facing him to show him we had ours and as soon as we turned away from him THERE WAS MINHYUK LITERALLY INCHES AWAY FROM ME. WE WEREN’T EXPECTING THEM TO BE AROUND THE CORNER. So my sister was in front of me and touched his hand and she just kinda stood there because she honestly didn’t know how to human anymore. And he just stared at her because she wouldn’t move and then gave her too thumbs up and that brought her back to reality. I on the other hand was LOST AF. I looked so damn confused cuz I couldn’t comprehend that Monsta X was right in front of me. So I gave him the hi five and left my hand floating in the air afterwards and he was confused too cuz he also hovered there for a second and we were both like “do we do it again?” but then I had to move and so he threw me a thumbs up with his other hand and I moved on to I.M. He told me “thank you” and I whispered it back and I know he didn’t hear me cuz I didn’t even hear me. I think Wonho was after that and when my sister cupped his hand she froze again and HE LAUGHED AT HER LIKE “LOL YOU ALRIGHT?” When I got to him I for real stopped breathing from that point on. Our fingers FREAKING INTERTWINED AND I HNNNNNNGHHHH. I stood there looking like an idiot too. I didn’t want to let his hand go but I had to. Was Jooheon next?  Ugh. I don’t remember. He said “thank you” to me and also gave me a thumbs up but I think Wonho stole my voice and I couldn’t move my lips anymore. After that was Shownu and I really don’t know if he said anything to me or not because after Wonho I wasn’t no more good. My sister specifically wanted to tell Shownu she loved him but it got stuck in her throat and he was just like “ok next” and she had to move to Kihyun looking like a heartbroken deer in headlights. Kihyun oh my goooooossshhhh that man is beautiful. His smiling face brought me back from Wonho land and I felt like all my worries just washed away with his smile. Did he say something to me? I don’t fuckin know. I was still confused about what was going on and what planet I live on. It was way too quick and we both want do overs! We both walked out of the venue like “…………WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” Ugggghhh there were so many things I wanted to tell them and I’m so mad at myself for completely freezing up like that! Bah! - D