Just kidding I actually like what I did with this

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

Okay it’s 2 in the morning and I’m watching Miraculous Ladybug for some reason and for ages I’ve been trying to remember why Alix’s shoes look familiar to me, and it’s just hit me

When I was 9 years old I had a pair of Heelys that looked EXACTLY like this, right down to the green squares and the pink laces



So i did some research…

Owl Service is a Book by Alan Garner

The Bus routes actually exist in Chicago..

When I googled Owl Service the book appeared as well as the bird sign (in connection with the book) that Hobi is also doing..

This one book cover has 3 circles…its the same author another story but… there 3 kids in the book owl service -idk if this connects but i saw this book cover while doing my research and it reminded me of the wings cover- (just read the summary i put it there for yall)

bts has 4 circles for their 4 different stories…

Also the signs they put on the plates (again read the summary) look like all the wings signs put together…

59…61…. whats on 9th May and 1st June?!?!?! Concert in Chicago?? Lol

I swear to god if this is again one of Namjoons RMBook shit….😧😧😧😧

It’s clear from all of the anti-recovery on this site that a lot of kids have this weird false idea about what recovery actually is. 

For those of us who are chronically ill, mentally ill, disabled, struggling with addiction, etc, recovery isn’t, “HOO I DID A THING AND NOW I’M ALL BETTER 100% JUST NORMAL LOOK AT ME!” like someone getting over a cold or getting their tonsils removed. 

Recovery is the rest of your life. 

Literally recovery is every day forever. 

It’s hard work. It’s a process. It’s management. It’s good days. It’s bad days. It’s faces dirty with tears. It’s relapses. It’s disappointment. It’s falling down.

But it’s also getting back up. Again and again. 

Today I might fall five steps behind. But tomorrow if I take one half-step forward, that’s recovery. 

Stop mocking recovery. Please. Don’t call us neurotypical or abled like an insult, like we don’t belong or don’t get to speak because we’re proactive and put our all into our health. That’s shitty. 

Don’t take that away from us. Let us try to be well to our best ability. Let us reduce suffering. Let us be strong and let us be weak. 

Just let us be.

What bothers me most about 21 Chump Street is that it’s not just some play. It’s a real story, and there was a kid that did anything for a girl to love him back. He legitimately ended up in prison. He actually went to prison. The real Justin Laboy sat in prison after being practically seduced and manipulated by an undercover cop. I feel like people forget that there is an actual person that went through this and was sentenced to prison for five years and lost not just college opportunity but his opportunity to stay with straight a’s and even simply graduate high school at all while they just casually sing the up beat lyrics of “What the Heck I Gotta Do” like it’s all just a casual joke. That is all.

the goblet of fire

the four champions as seen by James and Lily

James: Who do you think will come out of the up? My money is on that Krum kid from Durmstrang.

Lily: Well that’s a rather safe bet, isn’t it?

James: Well, I’m not used to betting, I’m used to getting bet on.

Lily: Fair enough. That girl with the silvery hair is going to come out of the cup, too. She looks like she’s part Veela, 

James: *proudly* I hope the Hogwarts champion is a Gryffindor. We are the bravest after all.

Lily: You know what? A Slytherin would actually do much better since this thing is not only about bravery.

James: You did not just say that.

Lily: Gryffindor is not the only house in Hogwarts.

James: *offended* Where is your house pride?

Lily: Oh, it’s starting. At least this year we know Harry’s safe.

James: With Moody and Dumbledore in the same place, he couldn’t be further away from danger.

The champion for Durmstrang, will be Viktor Krum.

James: Told you.

Lily: And I told you it was a safe bet.

The champion for Beauxbatons, is Fleur Delacour!

Lily: Called it!

James: That was a safe bet too, if she’s part Veela.

Lily: We don’t know that.

The Hogwarts champion, is Cedric Diggory!

James: What?

Lily: *excited* Oh, it’s a Hufflepuff!

James: How?

Lily: You have never had to go up against a Hufflepuff before, have you?

James: I mean only on Quidditch and we flattened them all the time.

Lily: No one heard the war cry of a Hufflepuff and lived to tell the story, Jamie.

James: But still, a Hufflepuff?

Lily: The cup chose him, I’m pretty sure the cup knows better than you. So stop being an arrogant pr–

James: Another name is coming out of the cup.

Lily: It’s impossible.

Harry Potter.

James: *yelling* What the actual fuck?

Lily: No. No. No, this is not happening.

James: He didn’t even put his name in the bloody cup.

Lily: No.

James: How could this happen?

Lily: This is just– no.

James: He’s not even seventeen yet.

Lily: *blank staring*

James: This year will be the worst, I can already tell.

Lily: *absent-mindedly* No one will believe him.

James: Huh?

Lily: No one will believe him when he says he didn’t put his name in the cup.

James: Dumbledore will. I know he will.

Lily: People die in this tournament, I don’t think this was a coincidence Jamie.

James: Neither do I, Lils but he will pull through, he always does.

I’ve long had this headcanon that Sport actually has degrees in childhood development and nutrition, like after he got his formal training among the elves he attended school to learn about humans from humans.

So at some point he’s explaining to Robbie why the kids responded to some recent incident the way they did, and Robbie is like “well what makes you such an expert, anyway?” and Sport just. Deadpans. “All the years I spent getting degrees in childhood development and early education, Robbie.”



edit: i know this has gotten a bunch of notes already ( and thank you!!!!!<3) but i still wanted to show you the cleaned up version of these sketches :>




luke clearly did not read his han solo guidebook. this is what he’s actually saying to him: “come with me. let’s adventure together in the millennium falcon. just you and me and chewie. let’s do it, kid. let’s go right now. come with me and im being coy and im not even gonna mention leia

further translation: “you are gonna die if you do this mission and we already almost died like several times in the past few days. and i actually LIKE you despite the yelling, so please don’t die and come home with me


Fiona Fights with Monica and goes you were my mother to could you do a imagine and instead of Fiona it’s the reader saying that and Carl comforts her
Okay so I had just watched this episode and i don’t want to write any single word fiona actually said cause I want to be creative so yea but I will be saying what the request said:)

Your POV: Everyone was angry and sad, Monica was back trying to take Liam, “Monica you can’t just come into our lives acting like you were always there because newsflash Monica, Fiona and I did your job, we raised your kids, and just because you birthed them doesn’t mean Sh*t okay?"You yelled tears threatening to spill, "I am there mom and just because I wasn’t here for a while doesn’t mean I’m not, I’m here now and I’m staying to be with them, and I’m taking Liam I’m his mother"She said tears spilling from her eyes, "You were my mother to! but guess what I deserve someone who gives a sh*t! "You yelled at the top of your lungs, "I know I can’t fix things with you and Fiona but please I want to fix it with Carl and Debbie"She said walking over to the two little ones, "No you messed up with Y/N meaning you messed up with me"Carl said getting up and grabbing your hand then walked out side with you, Carl had always been closet with you, never once leaving your side, "Y/N are you okay?"He asked giving your shaking form a hug, "I’m okay Carl just angry and upset"You said then asked him, "Are you okay, you didn’t have to come out here"You said hugging him back, "I’m okay Y/N you have done your best both you and Fiona raising us"He said smiling up at you.

A/N So sorry this wasn’t long but I hope the requester likes it! -AdminBrook


- Albus could have still been in Slytherin and bffs with Scorpious but Harry is super proud anyway
- Albus and Scorpious are together all the time so Harry and Draco have to learn to be civil
- Draco is super uptight while Harry is like “HEY CHECK THIS OUT KIDS LIKES GO FIGHT A DRAGON, I DID THAT WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE”
- and Draco freaks out whenever he picks up Scorpious and hears what they did that day
- Ginny and Astoria are just sipping tea like mhmm
- James teasing his brother about being in Slytherin because siblings are assholes but cursing the shit out of anyone who would dare disrespect his baby brother
- Teddy babysitting the kids and entertaining them with his Metamorphmagus abilities
- Hargrid still being the grounds keeper and being all old and jolly despite evertrhing and having all the children down for tea
-Mcgonagal still helping out Albus even though he isnt in her house
-Mcgonagal being everyones sassy grandmother
- none of the bloody mess that was the actual play

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How would the RFA + V and Saeran react to a bilingual MC, who uses a word in another language when she can't think of the right one in the language she's speaking? (I do this a lot with French + English, and my friends who don't speak French always give me weird looks :( )


The language I picked was the language (Punjabi) I speak at home, but I didn’t know how to spell it in english but I tried my best!!! (Most of these are actually my own experience) (Also sorry I didn’t use several languages, i just like putting my own personal stuff in here sometimes) 404 did the non-Punjabi ones! ~ Admin 626

-He convinced you to play LOLOL with him!!!
-Big mistake
-He knew that he could get loud and angry when something happened, but…
-Did not expect you to get so loud!!!!
-You said it fairly often, and he knows it’s another language, but…. WHAT WERE YOU SAYING?
-He’s asked you constantly what it means but you….couldn’t…..think of the right words?
-”It means… um…. Well. It means… Oh my god? What are the words?
-Scared the hell out of him when you yelled “FUCKING HELL” out of nowhere one day and you had to explain that  you finally remembered what you were trying to say!!! Only this time, not in Swedish!!
-MC!!! BAD!!!
- lowkey google translates anything you can’t remember for you

-The two of you were coming home from a completely boring party you had to attend
-It was full of big, important business owners and directors and you just couldn’t stand it!!!
-”HOW in the WORLD do they run their businesses??”
-”I know! They’re such…. Um… uh, como se dice…pendejos??”
-”I agree, they did seem to be lacking in the knowledge department.”
- okay that wasn’t what i asked exactly but thanks
-This happens more than you’d like to admit, but it’s a good thing he can speak Spanish
-He’ll always understand you, whether you’re speaking in Spanish or not!!!
-”Jumin? Como se dice gato?” “MC, that’s a simple word. It’s cat. How could you forget?”
-”Do you want some… some.. Um… Vino?” “? Wine? Yes, MC, please.”
-YOU’RE SO GRATEFUL THAT HE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU where would you be if he didn’t translate for you???
-He notices when you’re quiet in public and realizes that you probably just can’t think of the correct word outside of Spanish, so he’ll answer you quietly just so you don’t get embarrassed what a cutie omg

-”Shit… what’s the word again….”
-??? So you ask him what word he’s thinking of. He didn’t figure you’d know but he told you anyway
-”I forgot the word for ‘safinat fadayiya’”
-????? Did he not realize you’ve been able to get into his house since the beginning
-Now the two of you speak Arabic around the others just to be jerks
-Not even Jumin knows Arabic
-You don’t say anything meaningful, either. It’s usually random sentences!
-So every time you forget a word, he’s got your back! So long as you you do the same for him
-Except if you forget a word at the gate, he’ll let you suffer and laugh at you
-Well!!!! Until you get angry enough at least. Then he’ll let you in and hide from your cute wrath

-He didn’t even know you could speak another language
-Honestly always thought that you were muttering or making words up
-That’s why he always gave you a weird look
-One day though, you were mid-conversation with him and blanked on the word
-”Do you want to go get…. Um. Get…crème glacée?”
-”….Get what?”
-”Crème glacée. You know… the uh, frozen milk stuff you like to eat!”
-”You..mean ice cream? You’re saying ice cream?”
-”YES! YES HEY!!! That thing! Thank you!”
-”What the hell was that? Made up words? What the fuck?”
-Saeran it….. Was….. French, sweetheart. Not made up
-??? He was really confused but took your word for it
-Tries to learn French secretly so he can help you next time instead of looking at you like you were crazy

- you’re actually lowkey worried about him???
- He’s so pretty!!!
- What if he gets jinxed and he becomes ugly because his looks are shown off so much??? Literally my grandma has said this to me and my cousin after she and i dressed up one time
- you always try to encourage him to wear sweats and other lowkey clothing so no one will be drawn to him! (of course only when you two are trying to do something in public together, you wouldnt try to get him to do that for anything job related)
- but he just doesn’t get it??? He never listens to you but you never really explain why bc you feel so embarrassed believing in this!!!
- but one day you two get into a terrible argument about this
- “I just don’t get it! Are you jealous of the other girls giving me attention?”
- You start tearing up because that’s so far from it, you completely trust him
- “Nazaar, okay?! I just don’t anything happening to you!!!”
- Zen is just like wtf did u just say, was that even human or are you just choking wtf
- “Oh god sorry, I didn’t mean to use Punjabi but I don’t know another word for it. It’s kinda like jinxing but it’s more intense? But basically by showing off your looks, other people might want something bad to happen to you and you might turn ugly!”
- but he understands it’s part of your ritual and he lets you do these little rituals to ward away the “nazaar” because it’s cute that you worry that much <3

- you’re helping out at the shop when you run out of cardamom to put in the chai! sUCH A TRAGEDY
- but you can’t remember what it’s called??? You can’t tell Jaehee???
- “MC, what’s wrong?
- “We’re out of that one spice!!!”
- you decide fuck it and you’re like “We’re out of leche!!!”
- Jaehee goes wide eyed because you can speak another language wtf
- She actually knew what you were saying because Jaehee knows Hindi and that overlaps with your language a lot
-yes Jaehee knows Hindi don’t question it okay
-You two start trash talking the customers in Hindi/Punjabi

- This boy got a cute owl figurine at a store!!!
-smh what a hipster *eye roll*
- He puts it in your room bc it’s so cute!!!
- but when you see it, you freak out???
- “wait what’s wrong with it MC???”
- “Nazaar lagna!”
- He just looks at you like ??? what did you say to him???
- What did you just say about his son
- “Oh sorry um, in my culture, owls are considered bad luck?”
- okay but what u did u just say MC udumbhoe
- “I just said you jinxed me, I mean it’s worse than a jinx but that’s the best way I can say it”
- He spends the rest of the night asking you to say other words in Punjabi cause it’s so pretty
-asks you to call him Daddy in your language (just kidding that’s Jumin)

what if the illidan redemption arc in legion was predicated on him cultivating a genuinely healing and mutually supportive relationship with the illidari & taking responsibility for other people’s wellbeing & learning to respond to criticism and dissent (ie from people like altruis and kor’vas) healthily and without blowing things up & also just spending an unprecedented amount of time being obnoxiously loud and insistent about how proud he is of his weird demon kids and not on like. jesus herself showing up for the sole purposes of telling us that he was actually a good guy, all along,

Single Father!Jungkook

And last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, our beloved maknae, a half cheetah half bunny with a super cute nose like I honestly adore his nose it looks so kissable and so soft and so squishy I wanna boop it, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • This is gonna take place in the tattoo artist!Jungkook world (here) I don’t mention it too much but that’s what I was thinking while I wrote this
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!kook post, he actually has twins, a boy and a girl so he gets two bbys in his post
  • They are mischievous lil bundles of joy and tbh it just makes him proud like fuck yeah those are MY kids sneaking into the kitchen to get an extra cookie when they know my foot’s asleep they’re so smart I love them
  • Jungkook and his ex break up about a month before the bbys are born, they were high school sweethearts they did everything together she was his first love and he was expecting her to be his last but they start to realize that they’re really different from each other
  • They disagree on a l o t of things, from smol things like what temperature to keep the apartment at to big things like marriage, she wants to get married immediately but Jungkook wants to just enjoy being a father so there are a lot of arguments so they break up 
  • Jungkook still checks up on her daily to make sure the bbys are doing okay and he’s there when they’re born but they both know that it’s completely and totally over
  • It takes him a long time to heal after that bc she’s the only person he’s ever dated, she was his first kiss, so he was obviously felt like he was gonna be with her a long time and it takes him a good chunk of time to move on from that
  • But he does have his bbys to keep him happy, they’re pretty noisy, lots of cooing/screaming/giggling and when he gets home from work, they both just start squealing and shrieking out of excitement and Jimin’s just cracking up bc they went from nearly being asleep to being wide awake and screaming at the top of their lungs in 0.2 seconds
  • It never gets old, kookie smiles every single time, he starts getting really excited to open the door bc he knows that he’s gonna be greeted by his bby bubs and they’re never not excited to see him even though he’s only gone a few hours and it’s just so heart warming and he ends up smothering them in kisses for a solid hour
  • Jimin and Tae both move in with kook to help bc kook’s got t w o munchkins to handle and that can be a lot for someone who has zero clue how to work a diaper like why are they crying shouldn’t they be happy he’s getting them a clean diaper do they not like that why are they squirming so much
  • Jimin kook and Tae all work at different times so between the three of them, the bbys are never left alone, they always always always have someone to play with or cuddle plus the other boys are forever visiting them hobi might as well move in too bc he’s there so much
  • One of kook’s favorite things to do is lay in bed with the bbys next to him (even though they always end up laying on top of him bc he’s comfy and warm and he can’t say no when his bbys just wanna cuddle) and listen to music and watch Pokemon
  • And memekook is gonna come out when the theme song comes on, he’s literally leaping off the bed to sing along and the bbys are just giggling their lil heads off and that just makes him even more extra like remember that one time kook took tae’s leopard (??) coat and started imitating his BST dance and got so extra his beanie fell off yeah that’s father!kook in a nut shell
  • Memekook comes out a lot around the bbys tbh he just loves making them laugh even if he has to be extra in the middle of a grocery store he’s gonna be making all the faces at them he’s gonna do that lil jazz hands dance he does and they’re gonna be out of breath from laughing so much 25/8
  • Jungkook would start dating around the one to two year mark, he wouldn’t be racing to get into the next relationship so he just lets it happen, he doesn’t focus on it but he stays open to it
  • You two meet at the park, you’re there with your friends, two of which have kids so you’re walking around with one of their daughters and playing with her and she ends up befriending the Jeon bbys so you and kook start talking
  • You ask him about his tattoos/piercings and the bbys and of course you gotta slip in that “are you single” question bc he is cu t e and funny and he’s good with kids like siGn me thE FUCK uP
  • You’ve technically met the bbys but he doesn’t reintroduce you to them as someone special to him until you two have been dating for at LEAST six months, maybe even seven
  • He’s extremely protective over his bbys and he isn’t about to bring just anyone around them so he’s gonna make sure you two are working out okay and that there aren’t any huge issues and all of that type of stuff
  • The bbys are a bit shy at first and it does take a couple visits with them for them to open up but once they’ve taken that wall down, it’s the best type of chaos
  • They’re v v energetic, they always wanna play and run around and they’re jumping from the couch to the chair to the rug bc “the floor is lava dad you put your foot on the floor you’re out”
  • Living with the Jeons is pretty much 25/8 energy bc they hype each other up, kook hypes bby girl up who hypes bby boy up so be ready for early mornings bc bbys don’t care what time it is they’re ready to gO
  • There are weekly trips to the park bc bby girl likes to climb things and spends a solid two hours climbing the rock wall and going down the slide and then running straight back for the wall and doing it all over again and bby boy likes the swings 
  • Jungkook loves to rent those lil surrey bikes (I had to google the name purely for this post) and just bike all around the park with the bbys in the bench and it’s actually pretty calming bc the bbys are enjoying it so much and they’re both snacking on the goldfish crackers kook gave them to keep them entertained
  • Before leaving the park, the bbys h a v e to stop by and feed the ducks, you and kook will just sit behind them and watch them and help them break the bread up into small enough pieces and kook’s got his arm over your shoulders so it’s just really sweet and it’s those lil moments that make you love being part of the family so much
  • Like the moments when a giggly bby girl runs over to you, holding the painting she made high in the air so you could see it or the moments where bby boy gets really cuddly after baths and playfully shake his hair out all over you or the moments you come home to the three Jeons cuddled up on the couch, Jungkook’s hands gently stroking their hair back while they sleep
  • “You know they’re growing up right”
  • “ShhHHhHHH doNT saY THaT” 

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idk if someone has said it but what fucks me up the most about peridot is how she was pretty much the only person with the task of checking on the cluster but she still didnt matter apparently?? they killed so much potential for an arc of her and her development (and maybe evena better arc for her and lapis and the crystal gems) just bc they wanted a funny gremlin who acts like a kid. sorry i needed to take this off my chest. i just loved peridot so much but they did her and lapis so wrong

I and some else actually has pointed this out!! Where the fuck is the crew to kill the Gem who literally fucking insulted Yellow to her face??

Random HC #10 (Continuation of #4 - #9)


Robbie stares at the hero. The words sink in very slowly at first, but then the meaning hits him like a baseball, thrown by the hero himself and he winces again, when Sportacus’ sad eyes meet his own. He opens his mouth, but nothing comes out at first. The other is still looking at him, obviously not so sure anymore, himself, about what to say next. “…Just to make sure, I actually…get that right now…” Robbie chews his lower lip “…You stayed in LazyTown…not because the kids asked you to do so but…because you couldn’t return home…without ME… Did I understand that correctly?” The hero nods weakly “…Of course, I also liked the idea of staying. The kids are great and EVERYBODY here is so nice and caring…” he gives the villain a light nod, signalling that HE also was included in the strongly emphasized word “…But if they had not asked me to stay…then my airship and I would’ve been homeless, that’s right.”
“So in other words… I, the guy who wanted you to leave town so badly, am actually the main reason why you stayed!?”
“In many ways. Yes,” he gives Robbie a soft smile. At once, this strange feeling in his stomach grows heavier again and he quickly lowers his eyes and mumbles “…Have you really NEVER considered to follow this order after all?…”
“Never ever?”
“No, Robbie. Not even once. Not even the first second, we met. Whatever it is, the elders would do with you for punishment, you would NOT deserve it!” Sportacus’ eyes grow sad again and even a little uneasy. “…And…what would happen to YOU if you DID return WITHOUT me one day?…” he swallows hard, feeling nervous at the mere thought of Sportacus getting actually punished or hurt, just because he intends on protecting his enemy. “I’m…not sure…” a wry smile appears on Sportacus’ face and he blushes a little, starting to play with his fingers, his voice low now “…I can’t recall a case where anybody ever dared to do so…”
“Are you…scared?…” Robbie’s voice is barely more than a whisper and a part of him - the forced villainous part - tells him to mock the hero, but the much bigger, softer part of him feels a pang of guilt and actual sympathy for the other. Sportacus just looks at him for a moment, then he shrugs weakly “…A little maybe… But what would bother me much more then, would be the fear that they’d send someone new to capture you then…”
“So you were…actually serious?! You will never even try to return home again because you…fear for my…safety?…” Robbie’s voice has gotten lower and lower and is hardly more than an unbelieving whisper at the end. Now, Sportacus’ gaze lightens up again and he gives him a happy, comforting smile “Yes!”
“But…don’t you miss…home?…” Robbie starts to feel even stranger now and his head is slightly spinning. Another pause. “…I do… Sometimes… Especially at night, I miss the beautiful light of our sky…” his voice trails off and his eyes take on a dreamy expression. And the villain feels even worse. It’s ridiculous! He wants Sportaflop out of town, but is actually the reason why he has barely any other option than to STAY. And he’s the villain of this town and at the same time, he feels horribly guilty for making the hero sad and miss home… It’s too much for him to progress right now… Sportacus shakes his head, forcing himself to return from his memories back to the present. When he looks at Robbie again, his expression becomes worried again “Robbie, do you feel well? You look quite pale and shaky…”
“Of course, I feel well, Sportaflop!” stonewalls the other at once and turns his head to look away, his fingers digging even harder into the edge of the wooden bench now “It’s just…quite an amount of information, at once and I… I need to think about this in quiet…in my lair again… So!” he pushes himself up from the bench “If you’re so kind to excuse me n-” the last part of the sentence gets stuck in his throat when he suddenly gets all dizzy, his knees give way underneath him and the last thing he hears before blacking out completely is Sportacus’ terrified call “Robbie!!!”

I think the reason people think that Kat is so too good to be true is because she’s just so nice and pretty. But, I’m also like…you know she was bullied right? 

Q: How did you feel at the time you were bullied and what did you do to overcome that?

Kat: I’ve actually been bullied quite a bit in my life. I was always the different one for many reasons and sometimes other kids don’t understand that being different is okay. I even had my face smashed into a water fountain once because someone didn’t like me. When I was bullied, it felt horrible. I was so sad that someone felt the need to make me feel bad about myself.

 She knows what it feels like, and instead of being mean and rude to her fans, she is sweet and considerate. She even wrote a song about bullying for a movie about bullying. Just because our perception of celebrities are jaded now a days, doesn’t mean there aren’t genuinely nice celebrities out there.

my rambly thoughts on Desperate Times

- doug go offff
- “FUCKING secret rooms”
- im getting gunpowder treason and plot vibes
- o shit did eiffel actually memorise a protocol
- nevermind lmao
- my kids l a u g h e d i have never heard something so pure
- yess the return of team whats wrong with handcuffs
- omg renée and doug are talking about their feelings im so alive
- “i felt like i was just those mistakes” “youre not” AHHHHHH
- “friends?” “yes sir” FINALLYYYYYYYYY
- “d'awwww” hera is us
- “nobody do anything TOO stupid” is a good motto
- the calmer Kepler sounds, the more angry he actually is
- The Blunt Force Trauma Face™
- oh god its all going to shit
- plan B is a large wrench, of course it is
- well, shit. kepler was a step ahead yet again
- no nonononONONO
-im shook.. im not going to recover in time for part 2

More sketches for that blind boxer Tweek AU, generally just showing the height difference between Craig and Tweek.

Honestly I always see very short and cute Tweek, but I’ve always imagined him to be really tall and lanky (like him and Token are two of the highest if not the highest two of the south park kid brigade), and I can actually see Craig being quite short. 

Tbh I did draw Tweek shorter in some of the pictures of this AU but the original design I did of him depicted Tweek to be pretty tall.

But yeahhh, cute fucks with height differences and shows off what they wear??

Idk i just wanted to draw heights.

I should really make this AU into a proper thing