Octavion X - Only One You’ve Got (prod. Just Plain Ant)

We’ve always been hip to Richmond-based crew Suburban District since our wordpress days but just got wind of one of their emcees Octavion X and his solo forays. Here’s his latest single “Only One You’ve Got”; a really mature look into a relationship over some really smooth production by Just Plain Ant. Just in time for your V-day festivities. Keep your eyes and ears open for Octavion’s upcoming project No Cool Points For Dying dropping later this month. S/O RespectThisFresh.

Just Plain Ant - Rumble, Young Man Rumble [2010]

Just Plain Ant is back with another fresh collection of his unique brand of hip-hop — beats, jazzy samples and a host of guests who each add their own flavor to the mix. Among the guests we’ve got blocSonic regulars such as Joey Ripps, Ohbliv and Sleaze. We’ve also got some new names — Black Liquid, Braintrust, Mic Jordan, Gordy Michael, NOTE, Octavion Xcellence, Photosynthesizers and last but not least… the INCREDIBLE… Chuck D! That’s right… the legendary Public Enemy front man took time out of his busy schedule to drop a verse! -blocsonic ——————————————————————————————————————————————–

Joey Ripps - Son Of 1000 Pardons

This one is a smoker! New album Son Of 1000 Pardons from Joey Ripps, one of JPS’ many lyrical architects, featuring production from Just Plain Ant, Ohbliv, DJ Harrison, Rowan & Gordy Michael, as well as boasting vocal appearances from 13adluck, Bliss-One, Draztiq, & Sleaze. Wonderful combination if I do say so myself…

Shouts to Michael Gregoire of blocSonic.com for releasing this album and for his continued support of this JPS thang… We truly appreciate it! Here’s to further fruitful endeavors!! 

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Just Plain Ant - “Sad World” and “Is This Mine?”

Just Plain Ant (pictured below), President of Just Plain Sounds, is at it again.  This time he’s released two tracks from his upcoming album this summer, Fly II: Don’t Look Down.  I can’t get enough of “Sad World” with the Michael Jackson-like sample featuring Drano.  DOPE!

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Listen to Fluorescence (Just Plain Ant Remix) by Glows in the Dark

standout tune from research and development, a new album released by glows in the dark, who i discovered through their connection with jneiro jarel. the whole album is full of organic and soulful hip-hop, with rap verses paired with all sorts of live instrumentation, but i keep winding up at this one, with its shuffling drums and sax & xylophone counter-melody. real mellow stuff.

the jneiro jarel remix of their tune ’bennie’ can be found here. he mostly preserved the original, but added a clapping groove and some psychedelic effect. sounds compellingly like jaga jazzist.

check out the rest of the album here– some thoroughly envisioned, wholehearted music.            

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Richmond Electronic Collective - Richmond Electronic Collective Vol. 2

The Richmond Electronic Collective released a mixtape of different RVA electronic bands and musicians.  Some of the participating bands are Silo Effect, Just Plain Ant, Hydrophonics, DJ Harrison, and many more.  Produced by Santa Kilmagik, the album has 20 tracks of electronic goodness.

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