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In my English SciFi/Fantasy class we were talking about requirements of SciFi. Like the "rules" of how to make a good SciFi book. And my teacher said that one of the rules that makes a good piece SciFi fiction is if you break a rule- whether it be science, math, physics, etc- you need a good explanation as to why that rule is broken. And I think therein lies my issue with Moffat. He breaks these rules, and doesn't really explain why/how.


And when he does try to it sounds like nonsense, or he come up with an over convoluted plot that in the end resets the whole thing without giving it an explanation, because it never existed! he doesn’t give the Doctor realistic limits! every thing is possible if it’s the Doctor.

Forget Science part of SCIFI let’s pretend that Fiction is actually science…

tbh sometimes some Doctors or some arcs just don’t work for some people and that’s okay.

Don’t just jump to blame writers for your lack of interest in a show. Sometimes people’s taste just vary
Like, we tried to get my sister-in-law into Doctor Who, because my brother and I love it, and we started with Nine and Ten but she just wasn’t into it. We showed her Eleven and she’s completely in love with this era. Sometimes tastes just vary.

Sorry if you aren’t as excited about the show before, but that just happens sometimes. Doctor Who changes a LOT between writers, directors, arcs, etc. It’s nothing new. My aunt fell out of watching Doctor Who after the third Doctor because of how different Four was for her. It just happens, guys. 

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I am still waiting to see what evidence you have that every woman who has supported or defended Moffat has only done so under duress.

Every Woman/Man whose job is to make Doctor Who look good can not be a trusted opinion holder when it comes to their job in Doctor Who.

Just because a waitress smiles at you doesn’t mean she is enjoying her job or that she likes the food that is sold there. She smiles because it’s her job and she gets paid.

Their job is to sell Doctor Who, the more Doctor Who sells, the better. if they go around bashing their own money maker, they will be out of a job.


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Let me tell you about a book I'm reading called The Clockwise Man written by Justin Richards with Nine and Rose. It's set in Victorian London and wait yeah there are clockwise men/clockwise suits of armour. Great parallels between Russian Revolution and an OutSpace Revolution. No dinosaur but Nine and Rose are both kickass in it, with some sweet/caring moments too. So no, Moffatt didn't invent The Clockwise Men and its a far better story than Deep Breath will ever be.

i have got to read this book.

Release dateMay 19, 2005

Once again Moffat has never been one for being original….

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What do you think about the idea that Moffat enjoys writing about "powerful" women (historically and canonically) and "knocking them down a peg or two" ?

Not surprising that a White cis male would be threatened by powerful Women.

Moffat has a not that rare fetish of wanting strong woman in power to become weak in the face of a “man”(aka the Doctor)That’s his fetish not just strong women, which he has claimed.

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I think you've mentioned how DW is becoming WAY more Doctor centric and how we've lost the companion POV. I thought that this would help illustrate your point. In NewWho, Pre-Moffat, there were two episodes with 'Doctor' in the title (S1E10: The Doctor Dances [written by Moffat] and S4E06: The Doctor's Daughter) and after there's S5E10: Vincent and the Doctor, S6E04: The Doctor's Wife, S7E13: The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor. Thought you may be interested.

It’s funny because it’s more than that, it may look like a coincidence but Moffat now has:

  1. the Oldest doctor
  2. the youngest doctor
  3. the doctors first on screen wife
  4. the longest running companion (clara “saving” the doctor repeatedly)

Im sure there’s more (i just woke up) But this are just off the top of my head.


It’s less about the companion, more about the doctor but less about the doctor, and more about Moffat. if you look at most of Moffat’s twitter quotes (you know the ones insulting females or a sexual orientation) most of those quotes can usually be found in Doctor Who or Sherlock, either in the narrative or in actual quotes. 

There’s more and more Moffat inserts, he is trying to mold the Doctor off himself. Yes i’ve been a bit guilty about that when i write fanfiction yes it causes some people to get mad but most of them have the chance to read other stories but the fact is I’m not a professional, it’s not ruining 50 year series. while we only have that one Doctor Who.

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What do you think Moffats up to with all these Clara and Rose parallels? His clearly not going anywhere with it, so why does he do it?

Moffat is clearly grasping at straws here, his ladies keep getting beat to the point that older Doctors are choosing Rose Tyler over Amy, and River. Who are also losing popularity fan contests,to either, RTD’s companions, or to classic companions.

So what does he do? he makes a copy of Rose gives her roughly the same characteristics, oh but look she’s “prettier”, and “smarter”, and she “bosses” the doctor around, and shes like “super duper specialar”You think Rose Tyler is special because she had the heart of the tardis, Well CLarA jump into the Doctors time stream and saved him over and over in all of his incarnations, she’s the “special!”

Anyways, truly don’t know if Clara would have been a good character on her own. Since her personality changes constantly (between season 1 Rose and seson 2 Rose with small intervals of someone else) and conveniently forgets events.  

the Doctor and River's double standard relationship.

River: I’m married to the Doctor that is why put him before my family.

Doctor: I’m married to River that is why I put her mother before her…..

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who in recent who has been a paper thin character? can you explain why?

Well lets see.

Amy one minute emotional breakdown at having lost her first child and her twice suicidal actions after having (about to lose) lost Rory. once while pregnant.

Rory’s bland/passive personality like the only time he shows actual emotions is when it’s needed to move the show along (also applicable to Amy and Clara)

Clara’s sudden personality traits that are here one moment gone the next, (also applicable to Amy, River, Rory,)

River and Tasha Lem, almost identical personality, and feeling? or aurora?, anyways to the point that people thought they were the same person.

They had potential but like the previous Anon said and i Quote 

“ I think Moffat ‘diagnoses’ all his characters as socio/psychopathic to excuse the lack of believable emotional depth.”

Which in my book makes a paper thin Character….

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It was a sex JOKE. It's not canon, it's not hinted at in the story at all. And if you're willing to take that quote at face value, who's to say the Doctor and Osgood weren't in a romantic relationship if we are going purely on speculation?

Well if we go by that logic everything Moffat had to explain isn’t canon, so River and the Doctor never had adventures out of the tardis, River spent her whole time either in jail or living for the doctor to pick her up. In fact lets take every thing that gave River Song substance because almost everything we know about come from the mouth of moffat and not the show…etc etc etc.

You know all that stuff that doesn’t happen in the show.

How we know that Osgood and the Doctor where in a romantic relationship? The fact that it was never stated in the show, the fact that the Doctor is such a piss baby he can’t even bother saying goodbye to River until 200 years later. The fact that 11 didn’t even recognize her. but meh that might just be me looking to deeply at the show.

And getting angry at Moffat for trying to turn a great Hero like the Doctor into such a middle age asshole who fucks/sexually assults every single woman that crosses his path. If he isn’t illusionating  them being in a relationship…. even while his wife s hovering all ghostlike….

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TBH I think Moffat 'diagnoses' all his characters as socio/psychopathic to excuse the lack of believable emotional depth. Any other competent writer would understand and explore the workings of their characters minds as they do not exist without creation and acknowledgement of same but Moffat trundles along more concerned with increasingly shitty one liners and 'clever' (read convoluted, boring and over hyped) story arcs. Sorry for the rant but I am tired of people glorifying yet another excuse.

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One thing bothered me about the dinosaur - it's a massive dinosaur, right? And probably cold-blooded like all other reptiles. Which means it would have to live in a really warm place (so possibly not viable on Earth anyway). It's repeatedly said that London is cold during the episode, and the dinosaur is in the Thames which would take any heat away. How come the dinosaur survived long enough to be spontaneously combusted when it would have died of hypothermia?

there is also the fact that oxygen levels are way to low for something of that size and it would have died regardless, due to asthma/suffocation.

I also would like to know why a giant dinosaur who is so obviously appear in the heart of London never made it to the history books….

Also the dinosaur CGI was horrible Jurassic park had better effects….the only thing good about Moffat Who is the damn CGI and yet he couldn’t even get that right.

finally, and this is just me being disgusting, can you imagine it’s poop……

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Doctor Who has had monsters made of candy, entropy held at bay by chanting monks, a spaceship that melts clocks to warn its inhabitants of a stuck spring, aliens that explode when touched by vinegar, and time machines made of mirrors. But no, a T-Rex that is slightly too big? That's going TOO FAR.

It’s not like dinosaurs are original creative aliens created for scifi.

They are things that existed with bones and fossils. It may be hard to believe this, but dinosaurs used to walk the earth, if you where to go to a natural museum they might even have a whole structure of bones showing how big they grew. 

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Moffat bringing back the Time Lords makes me angry for all sorts of reasons I am unable to articulate. Do we have a master post for this? Or even just the 50th?

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The Day of the Doctor

specifically for the 50th From this masterpost of master post [X]

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I've avoided Moffat's writing ever since Matt Smith appeared on the show. I have nothing against him, he's a fine actor, but the writing of the episodes was just so distasteful I gave up on one of my favourite shows, preferring to return to the classics instead. So on that note, what would you say are the worst things Moffat has done since taking over writing... using his crayons and colouring books?

  1. Reduced woman into standard roles of mothers
  2. Turned the Doctor into a sexist, racist, sexual harassing, pedophile, classist, asshole.
  3. Constantly takes time out of his busy schedule to completely destroy his own “monsters” Weeping Angels, and the Clockwork droids, (river song)
  4. Reusing the same plots and using the same cookie cutters on all of the women he writes.
  5. Homophobic writing
  6. Constantly trying (and failing) to make his characters more special to the point of giving them unrealistic backgrounds.
  7. The inability to create anything original.

This is just off the top of my head, feel free to chime in, everyone….