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NCT 127 reaction to you falling asleep on them

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  • honestly he’d probably be running his fingers through your hair while you lay down on top of him while watching tv or something
  • it’d be a while before he even noticed you’re asleep
  • when he does it’s kind of startling because you’re so quiet?? wow amazing
  • “wow”
  • when he realizes he stops combing through your hair because what if it wakes you up or something
  • but then you stir and move your head a little higher up on his chest and he’s like oh
  • so he goes back to playing with your hair and braids it and stuff
  • have fun combing it all out when you wake up lmao
  • your legs and his are entangled and one of his hands is on your back and the other in your hair or behind his head
  • you’re basically flat on top of him
  • he doesn’t want to move too much
  • taeil is like… crazy afraid of waking you up because you must be s o tired and he doesn’t wanna ruin your much needed sleep
  • “ah they’re so pretty”
  • turns off the tv eventually because he’s watching you now and not even paying attention to it
  • wont make any noise honestly
  • eventually he’ll probably fall asleep to the sound of your breathing tbh
  • while you’re listening to the sound of his heartbeat

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PD101 S2 Imagine: Daniel Kang

Genre // Fluff // Romance

Plot // Visiting your boyfriend on the set of PD101

Y/N // Age: 19 

Note (for myself): Daniel is from MMO with the other boys (Yoon Jisung, Choi Taewoong, Kim Jaehan and Joo Jinwoo) He also has a soft spot for Lee Woojin

 Narrator POV

It became a habit to check your phone every morning, reading the sweet texts from your boyfriend, Daniel. Sometimes, he’d throw in a joke or two. You always reply with a kissy, heart, or laughing emoji. Today was special, though. You were going to visit Daniel on the set of PD101. Your cousin also happens to be a stylist for the boys, so you’ll be meeting her there. 


The cab driver smiles politely as I close the door and start walking toward the set. When I spot my cousin, I wave and she grins while running over to me, engulfing me in a hug. 

“Hey Y/N! Daniel’s over there~” She croons while pointing. 

“I see, I see,” I laugh while looking over at him. He’s smiling while messing around with Jisung, the two of them laughing. “Are they going to start filming soon?” 

“They already filmed a little, but they’re taking a break right now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Go say ‘hi’~”

“Ah, but I don’t want to bother-”


All of a sudden, Daniel and his friends are looking back at me. Daniel’s eyes widen as I grin and playfully punch my cousin’s arm. She giggles and runs off as Daniel seems to be taking in the fact that I’m here. I wave as he keeps staring, still amazed. 

“Yah, Kang Daniel, if all you’re gonna do is stare at me, I’m going to leave,” I say while walking towards them. 

“HI Y/N!!!” Taewoong greets while waving excitedly. Jisung and Jaehan wave super obnoxiously with goofy grins while Jinwoo smiles as a greeting. 

“At least Taewoong and the others are happy to see me.”

I hold my arms out for Daniel as he gets out of the chair he was seated in. He embraces me and I smile while embracing him back. I feel his lips press on the top of my head.

“I missed you so much, Y/N,” he whispers. 

“I missed you too,” I tell him while pulling back to look at him.

He smiles brightly and I smile, too. His smile always has a way with my heart. I caress his cheek and ask if he’s okay. He nods and I hear a few snickers behind Daniel. I glance at the guys and Taewoong just smiles innocently while the others are teasing us.

“Please kiss somewhere else,” Jaehan says, laughing not long after.

“Aish, do you guys want to die?” I say while glaring at them.

They all mock being afraid and Daniel slips an arm around my waist while kissing my temple. “Don’t mind them.”

“When are you guys going to start filming again?” I ask him.

He frowns. “In less than 20 minutes, but I want to be with you for the rest of the day. I’m thinking about just leaving with you right now.”

“What? No, you have to stay here and film babe. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure? We haven’t been on a date in a while… And I want to spend time with you.”

I sigh and look around. The staff roamed around, talking to the other PD101 boys. I finally look at Daniel and sigh.

“I want to spend more time with you too, but you can’t leave. This is important. I can wait. I’ll always be here for you.”

Daniel frowns and takes my hands, gently rubbing circles on top of them while biting his lip in thought. He sways our hands a bit and I try to catch his eye. He finally looks up at me.

“Fine… If it makes you happy,” he tells me.

“It does. I don’t want to ruin your dreams of becoming an idol, Daniel.”

 “You won’t ruin anything okay? My dream of being an idol is important, but even bigger than that is living my life with you.”

Daniel pecks my lips and smiles. I feel my face heat up instantly and I shyly smile. He chuckles and pulls me in for a hug again. 

“I’ll just hang out on the set and watch you have fun with the guys,” I tell him. “Enjoy yourself, babe.”

Daniel sighs as someone calls out for him to get onto the set. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

We hug again and he hurries off towards the staff, who are also prepping the other boys. I notice a few guys walking towards me. 

“You’re Daniel hyung’s girlfriend?” One of them asks. Oh, I know who this guy is. Samuel Kim, the kid that used to be with SEVENTEEN.

I nod in response, and then the one in the middle suddenly introduces himself. 

“I’m Lee Daehwi. Daniel talks about you all the time.”

Daehwi… The kid who looks like Chenle and Taeil. His statement makes me blush and I ask them what he says about me.

“Only good things,” the last boy replies. 

“And you are… Lee Woojin, right?”

The boy nods cutely, and I giggle. “Well, you guys should get going. Filming is going to start soon.”

“We will, we just wanted to meet you~” Woojin says cutely, making me smile even more.

“Your name is Y/N, right?” Samuel asks. 

“Yeah it is. I’ll be here after to hang out, so I’ll see you guys later.”

“Bye Y/N~~” Daehwi and Woojin call out while going towards the set and waving.

I laugh and wave back, looking for Daniel. I spot him talking to Jisung, who is being a meme, as usual. When they start filming, my cousin strides up beside me and smiles.

“So, how was it?” She asks, glancing at her phone.

“Good, but then he got a bit upset because he wanted to spend time with me,” I reply. “I told him I’d always be here and that he would never lose me.”

“Aigoo, you two are so cheesy.”

“Oh my lord, please, you’re into that kind of stuff like in those k-dramas.”

“Why do you always have to expose me?”

“Why else would I be your cousin?”

She rolls her eyes and focuses on the boys. For a moment, she’s completely silent, but then she’s smacking my arm.

“What the hell are you doing?” I whisper so no one around us pays any attention.

“Daniel. Daniel. Look.”

I look up and spot Daniel smiling at me, and suddenly, the director and producers are calling out ‘cut’. 

“Daniel, are you okay?” Somebody within the staff asks. 

“I’m fine…” He replies.

“No goofing off right now.”

“Yes sir…” 

Daniel gives me a quick glance before they start filming again.

“Nice job,” I tell my cousin, jabbing her in the ribs.

“Y/N, I was just pointing him out for you because you seemed focused on somebody else.”


“Let me see your phone.”

I hand her my phone and a couple of people from the staff look at us. I politely smile and they just turn back towards the set. So much for being polite.

“I knew it.”

I turn to my cousin, who mocks surprise on her face.

“You like Park Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Kenta, Justin, and Ong Seongwoo?”

I feel my face flush and snatch my phone back. “Don’t tell Daniel.”

“So much for a lasting relationship.”

“Oh shush.”

For two hours, they filmed bits and pieces for the next episode. During those 10 minutes the boys got for a break, I only saw Daniel once out of those five breaks. He hugged me and we talked for a few minutes before several stylists whisked him away. I even saw the other MMO boys more than him.

“Don’t worry,” Jaehan told me during their last break. “We’re done in half an hour. We get to go where we want to for tonight, but we have to return to our dorms by tomorrow morning.You and Daniel can go out on a date then.”

“Thanks Jaehan,” I said, smiling a bit. 

Although I wasn’t able to see Daniel much, I’m happy with the comfort from my cousin and the other boys.

Finally, filming was over. The boys dispersed, leaving me searching for Daniel. I spotted Taewoong and said hi. I accidentally run into somebody, and out of all people, it’s Ong Seongwoo. I quickly apologize, and he tells me its fine. 

“Are you looking for Daniel?” He asked me.

“I froze and for a moment, just stood there. Then, I nodded. Seongwoo points towards the back of the building, where the waiting rooms were. I quickly hurry over there and check in each waiting room. When I pop my head into one, I spot his head of newly dyed hair. He looks up at me and gets out of his chair. 

I take a step and he’s already scooping me up into his arms. 

“Let’s go,” he whispers, leaving a kiss on my cheek.

“Where do you want to go?“ I ask him, burying my face into his chest. 

“Let’s go to your place… I miss cuddling with you.”

And so, the night led to cuddling on the couch, watching reruns of Hello Baby, Running Man, and Hello Counselor. Later on, Daniel had set his alarm for early in the morning so he could get back to his dorm. During an episode of Weekly Idol, he fallen asleep, and I let his head lay on my chest as I played with his hair. Before I let my eyes close, I turned the TV off, kissed his head, and whispered, “I love you, Kang Daniel.”

I let my head rest against the couch and just before I fall asleep, I heard him speak softly while taking one of my hands.

“I love you too, Y/N”

A/N: @sparklingpurifying GAHHHHH I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!!! T^T But I hope you enjoyed it because I have slowly fallen for him :) This is a special PD101 request (even though I am an SF9 acc.). I may be writing one for another PD101 member for my best friend :)

B.O.Y [Because of You] (Ch.13)

Mood board created by Jey @jeylovestoblog

❆ Pairing(s): BTS X OC | GOT7 X OC | B.A.P X OC | Kang Daniel x OC

Spotlight Couple(s): Seokjin x OC (feat. Junhong)  | Taehyung x OC (feat. Yongguk)

(there will be other couples/flings in the story but not official)

❆ Genre(s):  COLLEGE AU, ROOMMATE AU, Friendship, Comedy, Slight-Angst, & Slight-Romance
❆ Words: 3,441
❆ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Unfoolish | Back 2 U | Bad Things
POV: 3rd Person

Summary: Months have passed since the whole shit storm that went down between the couples. Tensions were at an all time high, and certain events happened that lead to four people holding a tiny grudge against one another. People were left heartbroken, however, one thing was certain, and it was that majority of the bonds that were made were strengthened. Now, it was time for a brand new school year, which meant that it was time for a bit of normality, right? HA! You’re reading the wrong story, if that’s what you were expecting. When it came down to the people of this special house, there was no such thing as “normal”.

 Previously: ch.1 | ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4 | ch.5 | ch.6 | ch.7 | ch.8 | ch.9 | ch.10 | ch.11 | ch.12
Next time:
ch.14 | final chapter

Filler Episodes: special ch.1 | special ch.2 | special ch.3 | special ch.4 | special ch.4.5 | special ch.5 | special ch.5.5 | special ch.6 | special ch.6.5 | special ch.7 | special ch.8 | special drabble

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Can I get a mini happy request of you and happy being best friends and your in love with him but he's with someone else and she's a bitch to you and you make him choose between the two of you. (You choose the ending lol) thank you

Mini imagine:

You looked over at Happy as he sat at one of the tables in the clubhouse with his girlfriend planted firmly in his lap before you turned back around, facing the wall. You knew things had changed, you were best friends, the key word being ‘were’. But now you just felt like an outsider, his girlfriend hated you, obviously threatened by the relationship you had with Happy. When Happy wasn’t around, she showed her true self and her true feelings towards you by being a complete bitch.

You’d come to the clubhouse tonight after Happy had said he wanted to hang out, have a few drinks and just catch up but you’d spent the night alone, barely a word spoken between each other. You felt someone sit next to you and turned to see Kozik.

“Hi tinkerbell.” Kozik said to you motioning for Chucky to pass him a beer which was dutifully placed in front of him.

“Hi Koz.” You answered quietly.

“Everything alright?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah.” You replied unconvincingly.

“You know he loves you too even if he sucks at showing it.” He stated.

“Not sure about that one… Goodnight Koz.” You didn’t want to talk anymore, and you defiantly didn’t want to be where you were unwanted. You stood up and walked away, out of the clubhouse without a second glance at anyone, wanting nothing more than to go home, get in your pyjamas, lay on the couch in a makeshift bed and watch some sappy movie.


Happy glanced up and looked around the clubhouse for you, the last time he’d seen you, you had been at the bar but you weren’t there now.

“Y/N went home.” Kozik stated as he passed.

“What? Why?” Happy asked confused. Kozik just sighed and shook his head, leaving him to work it out himself.

“Why are you always worried about Y/N? She’s just some sad, desperate loner. Come on Happy, lets go to your room.” His girlfriend ground her body into his, desperately trying to distract him.

“She is not.” Happy growled before he stood up quickly, pushing her off of him as he did. He stalked outside and looked for your car, he found it but you were nowhere to be seen. He knew you wouldn’t drive if you’d had a drink, but you always let him get one of the guys give you a lift home, or crashed in a spare dorm room. He sighed and walked back inside, deciding that you’d be fine and that he would check in the morning.


You wondered onto the TM lot the next morning with a large coffee in hand, having come to pick up your car. You hadn’t slept as you’d been too busy thinking about everything. And you’d come to the realisation that it wasn’t worth it anymore, it wasn’t worth hurting yourself. You loved Happy with every bit of yourself but it was killing you to watch him with someone else.

You pulled out your keys as you got to your car but stopped as you heard the grating voice of his girlfriend.

“Look who decided to show back up. What did you hope for last night? That he would come running after you? Because he didn’t. No, you see he stayed with me, taking me to his dorm room and fucking me like I was the only thing that mattered to him in the entire world because I am… You should stay away.” She told you, her voice low but not before Happy had walked up behind her, having heard most of the conversation.

“You have nothing to be worried about. I’m done. I can’t do this any longer. I just hope you can love him in the way he deserves because he deserves the world. He deserves it all… Goodbye Happy.” You looked at him the entire time over her shoulder and she only realised when you said goodbye to him.

“Y/N?” Happy questioned you coming to stand in between both of you, his eyes firmly fixed on you.

“You know I want to make you choose but I know that I can’t, that it isn’t the fair thing to do. But goddamn, I wish you would choose me just once. I’ve been by your side through everything, no matter what, I stayed and supported you and the club, and I can’t do it anymore.” You told him as the tears welled in your eyes. You turned around and fumbled with your keys until you managed to press the right button to unlock it.

“Y/N stop.” Happy grabbed your arm and turned you around, pressing you to your car, holding his body against you to keep you there.

“You are the one I will choose…always… I love you little girl.” He replied as his hand raised up to your face and delicately wiped the tears away that fell.

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Sorry this took a few days to get up. I work through the mini imagines in the order that they come in! Keep the requests coming, and feel free to ask anything, share opinions, thoughts etc…

This photo may just look like a collection of albums but it is so so much more than that. When i look at thous picture I can see a 16 year old girl discovering Love Story for the first time when Taylor performed it on March 14th 2009 at the sound relief concert in Sydney Australia. From here this 16 year old girl who was extremely shy and lacking self confidence discovered an artist who sang songs that we incredibly relatable but also lived her life in a way that was breathtakingly inspiring. This 16 year old girl knew she had found something special that she had to hold on to. As she explored the album Fearless and discovered the debut album Taylor Swift, she fell in love with music in a way she didn’t think possible. For her 17th birthday on March 23rd she received her first guitar and taught herself almost ever Taylor Swift song and forced her parents to watch even though she isn’t a great singer. What she didn’t realise at the time was the confidence she was developing to be who she truly is.

When I look at this picture I see an 18 year old girl being teased for being “obsessed” and “a stalker” because she stayed up till midnight to get the Speak Now album on the 25th of October 2010. They told her it was time to grow up because she is an adult now she can’t be a music obsessed teenager. Why couldn’t they see that having a passion for something is important, having something that makes her happy is saving her from being drunk at the parties with the cool kids and she was happy. Why couldn’t they see that while she was “wasting all her money” on Taylor Swift concert tickets and “wasting her time” hanging out the back of the arena for hours only to catch a glimpse of “just a person,” she was learning how to be graceful and elegant even in times of hardship, she was learning the hard lessons that love taught you but she was ok because she had Taylor Swift.

When I look at this photo I see a 20 year old who has found a collection of friends online who feel the same way, and a girl who still stays up till midnight just to buy Red on October 22nd 2012 and cried during All to Well because she finally had words to explain how she felt. I see a girl who is scared of love because it hurts. I see a girl chasing her dreams of becoming a teaching and my god it is hard. But she is doing it. and she is doing it with Taylor Swift there to get her through. I see a girl who has a “fearless” tattoo as a constant reminder that it is ok to be scared, it is ok to be afraid, but never to let that stop her living her life. 

When i look at this picture I see a 22 year old girl staying up at midnight with a bunch of friends to have a dance party to 1989 on October 27th 2014. I see a 22 year old girl who has found happiness in being single and finding ways to complete her life. I see a girl who is living in spite of her fears and continuing to live with passion. I see a 22 year old girl in her final year at university almost reaching her dreams of becoming a teacher and even though it is really hard she knows that on the 28th of November she will be shaking off all her troubles with her Idol in Sydney. I see a 22 year old who saved for weeks to be able to have an experience in the pit. I see a 22 year old who is unafraid to speak about what she cares about despite what other people think. 

When I look at this picture I can only think Thank you from the bottom of my heart taylorswift you have taught me some of lives most valuable lessons and you have well and truly been the soundtrack to my life… so far. Here is to more memories and more music. 

I love you forever. Love always, Taylor 

First date? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m bored and thought i’d do a first date reaction type thing for the four boys I haven’t written for yet. Also my ask box is empty and i’m taking requests. Enjoy~


*gifs not mine*

The8: He’s not really nervous, but more anticipating. He’s so excited for the date that he can’t even sit still the day before. He’ll take you to his favorite restaurant and give you recommendations on what to get. He’ll be slightly shy but also cracking jokes and telling stories, just admiring your smile. He’ll like call you a cab after and probably give you a quick peck on the cheek before leaving quickly so you don’t see how his face has turned bright red.

Dino: This little baby is gonna be so clueless. He’ll probably just invite you to the dorm to hang out with him and his hyungs. They’ll all be facepalming because like “DUDE TAKE THEM SOMEWHERE”. But tbh he’s perfectly happy just chilling and like watching T.V. with you. After a while you’ll have to go and he’ll like accompany you part way through your journey home before being like “I had fun” and you’ll be like “same” and then you’ll part ways red faced.

Seungkwan: Like idk he’d probably take you to a movie or something and when you meet up he’ll be acting overly confident to cover up his nerves which are out of control. You’ll catch on quickly and after the movie be like “are you alright?” and he’ll confess that he’s actually pretty nervous. You’ll grab his hand and be like “bro there’s no need to be nervous, and he’ll be bright red from the skinship but happily tell jokes and be himself the rest of your date.

Jeonghan: I think he’d be quite suave. There’s no need to be nervous; He already knows you like him! You’ll get ice cream and he’ll have to argue you down to let him pay. You’ll like take a walk around the park eating your treat while he’s encouraging you to talk about yourself and you’re like “no you” so you’ll go back and forth with little facts about yourselves. You could probably talk him into feeding his cone to some ducks? Guaranteed hand holding.

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I'm just pretending that Derek is there the whole time. He's just giving Stiles room to grow into himself. That's why we don't see him. He's just hiding in the loft, okay? That's where he is and that's where you'll find Stiles in his down time. Seriously though, they could have done so much more with Derek as a character. I'm a little hysterical about it. Not gonna lie. It just won't /feel/ the same for me. I'll watch it because of Dylan but I don't have to like it. Hmph.

Yes, 100% this. Every time Stiles is offscreen let’s just imagine he’s ducking off to have a quiet rendezvous with Derek.

He calls sometimes just to check in, you know, just because he doesn’t feel quite settled in his skin until he’s heard the guy’s voice. And with Scott pulling away – attention getting caught up by the newest pack problems and the return of his old friend – it’s kind of a comfort to have someone who’s… maybe not always happy, but at least is always consistent. There’s something weirdly soothing about being able to rely on Derek’s snark and sarcastic “of course I miss you”s that go too gruff in a way that leave Stiles smiling dopily out to his empty bedroom.

And then there are Skype calls where their eyes linger for a little too long, and the nights when Stiles wakes up in the morning with the phone still against his ear because he just didn’t want to hang up yet, and the hesitant catch in Derek’s voice when he says “if things are really bad there… I mean, I could–” which Stiles cuts off every time with a dismissive remark because as much as everything inside of him is screaming for Derek to come back, screaming for him to say “it’s hell here, everything’s falling apart and I need you…” he can’t. Derek got away from all this; he escaped. He deserves the chance to be free, to hold onto that lightness and contentment Stiles can hear in his voice, see in the set of his shoulders and the way the shadows are clearing out from the corners of his eyes.

This town was too much for Derek. It might be too much for all of them.

But as long as they have their phone calls, as long as he gets to keep hearing Derek’s voice, sure and soothing him through the worst nights, bringing up feelings he’s not sure either of them are quite ready to understand, he thinks he might have a chance of making it through.

I feel like expanding a little more on my feelings of ‘Dipper and Pacifica should be bffs’, so I shall.

As much as I loved Golf War (well, most of it anyway), the Pacifica/Mabel relationship wasn’t really all that fleshed out. Mabel and Pacifica don’t hate each other, true, and Mabel was the one who offered her a ride and gave her a taco, and Pacifica admitted that she had fun and all that, but the beginnings of their (probable) friendship just wasn’t as strong as Dipper and Paz.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to gif, and I don’t want to go digging for ones that other people have done, so sadly there will be no pictures in this post.

But without any further ado, here is my list of reasons as to why Dipper and Paz would make terrific best friends!

1. Dipper doesn’t bullshit her.

From the very first time they met, Dipper has never been anything but honest to Paz, whether it’s about the way she acts, her family history, or whatever. No other character has been seen being so honest and blunt with Pacifica. Mabel, the first time she met her, laughed off the other girl’s hurtful comments instead of addressing them, and more or less ignored her rude and underhanded behavior throughout the party, despite the animosity that grew between them. Her parents, well, we saw how over-controlling they were. Pacifica was not allowed to disobey or even question her parents. Anything they said was law, and so of course they’ve bullshitted her at some point. Her friends we don’t know much about, but if we’re following the cliche rich girl model that we’ve seen so far, then they’re probably fake friends who bullshit her about how cute she looks and how terrible the people she doesn’t like are and so on and so forth. But Dipper…. Dipper doesn’t do that. Dipper has no problem being blunt as hell. In fact, he’s brutally honest with Paz. He never passes off her behavior as nothing, he feels no shame in revealing her true family history to her, and he has no problem telling her, to her face, how much he dislikes her and why (as seen by the 'you’re the worst’ comment). And that is a key ingredient in a best friend. Bffs don’t just let you act like a jerk and get away with it. They fucking tell you that you’re being a jackass. And 10 to 1, Dip will have no problem doing just that for Paz. Granted, he’d probably be a bit nicer about it now, but still.

2. They’re both outcasts.

Maybe some people wouldn’t get this, but it’s true. Obviously, in very different ways, but both Pacifica and Dip are outcasts in Gravity Falls. Dipper is the most obvious, of course. He’s a nerd who lacks masculinity and listens to girly pop music and spends his time obsessing over mysteries. Other than Mabel and people who are several years older than him, he has no friends. Pacifica, on the other hand, is popular and well-known, dresses right, talks right, and acts right, but she’s still an outcast. As I pointed out above, Pacifica very likely has no friends. She can’t even connect with her own parents. She has no way of being herself, or even knowing who herself is, because of the way her parents have socialized and conditioned her. You might think that Pacifica is better off than Dipper because of her money and prestige, but can you honestly see Pacifica going up to a random townsfolk and getting along with them any better than Dip? Maybe they would at least pretend to be nice to her, but she still wouldn’t be making a personal connection. Hell, I’d argue that Paz is even more of an outcast than Dipper is because at least he has Mabel and Stan and Wendy and Soos. But anyway, point is, they’re both outcasts. And outcasts often make really good friends because they understand each other.

3. They get along and prompt reactions from each other (especially Paz)

Although Pacifica admits that she had fun during Golf War, she is still exceptionally reserved and distant around the Pines. However, in Northwest Mansion Mystery, you see Paz get out of her shell a bit more. She just emotes so much more in this episode, and a lot of it is in relation to Dipper. She hisses at him to figure out how to save them, she freaks out with him when they’re being chased by the ghost (admittedly a situation where anyone would freak, but still), she reveals a big part of herself by being so adamant about not upsetting her parents, and (this is my favorite part), she just seems so genuinely happy to hang out with Dipper by the time they catch the ghost and the episode ends. When Dipper is first about to leave, Pacifica tries to convince him to stay, and is genuine and friendly about her offer. Clearly, she wanted to hang out with him. When he came back, she was legitimately so excited to see him. She actually ran up to him, smiling like crazy, and was all, 'Dipper, you came back!’. She wanted him to be there. And at the end of the episode, the both of them are laughing and playing with each other, and when Paz expresses her worries about her family,  Dipper quickly cheers her up. Plus, think of her reaction to Dipper getting pissed at her - she was so guilty and upset about that - their hug once they defeated the ghost, their interaction in the hidden room….. Ugh, so much. And it’s not just Paz, either. Dipper is having fun too. He’s laughing and smiling in way that we usually only see around Mabel and the others. It’s beautiful. And obviously, best friends need to be able to get along.

4. They balance each other out.

The popular rich girl. The geek who lives in his grunkle’s tourist trap. The impeccable dresser. The careless slob. The uptight snob. The laidback commoner. These two are pretty freaking different, and there’s a lot that they can teach each other. That’s also an important part of being a best friend.

In conclusion, Dipper and Pacifica need to become best friends immediately. I want to see movie marathons and adventuring and Paz coming out of her shell and Dipper learning a bit more about tact and subtlety. I need this now.

If anyone wants to add to this, please do so, and anyone who wants to discuss either this or something else to do with GF, my askbox is open!