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Popestar Brooklyn show

(Part Zero aka Sharpiemaggedon - here.)

Concert highlights! (with accompanying video if I could find it on YT)

-near the end of Marissa’s set I went to the merch table. Jason (Billy Vanilla) showed up, and when he had a second I said hi and got real tongue tied trying to tell him he’d commented on one of my instagram photos. But he’s such a sweetheart! he was fucking genuinely happy to talk to me. he told me I should come back and he’d give me some stuff, like stickers, and I said ‘okay!! thank you!!’ I’m 30 years old why is my voice reaching dog-hearing levels of high

-but then he caught me when I got a few steps away because he’d checked his pockets and gave me an Aether pick. (!!!)

-also he is hella fucking tall (taller than air!) and moves like a heron on a mission. 

-”So many good-looking ones here tonight. I want to eat you. Eat many of you. But. Not yet.”

Papa asking “Ladies of Flatbush, do you want to get physical with me?”

-I’m pretty sure he said ‘you call on moi’ instead, in Square Hammer. XD

-Earth balancing drumsticks on his mask in person is somehow 100x better. 

-Papa taking his sweet time picking out a mallet to hit toms (is that what they’re called?)

-Alpha guitaring aggressively in Earth’s face

-Alpha and Water leaning back to back is so freaking cute

-”But serially seriously? NO.. He is not the fucking president. God damn it.’

(I think what he says when he goes on is “It’ll be better one day, trust me. But one- yeah, four years it’s shit. But anyways, he’s such a fucking bastard that we’ve written a song about him.”)

-Papa putting a mummy dust dollar between his lips while waiting during a guitar solo. He sat there all sauce and sass and then crumpled it up and tossed it to the crowd. 

-Earth bringing his beer or whatever back out with him for Monstrance Clock. And tapping the cymbals with it to emphasize Papa’s points during The Talk.

-and then he played crouched aggressively over the drums for most of the song itself.

-only the biggest pieces of confetti made it back to us. so I didn’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. But I did manage to snag 3 bills, 2 in really good condition.

-SHIT the Sister of Sin fucking losing it. After he introduced them and had come back over to them “Nice to meet you. Enchante. Now… , one of them had dropped something. So he pauses and leans over to get it and says “Let me get that for you, baby.” ugh can you not be so sweet and pervy at the same time She completely broke and couldn’t stop laughing and the other one hit her, like ‘oh dear satan if you can’t get it together I’m gonna break too please no, we have one job

-oh also, one of the pyro things fucked up early on and kept strobing for a while. it was behind Earth so I was just glad nothing more went wrong

-just - what a beautiful fucking theatre it was too…

-if you watch enough video from that show (like during the Body and Blood intro and a couple times after) you’ll probably hear a guy yelling ‘grab her by the pussy’. It sucks because he seemed nice, offering to move or duck when my roommate wanted to take a picture and apologizing for being generally hugemongous and blocking my roomie and our friend’s view. we had seats so it’s not like anyone could move much. If you look at the instagram photo he’s right above Papa’s head. (It especially sucked because his girlfriend was really nice. And then disappeared halfway through the show. Probably because he had to be *that guy* always trying to get Papa’s attention between songs. Papa is ignoring you because you’re an idiot, idiot.) I’m just glad he seemed to let the anti-Trump remarks go quick enough because that guy could’ve been a real problem if he’d wanted. :-/ 

-so after the show we waited in the back by the buses. unfortunately the venue had a huge fenced in loading dock, so everyone had to wait beyond that. people were waiting right by the gate, and the venue staff came back and forth a lot with garbage while we hung out in the cold. all in all I’m just glad people didn’t get in their way enough to piss them off and try to make us leave.

-While we were waiting I gave Kitkats to @chrysantheous and @violaceous44 (and shit was @valiantvisionsdawnn there after too? There was someone else, I just remember we were doing the ‘hi I’m blahblah username wow usernames in RL are really silly’ thing)

-oh and @deannancricket was there and there I am going ‘holy shit I recognize her From The Internet’

-the time actually flew by. I guess it was about 1 when Alpha came out and signed stuff for folks. My roomie went before me. (she said he went ‘oh, you have the first one!’ because she’s brought the Opus CD. and then she scampered away because she didn’t want to be in the way and he called after her all ‘thank you for coming!’

-well shit I guess I’m next. he says hello and all I can say is hello. twice. why are you saying just hello self. So I just blurt out ‘So I heard that maybe you might do a show with *redacted* here. In Manhattan?’ At first he was seemed taken aback maybe? probably just processing the babblefish and said that he didn’t know, that he didn’t think so. All I could say was ‘oh’ and probably had a kicked puppy face because then he said something along the lines of ‘well, if we did it would probably just be one show.’ So. Ahhhhhh. I dunno if he hadn’t heard about that interview they did, or because plans aren’t final he’s not supposed to say? I dunno guys. I felt bad for even asking.

-Especially because then he got a call and said ‘sorry I have to take this’ and that meant I was the last to get a signature I think. D:

Shortly after this, there was a lot of people moving around, Air had appeared from somewhere and was signing folks stuff, and I saw Water’s hair and that was about it and she was calling Air’s name because they had to go.

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Reasons Why the Day of the Doctor Sucked
  • Being towed is a BIG DEAL for an alien advanced time and space traveling machine like the Tardis.

  • Over two billion Time Lord children. Right.

  • Because Time lords are as short lived as fruit flies, so obviously they need to quickly repopulate. Ahem. Reloom.

  • Time Lord children carry stuffed rabbits. Because Time Lords children = Human children. Oh wait.

  • Time Lord soldiers have helmets.

  • Time Lord soldiers have helmets to protect them from the rubble.

  • There is rubble.

  • Things are burning. No, I mean things are literally burning.

  • Things are burning because the Daleks are shooting ray guns and the Time Lords are shooting back using their super advanced … ray MACHINE guns!!!!

  • Just to remind the audience, the Time Lords are a superior race with power over time itself.

  • Time Lords are a superior race with power over time itself.

  • The Time Lord soldiers have walky-talkies. No really, they do.

  • When Time Lords make art, they make it in 3 dimensions.

  • When the Time Lords make war, they make it in 3 dimensions.

  • Have you ever thought what it’s like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension?

  • Idea! Time Lords only wander in the fourth dimension. When it comes to to other stuff, they stick to nice solid 3-d ray MACHINE guns. Because that makes sense.

  • The Doctor is such a badass he can decapitate multiple Daleks using his TARDIS.

  • All the other Time Lords can do is run away screaming. Because it’s not like Time Lords have access to lots of TARDISs!

  • When the Doctor writes dramatic proclamations he doesn’t write them. He uses a super alien ray MACHINE gun.

  • (In English, of course.)

  • The leaders of the Time Lords are on the cusp of losing a war that will decide the survival of their people. Obviously, they have nothing better to do than stalk the Doctor and whine about him being such a lose cannon.

  • By the way, Tennant isn’t the tenth doctor anymore. He’s the eleventh. Boy, Ten-Tennant was nice while it lasted, huh? Ah, the good old days.

  • Also: the War doctor is a Gandalf wanna-be. No more = you shall not pass? Just sayin.

  • The Time Lords have used all the super weapons of mass destruction in the vault … except one …

  • Who saw that coming?

  • The only weapon capable of galaxy level destruction has a consciousness. In other words: an annoying hologram that doesn’t have much of an agenda beyond being cryptic and a deus ex machina.

  • Congratulations Doctor Who! It’s totally not cliché if you use the cliche literally!

  • The doctor has a hobo-hut. He just sort of has it.

  • The conscious takes the shape of someone from his past really his future for the purpose of . . who cares it’s BILLIE PIPER OMG CAMEO!!!

  • Where’s the big red button? And when was that joke last funny? Or clever. Or anything besides overused.

  • Time for the final decisions. And what totally matters is how well he lives with himself afterward. Because he’s not doing this to preserve countless lives and worlds that the Daleks would go on to destroy after finishing off the Time Lords, no that’s not it at all.

  • It’s TENNANT!!!

  • (Where’s Eccleston?)

  • Who cares IT’S TENNANT!!!

  • (No, seriously, we’ve got all the post war doctors … except Eccleston.)

  • (Also, apparently Eccleston is a poser. The War Doctor wore the leather jacket before it was cool.)

  • The tenth doctor – wait, can’t call him that anymore.

  • Tennant is feeding a queen grapes. Why?

  • The horse is a Zygon.

  • Suddenly, Zygons = competent !?!

  • (The first time I saw the Zygons, their plot revolved around the Loch Ness Monster. They were seriously menacing villains cough.)

  • Clara fails at being a witch. And at being at all useful.

  • Everyone has a sonic screwdriver!

  • The sonic screwdriver is a metaphor.

  • For the show. It works really well when there’s fancy tech stuff like special effects, but when it comes to something basic and primitive like oh I don’t know – plot, continuity, character development, did I say plot – it fails.

  • Taking advantage of the fact that there are multiple selves to do calculation supposed to span centuries? What a brilliant idea! I can’t believe a TIME LORD thought of it. I can’t believe it took them so long.

  • Numbers etched into a wall in five minutes in the fifteenth century will totally be legible in the 21st, because that’s how erosion works.

  • So, the Black Archive is TARDIS proof. Because Time Lords are an advanced alien race and that totally makes sense.

  • Humans are able to TARDIS-proof their tower, but go starry-eyed over a vortex manipulator.

  • Excuse me, that’s not time travel. It’s like, I’ve got a sports car, you’ve got a space hopper.

  • cough even 51st century humans got nothing on Time Lords cough

  • In case numbers are too hard, the 51st century comes after the 21st.

  • Black level security clearance is the highest evar. As you can see, they have really good security precautions.

  • Competent Zygons who have managed to put Time Lord tech to hitherto undiscovered purposes = too busy gloating to notice Clara punching in the pass code. Who were they even gloating at? It couldn’t have been her because they didn’t notice what she was doing. Maybe they were gloating at the ceiling?

  • A five minute countdown! Because an enemy capable of invading the TARDIS proofed tower obviously couldn’t work their way around an infallibly voice controlled five minute countdown.

  • The Doctors are scared because of the five minute countdown. Such a short time! However will they get there? I mean, they can’t appear directly inside the tower so therefore they can’t possibly make it in time. It’s not like they could arrive an hour earlier, sneak in past the really good security with psychic paper, and wait. Not dramatic enough.

  • Must sacrifice London! Because there are a massive THREE Zygons in the Black Archives. It doesn’t matter if I get backup in the form of THREE doctors with plot device screwdrivers. Obviously we are over matched. The world is doomed!!

  • (We liked the Brigadier because sometimes he actually didn’t act like an idiot.)

  • Don’t do it. Because it’s stupid and makes no sense I’ve sacrificed the few for the many before and I won’t let you. I won’t let you make my mistakes.

  • Slow-motion Doctors = cool, bro. So cool. So pointlessly cool

  • (This isn’t Torchwood, right? Just checking.)

  • The sonic screwdrivers of plot device have got their groove back! Add memory wiping to the list! The long list of improbable powers.

  • Treaty negotiations between the humans and the Zygons! Clearly laying the grounds for the spinoff series in which the humans and Zygons attempt to peacefully cohabit the earth. It’s not like they’re going to sweep the whole Zygons-needing-a-planet-because-theirs-was-destroyed-in-the-Time-War-that-still-totally-happened-except-that-this-time-Gallifrey-was-saved under the rug, right!

  • Obviously, since Gallifrey ends up surviving, all damage from the Time War is also mitigated. See, it’s all okay because the Time Lord children with their toy bunnies survive. No other alien races have cute children with stuffed bunnies. I bet Zygon children don’t look cute.

  • Clara has magic eye-reading skills. It’s her natural human empathy that allows her to interpret the emotions of an alien being.

  • Meanwhile, the ultimate galaxy eater has a lot of make-up on.

  • You can’t rewrite history! Not one line!

    My entire planet died, my whole family. Do you think it never occurred to me to go back and save them?”

  • But you said we die. For the future. For the human race!

    “Yes, because there are laws. There are laws of time. Once upon a time there were people in charge of those laws but they died. They all died. Do you know who that leaves? *Me!* It’s taken me all these years to realize that the laws of time are *mine* and they will obey me!”

  • Don’t push the big red button! Because … you’re the Doctor.

  • Because … you’re the Time Lord Victorious. See: Waters of Mars.

  • Let’s find another solution. That no one could think up before. Because Time Lords, it bears repeating, are an advanced race of IMBECILES!

  • The Zygons figured it out first, guys. The Zygons. When the Zygons are smarter, maybe it’s time for your race to burn.

  • (Did I mention the whole use a sea monster to take over the world thing the Zygons had going on?)

  • But the calculations would take centuries! IT’S NOT LIKE WE’RE CALLED TIME LORDS AND HAVE POWER OVER TIME ITSELF! NOPE.

  • Apparently every single Dalek ever was sent to the final battle. No back up fleets. No tactical commanders waiting in the rear. No factory Daleks producing rays guns on already conquered planets. No, EVERY SINGLE DALEK IS UP THERE AND ABOUT TO DIE IN FRIENDLY FIRE!

  • (Because it’s not like the Daleks can easily re spawn and that even a few escaping would be catastrophic and probably lead to another world domination attempt likely to be even more successful than the first since there is now a whopping one Time Lord left around to stop them. That won’t happen, because EVERY SINGLE DALEK died up there.)

  • So, none of the doctors previous to eleven will remember what happened and that Gallifrey is saved. Therefore, continuity = not dead?


  • No seriously, what was going on in the End of Time? If every body literally burned, why was the Doctor so unsurprised to see Rassilon and the gang apparently alive and well, just trapped in the Time Lock.

  • Wasn’t there also this whole theme that the Time Lords = actually worse than the Daleks.

  • Maybe old age has messed with the Doctor’s mind? I’m pretty sure he only picked up the gun when he heard the Time Lords were coming back out of the Time Lock.

  • Come to think of it, wasn’t the whole idea that the Time Lords were somehow in a “Time Lock”? How does Time Lock = galaxy eater?

  • All those times random Daleks apparently escaped the “Time Lock” = escaped the galaxy eater of ultimate doom?

  • Doctor Who continuity = Elvis. Say what you like, I’m pretty sure it’s dead.

Reason the Day of the Doctor Didn’t Suck

  • Tom Baker cameo.

(Compiled in the spirit of ‘sing a sad song just to turn it around'  and finally posted because I am done with Moffat and with Doctor Who. So done.)

Game Changer (1/2)

It began out of a coincidental shit storm that would leave you wondering if fate is really just a bitch or what.

It was 2012 and life was fucked up.

Okay, not really, but the problem was he was 19 and he wasn’t in college and he was still living off his dad, brother and sister, when he promised he was going to be the one to support them.

It must come from the fact that he grew up rich and then things changed. Okay, he wasn’t exactly poor… that was just some sob story the show came up with to get him sympathy.

He was still rich by all intents and purposes but it wasn’t the life he wanted. He wanted to go back to Australia. 

But his dad loved it here and his brother and sister had a life here and so he stayed.

And he had Ericka, and he really did love her. He just didn’t love her enough because back then he didn’t know what it meant, to love someone, to give someone your all. To be someone’s someone.

Until he met her.

It was 2012 and life was fucked up but she came into the picture.

It was an acting workshop he was forced to attend, which for the life of him he wanted to ditch because he was a singer not an actor, but this was his second shot at something he never realized he loved so he sucked it up, and even though he just wanted to make music, he still dragged himself to the workshop.

Meg was there anyways, so he’d have a familiar face.

What he did not expect was to look at the face of the person who was going to be the one person he shares his life with.

He gets a bit poetic whenever he tells the story, but I have a romantic heart, and I tend to believe him when he says that when she walked into the room, late as per usual, he took one look at her and there was a part of him that said, her, that’s her, we finally found her.

And she gets a bit starry eyed when she tells the tale, but again I’m a hopeless romantic so I tend to believe her too when she says that he was the very first face she saw when she looked inside the room and her heart leapt in her chest and her very first thought was- wow. Just wow. 

And this is where the story gets a little bit tricky, because again as I’ve said it was 2012 and life was fucked up. They both had significant others… he had been in a relationship for 2 years and she’s just beginning to date someone… but they exchanged numbers, and for a while after that acting workshop they became friends.

They had a shared love for Adventure Time and video games and pizza and pasta. She became his secret and he became her secret, and we didn’t really know they were friends who called each other everyday and fell asleep talking on the phone until one day, Bret comes up to us and tells us James was different.

You must understand James wrote only cheesy songs, mostly dirty rap songs, but then Game Changer came about. You have to be in the group to understand that the minute we heard the song we knew it wasn’t about Ericka at all.

I wished for you,

You’re my dream come true,

You got me babe,

You changed my game.

James wasn’t a person who wished, or dreamed for a girl. Trust me, Ericka has done a lot of things, and James wasn’t the type of person who cared, so even then there was a suspicion, who was this girl?

Until well, his music video came about. It’s 2013, and life wasn’t so fucked up anymore. He had an album and an upcoming music video. He was the one who requested to pick his own leading lady. Because he knew she was a Viva artist too, and he knew she was called if she wanted to do the MV. So when he entered that office he knew one of those pictures was of her, and he had his heart set on picking her.

So yes, he was the first to fall in love, and it happened way before you can imagine. And that caused the awkwardness that wasn’t there when they began. That caused the sudden halt to what was a friendship before things started.


Hindi pwede.

But they were holding hands when they’re out at night. He says I’ve got a girlfriend this isn’t right. And she’s got someone waiting too. 

But what were you going to do, the feelings were there. They weren’t in love, not yet, but it was something close to it. It was love in one form or another nevertheless.

So a year later, when he tried to make it work but they always ended up fighting because she wasn’t the one, and she tried to stick it out but the spark just wasn’t there and she was trying so hard to be happy but she ends up calling him every night… life intervenes again.

They get a movie deal, and they were so excited because they get to see each other everyday, but the first time they meet they got so awkward, because the longing was there, it was so tangible, it was always always there, but they couldn’t act on it. 

So they remained aloof on set, but when it was just them, just the both of them, they go back to the way it was, in the beginning, when everything was easy and there was no Ericka or JC.

Of course the movie hits and they were told that they were going to be paired up together, and Boss Vic doesn’t ask it of them… they volunteer. They were going to break up with their respective relationships.

They say it was career, something they had to do, something for them, and hey maybe one day it can be you and me.

That’s what JC believed.

But Ericka found his phone, and all the calls, and the  I miss you’s and the numbers that climb up after every text saying the words that could not be said.

So she got mad, and she remained mad. And I can’t blame her, though she deserved it. 

That’s when we begin to see them change. He touches her more now, and she’d always cover him with a blanket. He’d always sleep on her lap, she’d always bring him food. 

Even the kisses began to change. Once the Direk Andoy choked on his own saliva when the two French kissed each other on a scene and he decided to keep it, because that was real and raw emotion right there.

And that real and raw emotion began to scare him.

He was 21 by this time and all the world was his oyster. He fought with Tom when he broke up with Ericka sure, but that was for his career right? Except in his heart of hearts he knew it wasn’t just his career now, it wasn’t just him now.

And that scared him to death. 

And she did not pine for him, she also believed that it would be her and JC. He was a nice guy after all, a sweet guy… but he was not the guy.

So it was the summer of 2014 (she posts the photos a year later) when he went to Pangasinan with his friends and his family and she was there on vacation with JC that she realizes this was it, I can’t do it anymore.

She tells JC upfront that she has feelings for the co-star she swore up and down was just her friend.

And she runs away and meets up with him and they jump off a cliff together.

And things sail smoothly for a while. They were together all the time, ABS just signed them up for a contract, they were doing a third movie and they were sailing well.

Except she still scares him. Because he was 21 and he can’t be this in love, this can’t be just his stage, this can’t be all that is there for him.

So even if you want to believe it or not, parang sila, pero hindi sila. As Yassi said, for a while, they thought it would happen but it reached a point where they finally said never, never mangyayari yan. Because he was still running and sleeping with every random girl he could get his hands on, and she was just waiting. 

But he gets mad when this guy she sang with makes a pass at her, to the point that he forcefully takes her away and they end up eating pizza at her house, with her aunt trying to soothe his ruffled feathers. It’s not that he was jealous. It’s that he didn’t want some douchebag hitting on her. He buys her a Tokyo trip for her birthday, plus a love bracelet, but the press get a hold and her visa has problems so they secretly leave on March.

Tokyo was beautiful.

And many things happened in Tokyo. That’s when she broke down. She was giving him everything she’s got and siya… wala.

Ubos na ubos na ako. That’s what she said when she tells him she’s done with it, done with him. 

And that’s when he gets his act straight and finally after all this time, they happen. 

June 2015 was amazing. San Francisco with her was everything he wanted and more. And they were given too many gifts, too precious to count. He’d always love San Francisco. And there’s always a part of his heart that will be for San Francisco.

August 2015 was horrible. August 2015 was when they broke up. Things happened. Too many, too sensitive but they happened anyway, and that’s when we see party boy James resurfacing. An issue every month, a new girl every month, and that’s when she started being depressed.

Her mom gets diagnosed September of 2015, and that’s when he breaks and realizes that more than being scared of love, he was scared of hurting her, so he risks it all, and jumps to the fray and wears his heart on his sleeve.

No more girls.

No more scared moments.

From this day forward he was just going to be here for her, no matter what.

But this time around she was the one who needed space, who wasn’t ready, because she gave it her all and he threw it back to her face.

So he says okay, he’ll prove it this time around.

She says she needs to get away from him, to go to Korea and just be away… from everything for a while. 

But what she didn’t know is that Yassi planned for him to be there, and that’s where she realized that all day all she really wanted was him, him and more of him that when he arrived on their door wearing his fur coat and jet lagged from filming she fell into his arms and never let go.

And in the world’s greatest cover up of all time, they once again posted pictures late. Just enough to make everyone believe that on the 31st of October, he was in Manila and she was in Korea, when in reality they were both here, together. Just ask the GM of City of Dreams where they partied a bit too hard and ruined the carpet. Damn did we have to pay for that carpet. 

Clarky Boy and the premiere happened. You’ll know soon enough why they fought, but it ended with her going to JC’s party to spite him, because he’s a very jealous guy after all and he ended up getting blind drunk and having the Julia issue. 

Vigan was good for them though, but that is a story for another day.

To be Continued…