Just Beneath The Surface

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9. “Don’t you ever do that again!” Red Beauty

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The dagger had slid across the library floor and stopped at Ruby’s feet. Before anyone had noticed her enter she slid it into her belt and ducked behind a stack of books. She had heard shouting from the streets on her walk home. The sound of Belle’s screams echoed in her head.

Gold had Belle back up against a wall. His hands encircled her wrists, pinning her in place. Belle’s eyes were red from crying. She was pleading with him, her voice had taken on a panicked frequency.

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Just Beneath The Surface
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When you talk about me, do you stick to the memories?
Or was I just another victim of the case?
The one that went cold on you the way it was meant to do
For any detective that hasn’t accepted his place
And still wanders a city in hopes of it showing its face

Just beneath the surface there’s another one of me
At the root of all my trouble, in the twitch before I speak
With thoughts and revelations even I could not accept
So just beneath the surface is where he will stay kept

Season 5 Spoilers Summary

As of 7/17/2015, this post will be updated with spoilers as we get them.


Liam Garrigan playing King Arthur -  The casting description was “a “good and just ruler” who, beneath the surface, “is a master manipulator who can carry a grudge to the grave, and maybe beyond.” He harbors an “eternal burning love” for Guinevere that can lean toward being a bit…controlling. For this role, Once aims to cast a gent in his mid-30s to early 40s, and again a British accent is mandatory.”

Elliot Knight playing Merlin - The casting description was “Once is seeking a black Brit in his early 30s to early 40s and boasting a natural British accent to play a man with great wisdom and intelligence beyond his years, someone who has always put duty in front of his own desires, even at great personal cost.”

Joana Metrass playing Guenievre - The casting description was “a Latina in her mid-20s to mid-30s to play a “headstrong queen” who fell in love with her husband’s most trusted knight, the dashing Lancelot, but (supposedly) dead in the current timeline. She now must balance her own happiness with the well-being of Camelot.”

Andrew Jenkins playing Percieval

Amy Manson playing Merida - The casting description for Merida incuded a misdirect saying they were casting Rumple’s mother.  “Once is seeking an actress in her mid-20s to early 30s to play the “stunningly beautiful” Evanna, who is described as “plucky, strong and imbued with an unshakeable sense of self-confidence.” Evanna sometimes acts before she thinks, though unlike her son she never acts out of pure self-interest. Rather, her noble spirit stands in stark contrast to the now-dark soul of her offspring.Candidates must also be able to pull off a Scottish accent.”  Merida is neither Rumple’s mother nor is she Robin and Zelena’s child.

Sinqua Walls playing Lancelot is said to be returning to guess star.

Casting notice for 5.04, “Once is guest-casting the role of a medieval manservant who is devoted to his employer but harbors a deep resentment… that may lead him to do very bad things.”

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More stuff off my thumbdrive.

1. is a ref I think I disliked so much I blocked it out of my memory,

2. is a picture of Natin (Just Beneath the Surface) from a line of dialogue from an early draft of the story,

3. is EARLY concept art for Tanga, Asuma, and Natin,

and 4… I barely remember drawing this.  It’s supposed to be Asuma.




Every time Luke saw you he got tongue tied and saying there were butterflies in his stomach was an understatement. You were his entire universe. He didn’t fail to remind you each day that you were composed of galaxies and would spend his whole life proving that to you. He was blind to any flaws and no one could ever say anything to make him think otherwise. Your beauty was deeper than just the surface, beneath it were beguiling thoughts. He could listen to you speak for hours. He was simply enamored by every aspect of you and would never let you go.

Hell yeah, the new Dawes album is on spotify now, so I can constantly pester people into listening to it. IT’S WONDERFUL, LISTEN TO IT. 

Just beneath the surface there’s another one of me
At the root of all my trouble,
in the twitch before I speak
With thoughts and revelations even I could not accept
So just beneath the surface is where he will stay kept

Between the thoughtless words
and the wordless thoughts
Between my plotless fears
and my fearless plots
Between the parts of me I keep from you and the things that I’m just not
The center keeps on drifting
the music never stops


a/n: for rninjoon ;u; idk bro sorry

.o7 the glass house

there’s a glittering fountain in the middle of the central plaza that namjoon passes every day on his way to work.

amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, the once resplendent fountain has long since faded into nothing more than a mere backdrop of the daily routine of things. but every day, like clockwork, namjoon never fails to toss in a copper penny, sparing a few peaceful moments of his precious time to watch it lightly drift through the murk and silt until it hits the concrete base.

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