Jus In Bello

I’m showing you all my face for the first time ever because this photo makes me happy.

Jibcon has been honestly therapeutic after that finale.

Misha is so kind, and I’m so lucky I got to see him!

I asked Misha at Roman Holiday if Cas was coming back next season. He hesitated and said “I hope so”. I said I knew he probably couldn’t tell me, and he laughed and nodded. I didn’t push, but I told him I really hoped so, because we love Castiel. He said he does too.

At the J2 panel the next morning, Jared let it slip that Misha had already recorded his part for the 16th episode next season (Scooby Doo ep). The crowd lost it!

We were screaming and clapping and Jared covered his face when Jensen told him what he did. He tried to recover by saying it could be an alternate version and that a bunch of other people are in it too, but the proverbial cat is out of the bag.


Misha’s panel was right after J2s and Misha hadn’t heard the slip-up. A fan tried to ask Misha a question, but started by telling Misha how much we love him and Cas and how if anyone thinks for one second that Cas isn’t important, they are so wrong. She could barely get through saying it, before her tears stopped her.

Misha got up, walked off stage, and went over to give her a hug. When he got back up on stage, he said he believed that this is not the end of Castiel, and that death on Supernatural is more a transformative experience. He wants us to worry less about whether Cas is coming back, and more about how this will change him.

Misha is such a wonderful person. Castiel is such a wonderful character. We are so lucky to have them both.