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I’m in the camp of giving them everything they want.

Steven Moffat (x)

aka the moment i knew johnlock was going to be canon

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I am still waiting to see what evidence you have that every woman who has supported or defended Moffat has only done so under duress.

Every Woman/Man whose job is to make Doctor Who look good can not be a trusted opinion holder when it comes to their job in Doctor Who.

Just because a waitress smiles at you doesn’t mean she is enjoying her job or that she likes the food that is sold there. She smiles because it’s her job and she gets paid.

Their job is to sell Doctor Who, the more Doctor Who sells, the better. if they go around bashing their own money maker, they will be out of a job.


Been busy with stuff and things, so have a cropped version of a drawing I did back in 2014 and never posted on this blog

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“It will unravel the Web of Time and destroy a billion billion hearts to heal its own.”

The thing is, that in spite of her moving, insightful speech at the end of Face the Raven, Clara Oswald would have been capable of doing absolutely the same as the Doctor. She might have wanted him to live up to the myth of what it means to be “the Doctor”, might have reacted with grief and horror at the realisation that he submitted himself to billions of years of torture to save her, but everyhing he did to get to that point is so familiar.

When it comes to saving the ones she loves, Clara does not give a damn about consequences. She does not care that Emma is to weak to open the wormhole again or that the TARDIS might die as soon as they reach the pocket universe. She willingly shatters herself into a million pieces, as her grand heroic act. She blackmails the Doctor into bringing Danny back, even if it could mean stranding themselves in a vulcano and losing his friendship.

Re-writing time means nothing to Clara. She’s done it a million times over, even if that was to right a wrong. She changed the pivotal moment in the most monumental war in the history of the universe with a tear and a shake of her head. She thought nothing of demanding that the Doctor should change the future in Trenzalore. She puts everything she has left on the line to bring Danny back from the dead and faced with the Doctor’s ghost, no rules or promises of catastrophic ramnifications will keep her from demanding better. Break them. He owes her.

And knowing that she had to return to Gallifrey, had to return to the Trap Street, that time could fracture otherwise… well, that’s still as good as an excuse as any to take a long detour. The adventure doesn’t have to end yet.

Do you think the woman twice dead would not have died many more deaths to save the Doctor? Do you think the accomplished liar wouldn’t have spun a story to make the Doctor return him to her? That Clara Oswald wouldn’t have risked all of time and space because she missed him? The two of them are the hybrid for a reason. They drive each other to extremes.

“What would you do?” - “Same as you.” - “Yes. Yes, of course you would.”

tbh sometimes some Doctors or some arcs just don’t work for some people and that’s okay.

Don’t just jump to blame writers for your lack of interest in a show. Sometimes people’s taste just vary
Like, we tried to get my sister-in-law into Doctor Who, because my brother and I love it, and we started with Nine and Ten but she just wasn’t into it. We showed her Eleven and she’s completely in love with this era. Sometimes tastes just vary.

Sorry if you aren’t as excited about the show before, but that just happens sometimes. Doctor Who changes a LOT between writers, directors, arcs, etc. It’s nothing new. My aunt fell out of watching Doctor Who after the third Doctor because of how different Four was for her. It just happens, guys. 

As much as I understand Steven Moffat is not the sole reason women are not being employed to write for Doctor Who, as showrunner HE IS A PRETTY BIG REASON FOR THIS AND NEEDS TO TAKE A LITTLE RESPONSIBILITY.

Where is he selecting from? I could find you at least twenty young women willing to submit scripts right at this moment. There are SO MANY female writers out there who simply aren’t being given the opportunities to shine, which in turn means they don’t get picked up for further jobs because they’re considered inexperienced, not to mention that they’re women and the industry is sexist, especially in sci fi. 

How hard can it truly be to get the word out there? With that much influence? Steven Moffat must have women queuing up for a chance to pen an ep, or at least he should do. Doctor Who is one of the most popular/best loved shows in Britain right about now. 

I know I don’t have all the facts and I appreciate that but COME ON MAN. GET THE WORD OUT THERE. WOMEN WILL BE QUEUEING TO SEND YOU SCRIPTS.

How Moffat has made himself the victim of this situation is also laughable. I am sorry, but it is.


Clara Oswald and Ashildr Me have their own TARDIS.

This is not a drill. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Is this real life?

Moffat, did you give us an ending for two female characters full of agency and empowerment?


I have all the feels.

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What do you think about the idea that Moffat enjoys writing about "powerful" women (historically and canonically) and "knocking them down a peg or two" ?

Not surprising that a White cis male would be threatened by powerful Women.

Moffat has a not that rare fetish of wanting strong woman in power to become weak in the face of a “man”(aka the Doctor)That’s his fetish not just strong women, which he has claimed.

Clara Oswald has always been telling a tale, playing a character within her story. Now she’s breaking her narrative bounds, shedding her the images in which she made herself, to discover what is underneath… the amazing, the reckless, the wonderful, layers that will surprise and scare even herself.

Except, of course, Clara lives in a world of fiction. Within it, she is a person, a human being, shining bright with agency and potential. But beyond that she is a character, a story, and she plays a specific role: the companion. She cannot know the dangers which lie in shattering that, the way we do, cannot know she’s breaking a law larger than her own universe.

Clara is becoming real, beyond written words on a page. And we can only hold our breaths and wait how the story will retaliate.

We knew where we were going: that all of Magnussen’s information would be in a huge Mind Palace. So how do we remind people what a Mind Palace is? In the first episode you get the reference to it. In the second one, we get a proper scene in it. And then in the third one you have the whole sequence where he’s shot, which is just to remind you that mind palaces can have lots of rooms. So an idea that a few weeks ago you had never heard of becomes, ‘Why didn’t I see that coming?’
—  Steven Moffat (x)

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What do you think Moffats up to with all these Clara and Rose parallels? His clearly not going anywhere with it, so why does he do it?

Moffat is clearly grasping at straws here, his ladies keep getting beat to the point that older Doctors are choosing Rose Tyler over Amy, and River. Who are also losing popularity fan contests,to either, RTD’s companions, or to classic companions.

So what does he do? he makes a copy of Rose gives her roughly the same characteristics, oh but look she’s “prettier”, and “smarter”, and she “bosses” the doctor around, and shes like “super duper specialar”You think Rose Tyler is special because she had the heart of the tardis, Well CLarA jump into the Doctors time stream and saved him over and over in all of his incarnations, she’s the “special!”

Anyways, truly don’t know if Clara would have been a good character on her own. Since her personality changes constantly (between season 1 Rose and seson 2 Rose with small intervals of someone else) and conveniently forgets events.  

the Doctor and River's double standard relationship.

River: I’m married to the Doctor that is why put him before my family.

Doctor: I’m married to River that is why I put her mother before her…..