Just Released from Prison

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (2016)

“First published in 2001, American Gods became an instant classic, lauded for its brilliant synthesis of “mystery, satire, sex, horror, and poetic prose” (Washington Post) and as a modern phantasmagoria that “distills the essence of America” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). 

It is the story of Shadow—released from prison just days after his wife and best friend are killed in an accident—who gets recruited to be bodyguard, driver, and errand boy for the enigmatic trickster, Mr. Wednesday. So begins Shadow’s dark and strange road trip, one that introduces him to a host of eccentric characters whose fates are mysteriously intertwined with his own. For, beneath the placid surface of everyday life, a storm is brewing—an epic war for the very soul of America—and Shadow is standing squarely in its path.“

by Neil Gaiman, cover by Robert McGinnis

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May we have some more Brian and Ellen AU? Love the fics and love how you guys take your free time to write fics for us!!! You guys truly are amazing!!

anonymous asked: Hi, is it possible to get another continuation of the Brian and Ellen Fraser AU please?

Brian and Ellen AU

Jamie shook awake as a twig snapped at the mouth of the cave.

Curling cold fingers around his dirk, Jamie eased closer to the hidden opening, squinting in the faint rays of pre-dawn. Closer – and closer –

And then a blur of red-brown feathers.

He sighed, and let the dirk dully clatter to the dirt floor. Just another curious grouse, looking for a safe place to lay her eggs, no doubt.

Two weeks he’d been back in the cave, after spending the winter in the cramped quarters of the priest hole. One week without word from the main house – not since Fergus had scrabbled up the hill, bearing a few loaves of Mrs. Crook’s coarse bread and two short notes from his family.

One from his mother: “All is well. Be safe.”

And one from his wife: “We miss you and love you. Be safe.”

Close on four years now he’d been living as a fugitive on his own lands – in the priest hole, in the cave, in the abandoned cottage half a day’s ride out. Not living with his wife and children, as a true man should. Not contributing to the running of the estate as much as he would like – and him the heir!

He shook his head, hearing Claire’s exasperated voice echo in his mind. “You do *plenty* for us – bring meat and birds when we need them, give Ian and Brian advice when it’s required. And love us.”

The barest of rustles from the bushes just a few yards from the mouth of the cave.

Christ – it sounded too big to be another grouse. And bigger than a deer –

“Jamie, lad!”


Not Fergus. Not Da.

Something was wrong.

Jamie fumbled on the floor of the cave for his dun bonnet, clapped it on his head, and wriggled, blinking, into the dawn.

His godfather huffed a bit – looking the worse for wear.

“What is it?”

The dour man pursed his lips, bushy eyebrows creased into a frown. “Ye must come to the house. Now.”

Jamie’s heart leapt to his throat. Fear iced through his heart.

“Why? Is everything all right?”

Murtagh extended an arm to gently nudge Jamie down the hill toward the main house. “No. Yer Da – he’s had an apoplexy. Claire’s tending to him, but – ”

If there had been more, Jamie didn’t bother to hear it, for he was already half-way down the hill, exhaustion forgotten in the haze of fear.

*Christ, Da – ye canna die now. I canna run Lallybroch now – not when I’m living like an animal. Not when Ian has just been released from prison again. Not when the English are doing their damndest to take everything away from us.*

The main door was suddenly in front of him – and Jamie realized he’d been running.

*Not when I still have so much to learn…*

He left the door open for Murtagh, and swiftly yet quietly climbed the stairs two at a time to his parents’ bedroom.

Just as he turned the corner on the landing, the door opened and Ellen slipped out, eyes creased with exhaustion.

“Mam,” he croaked, yanking off his bonnet and carelessly dropping it to the floor.

Startled, her eyes lit up at the sight of her eldest surviving son. Then she opened her arms, and he fell into them just as he had when he was a wee bairn.

“It’s all right, *mo mhac*,” she soothed. “Robert noticed something amiss at supper last night, and he went straight up to tell Claire. She was putting the wee ones to bed and came straight down. Started giving him a looking-over and then he just slumped on the chaise.”

She swallowed, still so full of feeling. Jamie just held her tighter.

“Robert and Fergus and Murtagh got him up here – and Claire hasna left his side. She says the worst is over, and he’s awake now.”

Jamie inhaled – and felt a sob wrack through his frame. Ellen shushed him.

“It’s no’ his time yet. Dinna fash.”

Murtagh finally appeared at the top of the stairs – and locked eyes with Ellen over the shoulders of the man they loved almost more than anything in the world.

As always, Murtagh understood what needed to be done. He quietly stepped forward to lay a gentle hand on Jamie’s back. Jamie straightened, kissed his mother’s forehead, and softly opened the door to the Laird’s room.

Sunlight streamed into the window, falling on Brian’s legs as he shifted uneasily beneath the coverlet, sitting against the headboard he’d carved for Ellen as a wedding present. On the far side of the bed, Claire bent to dip a cloth in a bowl of water before laying it on Brian’s forehead. On the near side of the bed, Jenny and his younger brother Rab alternately held Brian’s hand and sorted through a pile of dirty linens.

They all looked up – and beamed to see Jamie.

Relief from Jenny and Rab. Love from Brian. And pride – and an outpouring of silent support – from Claire.

“Da,” he finally said, a bit deflated.

Brian raised a hand in greeting, face split in a wide smile.

“He canna speak just yet,” Jenny said quietly. “Claire said it would only be temporary.”

Jenny and Rab stood, allowing Jamie to ease onto the bed beside his father and rest a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Fortunately it only seems to have been a minor stroke – just a bit of facial drooping, and he’s lost a bit of feeling on his right side,” Claire gently explained, running her fingers along the inside of Brian’s wrist to take his pulse. “But all that, and his loss of speech, are temporary. He should be back to his normal self in a few days – that is, as long as he listens to his doctor’s advice.”

Brian quirked a large, dark eyebrow at his daughter-in-law, but then turned back to his older son, nodding.

“I’ll stay in the house until he’s better.” Jamie looked to his brother and sister, daring them to disagree. “I canna be away when this is going on.”

“There was a patrol here yesterday. In the house,” Rab’s blue gaze pierced into his brother. “They were looking for ye. Thank God Da was able to dream up a good explanation as to why there’s a five-month-old bairn in the house when Jenny is clearly ready to deliver at any time.”

Jenny reflexively moved a hand to the swell of her belly – her fifth child.

“William,” Jamie breathed. “Christ, Rab – they didna touch him, now?”

“Of course not,” Claire huffed from across the room. “Fortunately *that* Fraser had the sense to not resemble his father too much. Easy to explain him away as an orphan that we took in.”

“What Rabbie is trying to say,” Jenny interjected, “is that it isna safe for ye here, Jamie.”

The door opened, and Ellen quietly slipped into the room, holding the door open for Murtagh, who carried a tray piled high with bannocks and fresh milk.

“It isna safe for me *anywhere*, Jenny.” Jamie closed his eyes, defeated. “I am useless to all of ye. I canna protect any of ye.”

“Get yer thick red heid out of yer arse,” Ellen admonished, diligently mashing a bannock in a plate of milk for Brian’s breakfast. “Ye’re no’ going anywhere. We’ve been talking about it – we want to air out the attic and build a room for ye up there. And then expand the priest hole, so ye can hide down there if need be.”

“That way ye can be close to all of us – and remain out of sight,” Jenny explained. “There are too many things going on – we canna risk ye being away from us anymore.

“But – ”

“It’s already settled lad,” Murtagh interrupted. “Dinna even *dream* of arguing wi’ us.”

The eyes of five Frasers bore into him – challenging him to disagree.

So he leaned to kiss his father’s rough cheek, rose, walked around the bed, and took his wife into his arms.

“If it means I get to be wi’ all of ye all of the time – and spend the day with my bairns – and sleep beside my wife every night – how can I refuse?”

And he bent to kiss Claire, heart suddenly lighter than it had been for a long, long time.


request for: @anushkasinha8002

pairing: Reader x Jim Moriarty

word count: 689


You sat in 221B, sketching your old friend Jim Moriarty. The two of you were inseparable growing up, refusing to do anything without the other present. You played baseball, rode your bikes, explored new places, and even ended up going to high school together. At the time, he was the most important person in your life. There was no way you would have made it past the harsh names and threats without him by your side, sticking up for you.

That being said, high school graduation was the happiest and saddest day of your life. You were so thankful to be done with that horrible school, but it was also the last time you saw Jim. The two of you were headed off to different Universities, and you had a summer job in the United States. Jim told you to keep in touch through tear filled eyes, and you agreed, leaping into his embrace. He placed a kiss on your head and the two of you parted ways. You had lost contact with him, but there wasn’t a single day that passed when he didn’t cross your mind. That was the power of love.

You wished that you had said something to him before it was too late, but you didn’t know how Jim felt. You just couldn’t bring yourself to tell him, knowing that if he didn’t feel the same way it would ruin what the two of you shared. And you needed him in your life. It was better that you had him as a friend then nothing at all.

You traced your pencil over Jim’s eyes on the paper. “Hmm, sorry, what was that?”

“Y/N, are you even listening to me?” Sherlock asked, standing up and pacing around the room. “Moriarty was just released from prison. His lawyer said nothing, he refused to cooperate, and my testament proved what an eccentric psychopath he really is-”

“Now Sherlock,” You nearly dropped your pencil and paper as Jim walked into 221B, “You don’t really mean that.”

“I assume you threatened the jury.” Sherlock stepped to the side and motioned for Jim to take a seat. He grabbed a cup and poured some tea in it, “Sugar?”

Jim stopped in his tracks and his face softened. “Y/N?”

You smiled. “Hey, Jimmy.”

“Jimmy?” Sherlock asked.

Moriarty held his hand up, silencing Sherlock. “Call me Jimmy, Sherlock, and I will skin you.”

“Jim,” You tried to scold him, but all you could do was smile.

Jim crossed the floor and pulled you into his arms the same way he did at your graduation. Tears welled up in your eyes as you tried to pull him closer, afraid that if you let him go he would disappear again.

“I should’ve found you,” He mumbled into your ear, “I shouldn’t have let this much time pass without talking to you.” Jim pulled back ever so slightly and wiped your tears away with his thumb. He continued, “without telling you that I love you.”

“You love me?” You were taken aback. You hadn’t thought Jim felt the same way.

“Since we were kids.” He confirmed, “But I didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid that you would never talk to me again. I guess that ended up happening anyways though.”

You nodded. “You didn’t have to worry though- about me not loving you- because I do. I have for a long time actually.”

“You did?” Jim smiled, a real, genuine smile.

“I did,” You confirmed.

Jim slowly leaned in and kissed you with more radiance than a thousand suns bursting. It was that magical kiss that you hear about from fairytales, that magical kiss that could cure anything. He pulled away when you were out of breath and leaned his forehead against yours.

“Am I missing something here?” Sherlock looked at the two of you confused. “I am definitely missing something here.”

You laughed, and Jim shot Sherlock a nasty look, no different than any other look he ever gave Sherlock.

“I love you, Y/N.” Jim whispered.

You smiled, perfectly content with everything. “I love you too, Jim Moriarty.”

Punch / Kozik

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REQUEST: 33. “I love you, you asshole.” 38. “What did I do to deserve you? For Kozik, please😊 by @silverseamoons (I can’t tag you T_T)

A/N: I hope I pictured it right ._. I just recently fell in love with Kozik <3 damn

33. “I love you, you asshole.”
38. “What did I do to deserve you?”

Warnings: making out, kissing, flirting, violence

The patchover to Charming wasn’t a surprise, in fact, you helped your old man to try to convince Tig to not veto. You haven’t ever seen the other biker, but from what Kozik said, he was a lunatic. So you were pretty curious when you arrived at the new charter for your first party. You brought some of your girlfriends along from Tacoma and you were excited to see Happy. Some members, including Tig, were just released from prison so it was going to be big.
You pulled into the driveway, which was already filled with people. They were nodding to the rhythm of some loud music, coming from inside.
You got out, your friends already ready to party, but you only had eyes for your man. He was coming out of the door, looking for you, two beers in his hands.
You went over to him, swaying your hips a little more than usual, with a cheeky grin on your face. He looked you up and down, smiling like an idiot. “Oh baby“, he grunted when you were close enough for him to kiss you. He pulled you into his arms, nearly got you out of balance.
“I missed you“, you said and tugged your hands into his cut.
He kissed you so sweet and urgent, your knees were getting weak. You loved that he could always do this to you, make you feel like a teenager kissing their crush. “Missed you too, babe“, he admitted and handed you the beer once you pulled away.
“So you’re Y/N“, a smirking woman with a crow on her chest came out of the clubhouse, eyeing you two. “No wonder, why he went out here every five minutes.“
You smiled at her, instantly liking her attitude. Kozik rubbed a hand over his face.
“I’m Gemma, by the way“, she introduced herself. You offered her a hand, which she took immediately. “Nice to meet you“, you greeted her and she went away, lighting a cigarette.
“So that’s the queen“, you quietly said to your man.
He shrugged. “Yeah, she’s a bit intense sometimes, but a good heart.“
You looked up at him and wrapped an arm around his neck. You didn’t want to talk about someone else right now, you just wanted to make out with your man.

Happy quickly got annoyed by the two of you being unable to keep the hands to themselves. But Kozik knew his brother wouldn’t be mad, he couldn’t blame him for being all over his old lady.
There was only one person who had his eyes on you, but not with a happy impression. It was Tig. He would accept Kozik in Charming, he was ready to move on from their fight, but seeing him like that was a little too much for the biker.
He took the chance, when you excused yourself into the bathroom. Tig followed you to the back of the clubhouse and waited for you.
You nearly fell into him, once you stepped out. “Wow, doll, watch your step“, he said with a playful grin.  
You looked him up and down and mentally crossed some points off your list. Curly, black hair, crazy eyes and the sgt. of arms patch on his cut. It could only be Tig.
“Never seen you here, before, doll“, he flirtet with you, slightly leaning in.
You decided to play along. “Yeah, it’s my first time“, you said with a shy smile.
He licked his lips and his smirk got a little wider. “Well, doll, I’m sure to be gentle.“ He leaned in a little more, coming dangerously close to your lips. Was he trying to kiss you?
From the corner of your eye, you could see your old man come looking for you. He stopped in his way, shocked to see you close to Tig.
You used all of your strength and rammed you knee right into his sensitive parts. Both looked at you in shock. Tig, grabbed his crotch and slowly sunk in.
“In case you’re blind, there’s a crow on my shoulder“, you said with a triumphant smile. You were happy about this opportunity, though you felt a little bad to hurt him. The black haired biker got your old man into so much trouble, it was only fair you would have a little payback.  
In the meantime, Kozik broke out laughing, holding his guts out of a different reason. You sauntered towards your old man. “I love you, asshole“, you said to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“What did I do to deserve you?”, he pulled you into a hug while still laughing.

sort of just hit me that the day aaron was released from prison over the shooting was also sarah’s anniversary …

like can you imagine how horrible that day would have been for robert, all the memories and the sadness, yet the one guiding bloody light was the fact that aaron was going to be out. it was almost fate that on such a dark day, robert thought he’d have aaron back with him and that he’d soothe the pain with him and make it better

you can see how nervous and almost excited robert is when he has just a second alone with aaron outside because he genuinely wants to have a fresh new start with him starting right there and then … but then everything shatters and he realises that on the anniversary of losing someone who loved him unconditionally, he’s also lost someone who he loves unconditionally and his face as aaron walks away telling him he hates him … just says it all.

You Can Never Go Home - Part Five

Close To Home

JJ a greeted you all as you piled into the small room at the back of the station, eyes bleary and faces grim.

“That bad huh?” asked JJ.

“That bad” said Rossi “Did you manage to find out anything with Garcia?”

“Actually yeah” said JJ “Garcia you’re speaker, tell them what you told me”

“Okay first of all I am never working at this ungodly hour again”


“Secondly I widened my search from the past five years to ten years and I found two murders that could be our guy”

“Not in Eddowes Creek” you said with a frown “There haven’t been that many murders here”

“Correct my feisty friend. Both were in the charmingly named Morning Springs It’s thirty five miles away. Melanie Stevens was a twenty two year old bar maid. She was killed five years ago. Her colleagues saw her chatting to some guy as she was shutting up in the early hours of the morning. She was missing for two weeks before her body was found in some local woodlands. She had been strangled and her eyes gouged out. Pictures should be on your tablets”

Your phone buzzed but you ignored it in favour of going over the grisly crime scene photos.

“It’s not as neat or precise as Kaity and Sasha” said Tara

“If you say so, I couldn’t look” Garcia said and her shudder was nearly audible.

“You said there were two victims?” asked Reid.

“Yeah that one is an odd one. Elizabeth Stayer was nineteen and working as a prostitute. She was found much quicker because he didn’t hide the body the way he did with the others. She was strangled and her eyes were gounged out, ME said it was probably with thumbs or fingers - excuse me” Garcia had to pause and you didn’t blame her, it was taking all you had not to gag as you looked at the pictures in front of you. “Ugh sorry. Yes, so that part was the same but he also beat her pretty badly and he didn’t have time to remove her clothes.”

“When was this?” asked Emily

“Eight years ago”

“She was the first!” you exclaimed “It looks like he beat her first and then strangled her. He found he liked it so he stuck to strangulation afterwards”

“He also got more precise with the encluation and his victims got steadily lower risk” added Luke.

“His victims are also getting older so we can assume he is too” said Reid.

“But they have the same eye and hair colour as Kaity and Sasha meaning that they are mostly surrogates. I’m guessing it’s for a woman who rejected him somehow and who is around the same age as him and the victims”

Your phone buzzed again.

“There’s something else guys” said Garcia “It may not be related but a year before Elizabeth Stayer was murdered a prostitute in Grace Valley, Selena Armstrong was assaulted. She was beaten really badly and the guy who did it blinded her in one eye”

“Grace Valley is the next town over” you explained “It’s a ten minute drive if that”

“So he’s a local or he knows the area. Did she give a description Garcia?”

“No she wasn’t a big fan of the police but he was young, she guessed late teens early twenties”

“Okay he’s young, let’s say late twenties to early thirties. He is growing more confident with each attack and he’s been moving closer and closer to Eddowes Creek each time” Reid was plotting the points on the map “The object of his obsession could be local too and he’s working his way towards killing her”

“He’s been working towards this for years” said JJ “But he’s gone into overdrive within the last eighteen months. He bulked up, he’s leaving less time within kills. Something happened a year and a half ago to cause this in addition to whatever made him assault Selena nearly a decade ago”.

“Maybe he was just released from prison” said Emily “Garcia can you compile a list of anyone in the local area who got out of prison a year ago, start with people jailed for assaults and other violent crimes. This guy has major rage issues”

“On it supreme leader, Garcia out!”

“Okay we should have enough to deliver a profile once the Sheriff returns from informing the family of the latest victim.” said Emily.

Your phone buzzed and you fished it out from your pocket.

“Apparently there is breakfast back at my parents’ place” you said “The daily briefing isn’t until eleven so there’s time”

“God yes!” exclaimed Luke “If it’s even half as good as dinner last night then I’m in”. The rest of the team nodded their agreement. You smiled and let your mother know you’d be back soon.

You dozed on the car journey back and were still blinking away the sleep when you slid out of the car.

Something was wrong.

There were fresh tire tracks, not yours or your parents’, in the drive way and the front door was slightly ajar. You rushed inside. It was dark, all the curtains had been pulled and the house was unusually quiet.

You wandered through the front room and the kitchen until you got the dining room. It was dark the whole way through. A shiver went down your spine and your hand instinctively moved to the gun on your hip.

“Mom? Dad? Danny?”

Your stomach lurched as you pushed the door open. You could hear someone call your name from the front of the house but you ignored it. The metallic smell hit you first. It hung heavily in the air.

The three of them were sitting in the dark at the table, unmoving. Their hands were resting in front of them, their eyes were closed. You saw what looked like a tear glide down Danny’s cheek. Something was wrong, that wasn’t a tear, there was something wrong with their faces.

“Mommy? Daddy?”

Your voice was barely a whisper as you placed a hand on your father’s shoulder. he didn’t move and in your heart of hearts you hadn’t expected him to. You repeated the gesture with your mother, with Danny. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from their faces, your brain struggling to piece together what was so wrong, so abhorrent.

Then you began to scream.

The more you studied their faces, the more hysterical you became. You could hear the team burst into the room behind you.

“Their eyes. He took their eyes!”

Part Six: Torn Asunder up next week

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#FridayFeels with Lo Time if you're up for a bit of pointless chatter? If so, can you rankt a few of your favourite under-appreciated moments between Aaron & Robert? Or if you fancy being #controversial maybe share a few of your fav unpopular opinions about the boys (doesn't have to be bad or anything lol)? I'm really bored at work, willing the afternoon away, can you help a girl out? lol Plus your blog content always puts a smile on my face :) :)

can one do a #fridayfeelswithlo on a tuesday, anon?

yes, if one is perpetually late to things

sorry this didn’t come at the time when you actually needed it, i have failed u, but hopefully you’re in the mood for this anyway




Another popular novel of the period begins in the same key year (of 1815).  Its hero, Edmond Dantès, is incarcerated in the Château d'If in 1815, just when Valjean is released from Toulon.  After extraordinary advenutres in an island prison and around the Mediterranean Sea, Dantès comes to Paris as the Count of Monte Cristo in the 1830s, just after the death of Valjean.  The action of Les Miserables,  from 1815 to 1835, fills the time that Monte Cristo spends in prison and on the high seas and stops at the point where the Parisian adventures of Dumas’ hero begin.  

Valjean and Dantès bookend each other, so to speak–and for good reason.  The Count of Monte Cristo is a story of extravagant and spectacular revenge, but Les Miserables asks us to be kind.  Dumas’ saga of daring survival fulfils  a fantasy of avenging political and financial crimes.  Hugo’s much more tightly wound plot is designed to promote and make manifest the possibility of reconciliation. Though the two authors were good friends and comrades in arms in the fight against the Second Empire, their most famous works of fiction express different moral perspectives and different kinds of hopes for the future of France.

—  David Bellos, The Novel of the Century
They Told Me You Were Crazy, But They Did Not Know The Half Of It. [Jax Teller x Reader]

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[ @jasonmccannsgirl8699​ request: Jax Teller / ‘They told me you were crazy but they did not know the half of it.’ & ‘That’s some hard liquor for a girl like you.]

Warnings: Slight bit of violence.

Having a club member released from prison after being inside for just over two years was a huge deal to the club. This means a huge party, loads of alcohol and even more women to boot. However, these parties are usually invite only, and only those known to the MC are invited. But you just managed to score an invite through a crow eater you had known for a long time. It seemed about just every weekend she’d be texting you with details of how handsome the clubs President, Jax Teller, was and you were only just starting to believe her. Surely, if a guy caused a girl this much heat in her loins, he’d have to be something special. But then, you were just about to find out.

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One Autumn Day

Anon Request: Can you do a Chris Evans one-shot where the reader os Sebastian Stan’s 12 minute younger sister who is also an actor/actress and on autumn day, they fall in love with each other in the most clichés way ever and later on, they get engaged and get married about maybe two months later and they’re happy thank you!
Summary: Y/N Stan never would’ve thought she’d fall in love. Yet alone with her brother’s best friend. Working with her brother is never easy but it’s always fun. Becoming an actress has always been Y/N’s dream. So, when she finally lands a big-time movie with her brother and his friends she’s ecstatic! She’s only focused on one thing, getting the job done. But along the way; she starts to fall for her brother’s best friend and she fall’s hard.
AN: I have nothing against Brie Larson! I just needed a superhero and Ms. Marvel was the first one to come to mind! I gave the reader a little harsh past with kidnapping and assault when she was young.
Warnings: Kidnapping, Assault

was in the car with my brother and his best friend. We were on our way to the set-in Atlanta where we would be filming the new Marvel movie, Infinity War part one. I would be playing Ms. Marvel and then once filming for Infinity Wars is over, I’ll do my own movie as Ms. Marvel. We arrived on set and as soon as we got out of the car, one of my security men came rushing over.
“I’ve got her. Yes, sir.”
Derek turned to face me and I could tell he was panicking.
“What is it Derek?”
He didn’t say anything but grabbed my forearm and dragged me away. My hair flew around me and my shoes were clicking against the pavement. I could hear footsteps following me. I turned my head and saw my brother and Chris following us and my brother telling Derek to stop except Derek didn’t stop. He kept speeding walking towards the trailers until my trailer came into view. We ran up the steps to my trailer before the door was slammed shut in my brother’s face. I looked around and saw that everyone in my security detail in my trailer. Derek locked the door and I looked at Daryl who was the head of my security.
“What’s going on Daryl?”
“There’s no easy way to put this.”
“Then just say it.”
“Earlier today he was freed from prison. Not long after, we received this.”
Daryl handed me an envelope that was already opened. I opened it and the contents came out when I dumped it. There was a folded letter and a dried-up daisy. I unfolded the letter and read it.
My dearest Daisy, did you really think you could get rid of me? Can you believe they let me out early for good behavior? Word is, your all big and famous and now. You must’ve forgotten about me after all this time. But I haven’t forgotten you. I miss the way you looked in pigtails and that cute little blue dress with yellow daisies on it. I can’t wait to see you again. -A
I looked up at Daryl and the others who were all looking at me sympathetically.
“What do we do?”
“You’ll be surrounded at all times. Derek and Ryan will stand guard at your doors. At night, we’ll each take shifts every two hours.”
“This stays between us. I’ll tell the managers and the producers to let them know to be on the lookout. Tell Jake at the gate, to be on the lookout as well. No one tells my brother about this or my publicist. If I find out anyone tells them, I’ll get you. Am I clear?”
“We are.”
“So what’s the plan for today?”
“You do everything that was already planned for today. You’ll need to talk to the producers and managers before you do anything else.”
“Well ok then. Let’s do this and act like everything is fine.”
Everyone nodded and I put the contents back into the envelope and handed it to Daryl.
“Don’t let anyone see this mainly my brother.”
I walked out first with my team go around to different places and Daryl and Carol following behind me. I walked around the set looking for the Russo brothers. I eventually found them looking over a few previous scenes. They looked up when they saw me and smiled but they forwarded their brows when they saw the head of my security and his right hand.
“Hey, can I talk to you guys privately?”
“Of course. Is everything alright?”
“Yeah I just need to let you guys know something.”
“Alright we can go to our office.”
We followed them to their office and I saw Derek and Ryan following us but they weren’t close. When we arrived at their office, they stood outside the doors and I sat down across from the Russo brothers.
“Is everything alright?”
“Yeah, I haven’t told a lot of people because I don’t really remember it completely. When I was little in Romania, I was taken on my way back home from a friend’s house. They didn’t find me for six months. When they did find me, I was in a room and they had caught my captor. He was sent to prison for sixteen years with no chance of early release for good behavior. Daryl just received word that he was released from prison earlier today for good behavior. We received a letter from him and so now we’re on high alert.”
“Does Sebastian know?”
“No, other than my security team you two are the only ones who knows along with Jake at the gate. We’d like to keep it that way.”
“Alright, is there anything we need to do?”
Daryl walked up and placed a file on the table in front of them.
“This is what he looks like. If we see anything that looks even relatively close to this, we have to get Y/N somewhere safe until we can identify that the man isn’t him.”
“Alright. We can keep this between us, meantime what would you like us to do today? We can shoot scenes without you for today.”
“No, we’re going to act like nothing’s wrong so I’m still going to shoot scenes today.”
“Alright well your first scene starts in two minutes. Hair and makeup is waiting for you.”
“Alright, thank you.”
“Any time Y/N.”
We walked out of the room and Derek and Ryan disappeared but Daryl and Carol followed me. I didn’t see my brother anywhere or any of his friends which was a good thing. I arrived to hair and makeup where someone took me away to change into my costume. Once I had changed, they did my hair and my makeup. When they had finished, I went over to set and we started to shoot a few easy scenes.

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reading american gods for the first time

shadow: *meets a strange man on an airplane who somehow knows his name, that his wife just died, that he was just released from prison, and that he has no job to go back to now that he’s out, and wants to hire him*

shadow: “uh, that sounds fake, but okay.”

shadow: *is kidnapped by some punk computer nerd who knew he worked for mr. wednesday like an hour after he got the job, then wakes up in his motel room to find his dead wife has somehow dug herself out of her grave and is walking and talking*

shadow: “huh. must have been all the chloroform i got roofied with and the fake-DMT that kid was smoking, no big deal.”

shadow: *mentions his dead wife encounter to mr. wednesday and zorya polunochnaya to find that neither of them show any shock whatsoever at this news*

shadow: “wow. that’s peculiar, i guess.”

shadow: *plays checkers as a bet with a strange slavic man he just met through his boss despite the man (czernobog) telling him that if he loses, he will have his head beaten in with a sledgehammer*

shadow: “meh, why not? sounds legit.”

shadow: *goes out on a mystical fire escape in the middle of the night and watches zorya polunochnaya literally pluck the moon out of the sky and turn it into a silver dollar. wakes up the next morning to find the fire escape is no longer there but the coin is*

shadow: “hmm. i want to say something weird is going on, but whatever. it was probably a dream.”

like, at this point, i wonder what it would take to actually shock this dude?

Don’t let another important show go to waste before you give it a chance

Winter 2016 is here, meaning a whole new slate of anime shows. You can put aside the 2015 shows for now and start fresh- what better way to do it than to watch the most appealing, colorful, thing out there.

1.) Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is a show I know for a fact people will miss out on because they assume it’s going to be “boring”.
2.) They don’t want to go through the pain of watching a 40 minute first episode made up of just dialogue….

If there are somethings I can promise you though from the very start of this season, is that this show is compelling, funny, sad, and heartfelt. 

1.)First off- you might recognize this drawing style- it’s none other than; Haruko Kumota. 

The famous author and illustrator of a lot of BL (aka “boys-love”) mangas

If you know some of her stories (for example the one here: itoshi no nekkoke)- HER STORYLINES ARE ALWAYS ON POINT.

2.) Meet the protagonist/main character of the story: YOTAROU

This dude is a serious cinnamon roll. He’s a former gangster- street thug who could convincingly make anyone believe anything with the roll of his tongue. He’s like a little dog- very loyal and just all round a very likable character. 

Released from Prison, he decides to follow the path of the arts/theater by becoming an apprentice for Yakumo (WITH THE PERFECT VOICE ACTOR, ISHIDA AKIRA) to become a Rakugo story teller. 


I did not know what the hell that was before this anime- and frankly saying- it’s interesting as hell. Rakugo is basically like stand-up comedy. Although it wasn’t stomach-cramping-rofl- laughing ‘funny’, it was really really interesting. Like it draws you in.

Just see for yourself (click on the ‘see’ right now!!) 

And the animation is amazing- just see for yourself. Give something you haven’t watched a chance this year. Open yourself to newer, stranger, things.

I promise you- you will not regret watching this show.

(give the rakugo anime a chance!!)


Cala li Turchi - Foto di C. Castellano

Ora che lei se ne è andata vorresti cancellare il passato, perché ogni colore dai tuoi occhi è svanito e tutto, dal mare al cielo è un grigio atono e opprimente. Hai amato e lei era il tuo respiro, ed ora che se ne andata appassisci lentamente come muoiono i sogni dei bambini quando diventano grandi. Hai amato e non dovrebbe esserci vergogna perché questo vuol dire che hai vissuto, eppure, ti senti un carcerato appena uscito di prigione, un naufrago a cui il mare ha rubato tutto quello che aveva e che ora su questa spiaggia senza colori, ha l’anima cieca di ogni speranza. Hai amato e lo dici come se tutto fosse un giorno da dimenticare, ma non puoi cancellare il rimorso per i baci non avuti, il cuore mai fiorito completamente, i desideri mai germogliati e tutto quello che è stato in quei momenti di convinta illusione. Domani potrai ancora baciare, potrai ancora fiorire ed avere nuovi raccolti tra le sue braccia e nuovi colori nella tua anima, ma ora tutto in te è grigio, vuoto e nell’ immensità silenziosa di questa spiaggia vaghi come la tua ombra, senza anima e spessore, cercando quello che eri, quello che lei era, invidiando la felicità che allora provavate.

Now that you have gone, you would like to erase the past, because every color from your eyes has vanished and everything, from the sea to the sky, is a gray, overwhelming gray. You loved her and she was your breath, and now that she goes slowly you fade as the children’s dreams die when they become big. You have loved her and you should not be ashamed because it means that you have lived, however you feel as a prisoner just released from prison, a shipwreck to which the sea stole everything he had and now on this beach without colors, your soul is blind of all hope. You loved and tell it as if everything was a day to forget, but you can not cancel the remorse for the unmatched kisses, the heart never flourished completely, the never sprouted wishes, and all that was in those moments of convinced illusion. Tomorrow you can still kiss, you can still blossom and have new crops in your arms and new colors in your soul, but now everything in you is gray, empty and in the silent immensity of this beach you wander around  like a shadow, with no soul and thickness , looking for what you were, what she was, envying the happiness you felt then.

(Not so) Alone in the Dark

Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Summary: Harry causes a blackout despite the readers warnings and both of them learn something new. (I suck at summaries and be gentle with me, I haven’t written in a while. Like if you read!)

(Y/N): Your name, (E/C): Eye Color, (H/C): Hair Color.

You rubbed your temples as you leaned over your desk. Caitlin and Cisco were on the other side of the Cortex swapping theories about the newest meta-human that had tried to kill Barry at the police station. You had created a new algorithm that could narrow down certain aspects of one’s DNA, specifically that of a meta-human. It was your small contribution to the team and almost useless without a blood sample so it was really thanks to Joe that this was even possible. He had shot the meta-human just before she electrocuted Barry, making her disappear. Cisco had almost passed out from excitement upon hearing this, saying she probably escaped via the buildings wiring.

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Vauseman Fic...

To start with I’m not sure what happened here. And to finish with I have no idea what this even is I was just bored :P

“Alex you have to come with me” Piper groaned.

“Pipes it’s just a bad idea, all the puppy dog faces in the world you make isn’t going to change that” Alex said glancing up from her laptop screen at her blonde girlfriend, who stood behind the kitchen counter with wide eyes and a cute pout.

“But Larry’s gonna be there, you have to come” she added as she poured herself a cup of tea.

Alex sighed “What if I don’t want to go?”

“I wasn’t asking” Piper said and the two of them looked up at each other, Alex lifted an eyebrow and folded her arms across her chest.

“Are you telling me what to do?”

Piper saw at the unimpressed look on Alex’s face and immediately felt bad, of course Alex wouldn’t want to go to Polly’s dinner party, even Piper didn’t want to go to it but she had been declining all of Polly’s offers for so long she felt she couldn’t try and ignore her forever, even after Larry had decided to move on with her best friend. She thought by saying yes just this once it would show that no, she wasn’t completely outraged anymore and more importantly she could then continue saying no to all her other dinner date, lunch date and yoga class offers.  Piper was happy anyway, she had Alex and what more did she need?

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Plot Drop 001: Anonymous Letters

It’s been just two weeks since the mass breakout at Azkaban Prison, and so far no one has claimed responsibility for the disaster. The Ministry is scrambling to figure out what exactly happened, and who exactly was responsibly, as the general public waited for answers that didn’t seem to be forthcoming any time soon.

Meanwhile, the Children of Sanctus were plotting their next move. They had just released the strongest and most dangerous of the Dark Lords followers from prison, but knew they would need to recruit more to the cause and needed to strike fear into the hearts of Wizarding society–lest they forget the terror they had felt merely four years ago.

So they waited, and they watched–carefully picking their first round of victims from the cesspool. Crafting carefully written letters, with spells designed to cloak themselves. It was now time to act. It was now time for the Children of Sanctus to bring back the reign of terror.


We are so excited to bring this first event to you all! For this event we ask that you please open your submit page

We’ve randomly generated ten names from our members and throughout the day these members will receive letters via there submit page. It’s required that all members who receive a letter, post it and then react to it IC in whichever way you want too.

We ask that you please tag these posts with sanctusevent001, and please like this post once you’ve read it.

Thank you and have fun

-Admins Sarah, Gabby, Myr, and RJ