"The Big Picture" ain't all that you think it is Julie!

I just remembered Julie Plec saying in an interview that if anyone’s upset about the finale, then it’s them finding reasons to dislike it.. implying that this is the best thing ever and you and I are just being cry babies and cannot look at the bigger picture.

Bitch, I’m looking at the bigger picture and you know what I see?

A show that began and ended with suicidal stefan who right till the bitter end was convinced that his death was worth more than his life.

I see a guy who lived his whole life thinking he’d never find happiness, only to find it and throw it away as soon as he did.

I see a rapist and a murderer with no remorse get every happiness in the world plus redemption and peace in the afterlife.

I see the girl who started the series thinking she’d never be the one, proven right, coz despite the guy of her dreams marrying her, he still couldn’t choose her over death or his brother.

I see a thematic dissonance where the guy who struggled all his life to do good abd be good despite his flaws was screwed over.

I see stefan happy that he’s dead and not fighting to live. I hope suicide hot lines work bitch, coz you have no idea what sort of message this sends.

I see that development is not something that was meant for stefan. He regressed 10000 fold the last episode. He could never move past his demons. I hope this is not anyone’s story.

This is your legacy Julie :

1. You couldn’t honour a healthy relationship because toxic is all you really know and thats what you call epic.

2. You couldn’t let the good guy have a slice of happiness. Good guys finish last.

3. With this narrative you are basically saying, if things are hard now and one thinks it’s not going to get any better, well, they are right. It’s probably not going to get any better.

4. It’s powerful to let go and die rather than fight to live and be happy.

5. Wedding vows mean nothing. Your spouse is always a step below your siblings.

6. Guilt can never be overcome and channelled into something positive.

7. To be a good guy is to sacrifice your happiness. So don’t be good. It’s not worth it.

8. Be loud and abusive, bully whenever you can, it’ll get you everywhere in life.

This is nt me being bitter. This is me looking at the bigger picture, and it’s ugly.

Enjoy your legacy.

i just wanted to say that julie did such a good job (sorry julie for not believing in you), even though even’s day on isak’s birthday and we see him and isak together it still feels like even clip, not isak and even. we see how he still doubts in himself, thinks that he’s not good enough, worries about isak’s birthday celebration, wants all to be perfect. and this movie? i really don’t have any words, you watch it and feel how much he loves isak and it’s gonna be like that for the rest of his life. how he chose that cheesy song, because it’s gabrielle and she’s truly significant to their relationship? i honestly can’t believe that i was lucky to see this today.

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Hi! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give prompts here or if you are looking to receive any but here goes.... I love period sherlolly. Sherlock from an influential old family...but poor. Molly from a merchant family who struck it rich but have no title...I leave the rest to your incredible imagination😉.

This is an old ask I’ve left laying in my inbox for far too long (let’s just say I received in July and never mind July of what year). Have some arranged marriage Regency Sherlolly, @ladyjenniferr. I hope you enjoy it!

Most Ardently

“Papa, are you certain about this? Do you truly think that his lordship and I will make a good match?”

Matthew Hooper took his daughters hands in his and met her worried gaze with a calm smile. “Yes, my dear. Lord Sherlock was very agreeable when his parents and I broached the subject of joining our two families by your marriage.”

“Agreeable but hardly enthusiastic, I’m sure,” Molly murmured, remembering all too well the coolness with which she’d been greeted by Sir Sherlock at their every meeting. “And I’m certain his brother was not so agreeable.” Sir Mycroft had been even more cool and distant than his younger brother at their one and only meeting, a feat she’d not thought possible. “He despises us because we’re nothing but a, a bunch of jumped-up commoners seeking to better ourselves by buying a title.”

Her father shrugged, a wry smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Well, and so we are. But it was your later mother’s fondest wish to see you settled well, to keep you from falling into marriage with some opportunistic social climber who was only interested in your money…”

“And now I am the opportunistic social climber instead,” Molly cut in bitterly. “And I can assure you that Sir Sherlock and his parents are only interested in my - our - money as well…”

“I can assure you that is far from true, at least as far as I am concerned.”

Molly and Matthew both turned in surprise at the sound of the unexpected voice. Molly’s face flushed a bright pink at the sight of her husband-to-be, standing in the doorway to the parlor, a very nervous looking maid hovering behind him. “So sorry, he just pushed his way in past Anderson, insisted on seeing you..”

“It’s fine, Sarah,” Molly assured the younger woman. “Please have Madame Chow prepare tea for our guest.”

The relieved servant dispatched, all that was left to do was to invite Sir Sherlock into the room. He and Matthew exchanged handshakes; some unspoken message seemed to pass between them, and within moments Molly found herself alone with her future husband while her father made his excuses and hurried from the room.

“I am sorry that you heard me say such horrible things,” Molly said after a moment. “Please, won’t you have a seat?” She perched on the edge of the settee, expecting him to take the basket seat opposite, but was surprised when he chose instead to seat himself next to her. Rather closer than was proper, much to her dismay - and secret pleasure.

“I notice that you did not say you were sorry for saying them,” Sir Sherlock noted, a hint of humor in his lovely baritone. Why oh why did he have to be so attractive? Molly silently lamented, not for the first time. Attractive and intelligent, but as cold as his elder brother to her at their every meeting thus far.

She flushed pinker at his words. Of course he would have observed that she wasn’t actually apologizing to him. And why should she? He had come into their home univited and unannounced, eavesdropped on a private conversation, and somehow managed to put her father from the room without a single word. She wasn’t sorry at all, she decided crossly.

He smiled at her. “And now you have decided to be angry with me,” he said, correctly deducing her expression and emotional upheaval. “As well you should be - and not just for my actions today,” he added, his own expression softening into a sort of rueful tenderness that took her very much by surprise. “I have been a poor suitor indeed, and it is I who must offer up an apology for making you feel as if you are nothing to me but a means of financial stability for my family. I can assure you, nothing could be farther from the truth.”

“Then what is the truth?” Molly asked, hardly daring to breathe as she met his gaze.

Her hands only trembled a little as he folded them into his. “The truth, Miss Hooper, is that I was quite put out when I discovered that my supposedly common, boring, social-climbing mouse was actually none of those things. Your intelligence was unexpected; you’ve done a masterful job at hiding it, as is expected for a woman of either your class or my own, but it piqued my interest from the start. That I hid such interest so well that you never sensed is a source of both shame and annoyance to me now.”

He seemed to hesitate, and Molly, heart racing in her chest, squeezed his hands before asking, “And is that…all?”

The rueful smile returned to his beautiful mouth. “Ah, so it is as I thought; you do see me, Miss Hooper. No, it was not merely your intelligence that caught my attention, but also the fact that you were clearly doing this not to improve your own social standing, but out of a sense of both duty and - difficult though it was for me to believe at first - love for your parents, especially in regards to your late mother. It has always seemed foolish to me to be so desirous of honoring the wishes of the dead that one would put their own needs aside in order to do so. And in this case, that still holds true,” he added with a slight frown puckering the flesh between his eyebrows. “However, that is not the point.”

“And what is the point, Sir Sherlock?” Molly asked, a slight smile hovering about her lips as she intuited where the conversation seemed to be heading.

“The point, Miss Hooper,” he replied with an answering smile, “is that I have, much to my chagrin, found that I not only respect and admire you, but that I love you. Most ardently.”

So happy was she to hear such words from his lips that Molly very nearly missed his next question. “I’m sorry?” she said, blushing yet again.

“I said, would you mind very much if we were to dispense with the formalities when we are in private?” he repeated with a twinkle in his eyes. “I would very much like permission to use your first name, and to hear you drop the ‘sir’ from mine.”

She nodded. “Very well…Sherlock. You may call me by my Christian name.”

“Molly.” With that single word, the first time she’d heard it from his lips, he leaned forward and laid his mouth against hers in a sweet kiss. “Molly Hooper, soon to be Holmes,” he pronounced after the kiss had ended. “I believe this match will be very much to both our advantages - finances and titles be damned.”

And so it turned out to be.

so… Enzo is dead and Damon is a vampire,  Bonnie is able to be a vampire, Stefan is a human being same as Elena. I know the perfect solution to this situation if sb is wondering. and for all those who say ‘what about Caroline’  - well, I know one immortal person who enjoys immortality as much as she does. Just saying..Julie is not going to make it anyway..but i may dream, right?

remember when cbx’ debut was confirmed for october 31st and then sm was like ‘LOL NO CBX IS COMING WE JUST DONT HAVE A DEBUT DATE YET’ and then they debuted october 31st? … this is exactly the same thing, exo’s comeback was confirmed for july and now sm’s like ‘EHH NO WAIT’ so I’m just saying they’re coming back july lmfao

Episode 5x06 “Consumed” Foreshadowing Beth’s Return

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I have made a TD post and I do apologize for that. It’s not because I have a lack of things to say, it’s because I don’t have any time to conduct what I want to say! I’m not sure if you have seen my other posts, but I recently got a new job that’s full time and when I get a break I like to relax. With that being said, I really want to start getting some of my theories out again!

So, I’m bringing you guys a new theory today! This one is something I caught while re-watching Episode 5x06 “Consumed”. It’s the episode where C@rol and Daryl are tracking Beth in Atlanta. I saw some parallels and possible foreshadowing in the episode that relates to Beth’s return and story line.

I’m sure you all remember this episode pretty well, but if you don’t basically C@rol and Daryl are trying to track the black car with the white cross that stole Beth. They track it to Atlanta, and they come across Noah, who says he can lead them to Beth. Well, C@rol ends up getting hit by one of the Grady cop cars and gets taken by them. 

This is the part that was interesting to me. After C@rol gets taken by the Grady cops we see a random shot of a garbage container (dumpster) with walkers surrounding it. 

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I haven’t been on this ride for 19 seasons to really believe that Dom or Jessica got that Halting Hex like I already know my ass is going to be sat in front of the tv in anticipation tomorrow night just to hear Julie say “but first, the den of temptation could change everything” and then see fucking Alex going into that satanic room and getting her temptation that casuals voted her for

The Immortals- Part 4- Elijah

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Summary: Julie meets Elijah again and some of her questions get answered.

Words: 2707

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals but with an OC this time.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I hope you like it :) 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Sunshine woke Julie up very early. Music was still playing and she removed her headphones and pushed the covers away. She was sweating and out of breath. She had a nightmare. Again. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. She looked around and sighed again. She was exhausted. She stared at nothing for a few minutes and then sighed, again. She could go back to sleep but she was too afraid of having another nightmare. She finally got up and walked in the bathroom. She didn’t even look in the mirror, she took her clothes off and got into the shower. She tried to remember her nightmare but all she could remember was fear. She shivered but she wasn’t cold. She thought maybe the water was too cold so she adjusted the temperature. She found it too hot but she kept shivering anyway. She washed her hair and shaved before she got out. She wrapped a white towel around her wet body and walked back in her bedroom. She opened her wardrobe and stared at her clothes. She took a black skirt and a white sweetheart neckline shirt out. She laid her clothes on her bed and walked back in the bathroom to dry her hair. When she was done, she got dressed and put make up on. She checked her bag to make sure she had everything she needed for the day. She made her bed and picked up the notebook from the floor and put it in her bag. She walked down the stairs and heard the TV was on. She took a look in the living room and saw Robert was sleeping on the couch, once again. She sighed and turned the TV off. She went to the kitchen and started cooking pancakes. She heard Robert waking up and hoped pancakes will put him in a good mood.

“Hey,” he growled, running a hand over his face.

“Good morning. I’m making pancakes.”

“I need to take a shower,” he said. “Clean this mess,” he told her, mentioning the mess he made in the living room last night.

Julie cleaned the bottles of beer that were everywhere in the living room and when she was done, Robert was in the kitchen, eating the pancakes. She sat at the counter across her stepfather and started eating pancakes in silence.

“I’m dating someone,” he said.

Julie looked up at Robert. She was speechless. “What?” she breathed out.

“I just wanted you to know because your birthday’s coming up and as soon as you get your mother’s money I can move out and I’ll never have to see you again.” He wasn’t even looking at her.

“Okay,” Julie said in a whisper. She always knew he only stayed because she was a minor and he had to. But he never liked her. He ignored her completely when her mother was alive and when she passed away and he actually had to acknowledge her existence she found out he was meaner than she thought and also a violent drunk. The fact that her mother left her everything she possessed, including her great family fortune, angered him even more. She had no intention of staying in the same house as him after her 18th birthday so this was actually good news. “I’m gonna be late for school,” she said before she got up, grabbed her handbag and left the house.

Julie had forgotten there was an event at the school and she wanted no part of it. She drove away and went to the park where she sat on the grass, against a tree and took out her notebook. She started to draw what was around her; the benches, the trees, the people… But when a shadow came blocking the light she looked up and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Elijah was standing there. She quickly got up, pushing her back against the tree.

“Hello, Julie,” he said with a smile. “Please, don’t be scared.” He didn’t sound or look threatening. Julie cleared her throat and nodded.

“Hello…” she replied with a trembling voice.

“How are you?” he asked. Julie blinked several time. Did he actually care about her well-being?

“I’m…fine,” she told him. He nodded. His eyes fell on her notebook she had in her hand and he took it from her.

“You are quite talented,” he said, after he browsed through it.

“…Thank you?”

He chuckled and hand the notebook back to her. She looked at Elijah with big eyes for a few seconds and then took it back from him.

“You’re afraid of me,” he sighed.

“Why are you here?” she was surprised she dared to ask.

“I saw you there,” he shrugged.

“What do you want?” she asked in a whisper, she couldn’t speak any louder.

“I just wanted to say hello.”

Julie was confused. “Why?”

Elijah opened his mouth but then closed it without saying a word. Julie was waiting for an answer but it seemed like he didn’t know what to say.

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to scare you. I will leave you, then,” he said before he turned around.

“Wait!” Julie stopped him. She had no idea where she took the courage to do it. Elijah turned around, surprised. “I…” she cleared her throat. “Witches can’t be compelled,” she said. Elijah frowned. He looked confused.

“I know.”

“I mean…I can’t be compelled, and I’m not a witch.”

“I see…”

“I thought…maybe…you…”

“If you don’t know what you are, I’m afraid I won’t be of any help,” he said, he actually looked sincere.

“Oh…” Julie looked down, disappointed. She was pretty sure she was human. She had no superpower or supernatural abilities. Her parents didn’t either. So what was it that made her so special she couldn’t be compelled?

“I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“No, I…” she shook her head. He had no idea what she could be so she had no idea why he was so interested in her. Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe she was imagining things.

“Werewolves can’t be compelled either,” he told her.

“I’m not a werewolf,” she said.

“Are you sure?” he asked with an amused tone.

“I’m pretty sure,” she chuckled. “And Bonnie said werewolves can be compelled…”

“She was wrong.”

“Are they…any werewolves, in Mystic Falls?” she asked.

Elijah smiled, looked down and took one step. He had his hands in his pockets. He sighed and looked back at Julie. “Two, today,” he nodded. “One just arrived.” Julie took a deep breath. This town was crazy. “Does that scare you?” he asked.

“A little,” she admitted.

Elijah didn’t understand why he was so fascinated by Julie. He really didn’t need her to deliver the message the other day, it was just a nice excuse to pay her a visit at her house. Even though he didn’t expect to see her in the park today, he could have left without stopping to talk to her. And he should leave. Now.

“What do you know about werewolves?” he asked.

“Absolutely nothing,” she said. Which is why it was terrifying.

“And what do you know about vampires?”

“Not much…” she answered.

“I see…Perhaps you would be less scared if you knew a little bit more.”

“Or maybe it’ll just be scarier,” she replied. He could see she was afraid. He wondered if he only made it worse.

“Aren’t you curious? You must have questions.”

Questions? Of course she had questions. She had plenty of questions. “I…I do…It’s just…” she sighed. “I’m scared.”

“Of me?” he asked and she looked up at him and her gaze met his. She didn’t look away and they kept looking at each other without a word. She saw hope in his eyes and maybe a little fear. But at this instant, she wasn’t afraid of him. At this moment, she got lost in his dark brown eyes and she felt safe.

“No,” she said so low only a vampire could have heard her. He seemed both surprised and pleased with her answer. “I don’t know,” she whispered, looking down. “I don’t know anything,” she sighed and placed a hand on her temple.

“You look tired,” he frowned.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I’m exhausted.”


Julie chuckled. “That’s what happen when humans don’t get sleep,” she answered and he laughed.

“Vampires need to sleep, too,” he told her, amused.

“I did not know that,” she replied with a smile.

“You should get some rest.”

“I’m fine,” she said, a little colder than she intended to. She was curious why he would care about her health. The more she talked to him the more questions she had.

“Would coffee help?” he asked.

“Uh,” she blinked several time. “It would,” she nodded. “But I hate coffee.”

“I see…I prefer tea, myself,” he said. “I’m sure the…” he stopped and turned towards the restaurant “Mystic Grill, serves tea,” he finished.

Julie raised her eyebrows. “They do,” she said.

He moved and pointed at the Grill. “Shall we?”

Julie didn’t answer right away. She gave him a puzzled look. He was seriously asking her to go somewhere with him. Would she be stupid enough to say yes? It would be safer to say no. She should say no.

“Sure,” she nodded. She wasn’t 100% comfortable with the idea and she had no idea why she agreed to it. Maybe she was so tired she couldn’t think clearly. Maybe she was just curious. Or suicidal. Or stupid. Or all that. She picked up her purse and kept her notebook in her arms. She shyly smiled at him before she looked down and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked back up at him. He watched her, amused by her cute nervous behavior. He moved out of her way and she looked down then looked up at him again before she looked away and started walking towards the restaurant.

They walked next to each other in silence. He kept peeking at her but she didn’t see it. He opened the door of the restaurant and let her enter first.

“Thank you,” she said and looked down so he wouldn’t see her smile but he did and she didn’t see him grin.

Matt Donovan was at the bar when he saw Julie come in with a stranger. Older guy wearing a suit? He guessed she was with Elijah. He worried and immediately took his phone and dialed Bonnie’s number.

Julie and Elijah sat at a table and she saw him moved his head a little like he was listening to someone behind him but there was no one near them. He smiled for a second and she didn’t understand what was amusing him.

“Are werewolves more dangerous than vampires?” she asked, suddenly.

“No,” he answered. “But a werewolf bite would kill a vampire.”

“Like poison?” she asked and he nodded. “Would it kill you?”

He frowned. “No, it would make me sick but nothing can kill me,” he told her.

“I see…But…what usually kills a vampire? Or a werewolf?”

“A stake in the heart would kill a vampire,” he said. “Vervain burns them but it’s not mortal. If you need to protect yourself from a vampire, it is one good way to do it.”

“Would it hurt you?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“What about daylight?”

“Daylight would kill a vampire,” he nodded.

“But…why isn’t Stefan, or Caroline, hurt by it?”

“They use magic to protect themselves,” he answered. “They probably have a daylight ring, I know your friend Stefan has one.”

“So…without it, they’ll…”

“Burn and die, yes,” he nodded. “Your friend Bonnie must have made one for Miss Forbes.”

“What about werewolves?”

“A werewolf will turn at a full moon,” he said. “They’re physically stronger but not as strong as vampires are.”

“How do you…become a vampire? Or a werewolf?” she asked.

“To become a vampire you have to die with vampire blood in your system. Werewolves are born with the gene but to trigger the curse, they have to kill someone.”

“Who are they?” she asked. “The werewolves that are here? Do I know them?”

“You know one of them,” he nodded. “Tyler Lockwood.”

Julie’s eyes grew big. “Tyler’s a werewolf?” He nodded. “That means…he killed somebody…”

“Accidents happen,” he said. “Especially with werewolves. They’re angrier.”

“Here’s your tea,” the waitress placed two cups on the table. They waited for her to leave before speaking again.

“So, all those animal attacks, lately…”

“Vampire attacks,” he completed her thought. She sighed.

“Why…why are you…different from Stefan or Caroline?”

“I’m one of the Originals,” he answered.

“One of the first vampires?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“So…how did you become a vampire?” she asked.

He sighed. “It’s a long story,” he said. “It was a thousand years ago.”

“You’re a thousand years old?” she asked a little too loud. She looked around to see if anyone had heard her.

“Yes,” Elijah chuckled.

“That’s…,” Julie laughed. “That’s amazing! You’ve been around for all the interesting stuffs! I have so many questions!” Julie’s fear completely disappeared. Her brain couldn’t keep up with all the questions she wanted to ask. Elijah laughed at her excitement. Unfortunately for both of them, someone interrupted their conversation.


“Bonnie? What’s wrong?” she asked when she saw the witch’s worried look.

“Are you okay?” she asked when she arrived near the table. She gave a bad look to Elijah who seemed amused by the situation. Like he knew this would happen.

“I’m fine, why?” Julie asked. Bonnie stared at her like she was stupid. She eyed Elijah, who chuckled and Julie finally understood what was going on in Bonnie’s head. “I’m fine, Bonnie. We’re just talking.”

“Just talking?” she echoed. “He’s dangerous, Julie,” she whispered like if Elijah wouldn’t hear her which amused him.

“I’m fine,” Julie repeated.

“I should go,” Elijah said. Julie watched him get up and take his wallet out of his jacket pocket.

“Oh, it’s okay…” Julie started to say but he cut her off and paid anyway.

“It’s fine,” he said. “Have a nice day, Julie. I hope to see you again, soon.” Julie watched him leave and all the questions she had stayed unanswered.

“What did you do that for?” Julie asked Bonnie, angry. “We were just talking.”

“Matt called me. I was worried.”

“Why? Do you think he would’ve killed me here, in front of everybody? We were just having some tea!”

“You don’t just have some tea with Elijah, Julie! He’s…”

“He’s dangerous, yeah, I got it,” she rolled her eyes and sighed. She grabbed her bag and got up.

“Julie!” Bonnie called after her as she was exiting the restaurant. “I don’t think you understand…” She followed her in the street. “What were you talking about anyway?” she asked.

“I just found out vampires and werewolves exist, I had a few questions!”

“You could’ve asked me!”

“Look, Bonnie,” Julie sighed and turned to face her. “I was sitting in the park, he was there, and we started to talk.” Bonnie sighed.

“It’s weird…to see you with him. He’s the enemy…”

“Who’s enemy? Isn’t he trying to help?”

“Damon and Stefan don’t trust him. They’re looking for another way to help Elena.”

“Another way? What other way?” Julie asked.

“I don’t know…we’re looking for it.”

Julie sighed. “Weren’t you scared?” Bonnie asked, curious.

“A little at first. But he’s…”


“Nice,” she shrugged.

“With you, maybe.”

“Didn’t he help Stefan out of the tomb?”

“He did,” she nodded.

“See? He is nice.”

“I don’t think he did it because he’s nice.”

Julie sighed. “And I don’t think he was going to hurt me. I didn’t need to be…rescued.”

“I’m sorry,” Bonnie apologized. “I was just worried.”

Julie had forgotten Bonnie actually cared about her. It’s been awhile since anyone had cared for her safety. “Thank you,” she said.

“Uh…you’re welcome?”

Julie chuckled which made Bonnie laughed. “Why aren’t you at school?” she asked.

“I was at school when Matt called,” she answered. “Do you have any more questions?” she asked. “I’d be happy to answer them.”

Julie sighed. “I just want to know what’s going on.” Bonnie smiled and nodded.

“Come on, I’ll tell you all about how Klaus, another Original, wants to sacrifice Elena to break a curse.”

the radio at the end of the clip

i don’t know if someone has pointed it out already but for the past 10 minutes i’ve been trying to make out what the radio presenter is saying at the end of the clip when sana and noora are texting and i think i got it: he mentions a quote (i didn’t actually get whose quote it is so if you know, pls help me with that) that says “if i have to choose between the unjust muslim and the just non muslim, without any doubt i will choose the non muslim who is just.” i’m just here to say julie has done it again. *eye emoji*

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why is noora's boring ass in every fucking clip (in some way or another)???? like we get it Julie just say you're so far up noora's ass and go🙄🙄🙄🙄

gotta include that self insert character in everything tho, innit?