Just a reminder

so it’s okay to not be okay. you’re allowed to have days where you don’t feel like smiling, talking to anyone, or even leaving your bed. you’re getting better which can take a lot out of you. nobody is expecting you to be happy all the time. recovery isn’t linear. it will take time. but as long as you know that you’re getting better no matter the rate and eventually your good days will outweigh the bad, that’s what’s important. it’ll be okay.

1. it’s not your fault when your anxiety or depression flares up and you lose control of your emotions.

2. always remember: when you want to kill yourself, don’t.

3. you’ll forget all about that boy who broke your heart in ninth grade.

4. always remember: you deserve to fall in love with being alive.

5. don’t blame your ex for your sadness.

6. always remember: be nice to your mother, she loves you.

7. cutting calories won’t make you happy.

8. always remember: don’t feel bad about yourself when someone doesn’t want you. it’s not you, it’s them. it’s always them.

9. you don’t need anyone else to complete you. you’re whole as you are.

10. always remember: you are alive and that is a truly wonderous thing.

11. don’t hold people hostage in your life when they decide to leave.

12. always remember: you were beautiful long before he told you that you were.

13. the most toxic people in your life can teach you the most valuable lessons.

—  thirteen things no one taught me // c.u.t
In case anyone needed a reminder:

You deserve someone who will love you. Someone who will make love to you with the lights on.  Someone who thinks you look like an oil painting. Someone who loves every freckle, roll, stretch mark, or scar because it’s part of y-o-u and they love you. All of you. As an entity. Not because of your sense of humor or the way you look. You deserve someone who loves you without a ‘because’ added at the end to qualify it. There’s no need to qualify it: you deserve it.

anyways while like its important to dismantle the common bi stereotypes (like the fact that we sleep around, or we’re into threesomes, or we’re always 50/50) its also important to not erase the bi people who do all of those things

some bi people like casual sex. some bi people like threesomes. some bi people don’t have a preference for a specific gender. some bi people don’t want to settle down. some bi people are poly. and none of them should be made to feel bad for any of that, or like they’re giving the bi community a bad name by “perpetuating stereotypes”

biphobia, bi erasure, and harmful bi stereotypes are never our fault

To give credit where absolutely credit is due, it is our esteemed writer Ben Edlund who in the writers’ room pitched this idea when we were talking about it way back when, he said, ‘Well what if all demons were once human?’ That was an idea we latched on to immediately, and it just makes you look at it in a new way.

Eric Kripke (x)

Just a reminder that the human origin of SPN’s demons–which allows for such story arcs as demon!Dean–was Ben Edlund’s idea.

@ anyone with a disability of any kind

you’re strong

your issues are valid

you are valid

your medical problems are important

you’re allowed to be upset, sad, angry or literally any other emotion you might feel when thinking about how your issues have impacted your life.

you are allowed to vent

you are allowed to be human and your illness doesnt make you any less human.

you matter

and you should never have to apologize for your disability.