SO if your gonna buy Civil War


September 13th Captain America Civil War is released in the USA

SO if your gonna buy it


GO preorder this from The Disney Store

But Morgan WHY?!

Cause you get the awesome set of lithographs you ninny, 

BUT why…

SHHHH lithographs only have a set number per a run so just do it they are gorgeous and pretty and you get a pretty folder. Plus they are major collectors items and will decorate that wall you have blank in your room

Besides you gonna pay about the same price at the walmart or bestbuy sooo why not

dont forget those movie rewards (scored myself a theater poster of this movie for freee cause i had enough imma buy the movies anywho why not just get fun items too) ANNNNDDD you get digital copies so can watch that shit on go like a plane to London like i will (or long car rides whateves). 

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Yes you.
I am fucking talking to you.

**takes you by the shoulders**

Listen to me right now. 

The film industry is dominated by white men. Usually, older white men. 

As a woman, as a young person, as a person of color, it will never be easy to get into that industry.

But I want you to promise me something right now.

If film is something you love. If you even have an interest in it. If you want to be in that industry someday. If you even just want to study it to learn about it.

Don’t you dare give up.

Because there might not be any POC directors or actors winning those Oscars or other awards. But one day you could.

The industry is growing, learning to listen to other voices.

So shout yours as loud as you can.

Write your scripts, direct tiny films on your phones. Save up for a solid, cheap DSLR. Get some friends together. Shoot a two minute film in your backyard about you learning to fly. Save your money to buy screenwriting books, or download them off line. Learn how to read and write a script in proper formatting. Learn the different crew poistions and how they interact. Take free online courses. Find stupid videos online that show you how to do simple things with lighting and cameras. Take the camera off auto and learn how to manipulate the image on manual mode. Learn the difference between ISO and shutter speed and aperture.  Learn basic storytelling. Look up some basic cinematography shots. Teach yourself. Go to film school if you want. Get access to equipment and learn some things from industry professionals. Make mistakes and then learn not to make them again. Ask film students or people in the industry what their first job was and how they got it. Join teen film clubs and do work with others. Ask friends or just people you know online (like tumblr for Twitter friends) that you know are filmmakers about things you just want to know. Ask questions. Ask them to maybe even read your scripts you’ve written. They don’t have to be perfect. They just have to exist so your friends can see where you are and what you need to work on most.They will be happy to help. 

But don’t you fucking dare give up. 

Don’t ever tell anyone else to give up.

If you want it, if you really want it, it is possible. Through blood, sweat, and tears, it is fucking possible. Never think anything differently. 

Go out there. Tell your story. Because no one else has lived a life exactly like yours and you are the only ones that can make those decisions.

I’m here. You have tons of friends on this site and others who do the film thing. Ask and we will help. Just don’t let yourself give up because you think it’s hopeless. It’s not. Together, we will make your voice heard.

Together, we will change the world.

I love you. Keep fighting. Pass it on. Add more words of encouragement/helpful links/notes that could help a friend considering the film industry. We love you and, if you are dedicated, we both want and need you. If you’re willing to work, so are we. Let’s go.