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DO YOU SEE IT?!?!?!?!?

Honestly, mini analysis here, but to me this colour cover was specifically created as a parallel to this moment. It is no surprise that Hino chose to parallel Zero and Haruka. It’s obvious that Yuuki and Zero’s goodbye echoed Haruka and Jurri’s. In both cases, Juri and Yuuki were determined to give their life to turn someone dear to them human, sparing them from the lonely life of a pureblood. Both of them held off only because they wanted to continue to live on with the man that they loved. Only until the time they parted did they both make the sacrifice. This again was echoed in Yuuki’s words, ‘a short time after’.

I’ve made new OCs! Namely Omnics for Overwatch. See, I figured, once Omnics become self-aware and slowly get more rights and such, they would likely want some nice names. So as I thought about this I’ve come up with a few omnics that I already love.

Jurry Parker: they had the serial number XD-RWR4E, so they named themselves after Jurrassic Park because why not. They are trying to become the best painter. Focus: dinosaurs. Mostly works as a janitor at the omnic appartment building (where all of these omnics live) 

Jane, John and GANDALF: best friends and room mates, horrible gossips. Were originally programmed for security. They only gossip in omnic sign language. Jane is annoyed by human gender standards cuz she is big and strong. GANDALF would like to add that the caps is very important. John is just shy and gets confused by being called Watson by Jurry and Quirky. 

SILENTHILL: a baker. John got a crush on him. SILENTHILL is extremely sweet and too fond of halloween. Plays the silent hill soundtrack in the bakery at all times. Clashes horribly with the cotton-pink cute design of the entire place. The cookies always got spider themed designs. 

Booster and Quirky: Booster is now a taxi driver for a company that is specifically for omnics. Quirky is a pretty glitchy, quirky one who was SUPPOSED to be helping out at hospitals but now she mostly sits shotgun in Booster’s taxi while staring at youtube videos on too high volume. Booster likes to pretend he’s a race car driver when stuck in traffic.

Slickride, Tremblebit, M8-TE: my transformers OCs put into the omnic world of overwatch. Self-appointed brothers to each other. Slickride is a sneaky sneak. Tremblebit wanted to be named Sex Machine but Slickride said no. M8-TE wanted to keep his serial number, though customers who enter their tiny bookstore usually just call him Mat, Matty etc. or Matey if they think they’re funny.

The Seeds of Desire

I’ve had a lot of questions about the seeds of desire and I had to wait until I had a clearer translation, which was done by the lovely radiantzeki, bless her glorious, generous soul, before I could comment.

This is part one of my overall analysis, as I feel I need to explain this before the rest. Therefore any questions relating to the Seeds of Desire will be directed back here.

At the start of the third bonus chapter we are introduced to the lingering memory Jurri left Yuuki, warning her of the seeds of desire that spring from twisted love. The chapter itself explores the different desires and wishes that come from the many different kinds of love, for example, Akatsuki admiration for Ruka, Zero’s supportive and nurturing love for Yuuki, Ruka’s one sided love and her desire to see Kaname’s dying wish come true, by helping Zero and Yuuki be together, and Ai’s misguided and selfish love for Zero which mirrored her Father’s twisted love for Yuuki (she even steps aside like Kaname so Zero can be happy lol lol lol).

The reason Hino opens up with Jurri and Rido, is to parallel Yuuki and Kaname. This memory is something that Yuuki reflects on, in which she comments:

‘The bottomless desire of a twisted love…Inside of me, a part of my mother’s memory flickers faintly.’

‘A slave of desire’

She then goes onto proclaim:

‘Having overwhelming desires that only plunge the world around you into misery…or restraining yourself so much that you suffer endlessly…for it to be either one of those…that’s scary…is what I’m saying. But what’s even scarier is that…I myself harbour a seed of terrible desire, and the fact that I know all too well that I have the power to fulfil it.’

‘The desire that is born from a twisted love…I think…As for the rest…It’s a secret.’

Esentially Yuuki is commenting that Pureblood’s are known for their obsessive, twisted love, and from that love is born seeds of terrible desires. These desires only plunge the world around you into misery.

Rido’s obsessive love sprung a seed of desire to destroy absolutely everything until it was only Jurri and himself. He was willing to kill purebloods, gain enough power and plunge the world into misery for the sake of sating the terrible desire inside him.

Kaname’s desire mirrored Rido’s. His love for Yuuki was so gluttonous and obsessive that Hino even went as far to convey his thirst as that of such desperation, that he was even willing to lick the dregs of Yuuki’s blood from the ground. The only difference is that he embodied the second part of the quote in that he restrained himself from his desire that he ‘suffered endlessly’.

So what exactly was Kaname’s seed of desire?

Well, it is found in the contradictions that Hino always referred too in relation to Kaname. Furthermore his desire is also mirrored by Rido, so that he truly was a ‘good reflection’. Kaname, since Yuuki’s birth, has been fighting against his seed of terrible desire. It’s this seed that made him want to chain her to him in the first place and destroy their one chance at happiness, and that is destroying the cruel, capricious creatures that could harm her. The ones responsible for the death of his first love.

Kaname’s seed of desire was the destruction of the Purebloods.

For the first part of VK, Kaname tried to quiet the desire that made him want to plunge the vampire world into darkness, but after suffering endlessly, and seeing how it made Yuuki suffer endlessly, he decided to finally act on it and accept it, the way Rido did.

All of these desires were born from what is considered a ‘twisted’ and obsessive love. The only difference is that instead of embracing the madness, Kaname attempted to fight it until he couldn’t anymore ‘suffering endlessly’ because of it.

So what about Yuuki?

Yuuki’s seed of desire also sprung from her twisted love of Kaname. The one that caused her to become suicidal and frantic that she was willing to fall into darkness and that was turn Kaname human.

This desire is what sent Yuuki ‘falling into the depths’ with Kaname. It is also a desire that would be cruel to those around her, including Kaname who did not wish for her to sacrifice herself. By acting on this desire she would send the world of those she loved into darkness. This is why, Yuuki erases Zero’s memories, as she saw what losing the Hooded Woman had done to Kaname, and she did not want Zero to fall into such a state without her. He was the one Yuuki wanted to spare.

This desire sprung from her twisted love, because in that year she was with him she saw the darkness inside Kaname’s heart, and even though she knew that she could never be satisfied with him, or he with her, she still wanted to alleviate his thirst, and spare him from the desire that had caused him to become a ‘madman’. This desire was born, knowing that their unhappiness was causing him to ‘suffer endlessly’ and is expressed through her children “I want to give to you, my beloved, the world I saw when I was human. May your thirst be quenched’.

When Yuuki says to Zero “The desire that is born from a twisted love…I think…As for the rest…It’s a secret.”

She is expressing her understanding that her desire is a curse, a tragedy bound from being a pureblood, and that it was born from her twisted love for Kaname. A love that wants to bring happiness to someone while destroying herself. The part where she says ‘it’s a secret’, is that she does not want Zero to know that her desire is to sacrifice herself to free Kaname. However, we learn later that Zero later uncovers this, and is the one who ‘frees’ Yuuki from the seed of desire, in such that she can ‘refrain from it’, and not suffer endlessly, but instead find happiness from a love that is pure.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Prince Harry during the Prince’s visit to Toronto to promote the 2017 Invictus Games, which the city will be hosting.

You know what I really love? Yuuki was given a parallel with Jurri this chapter, with her existence left as a ‘motherly’ trace trying to ‘guide’ Kaname into life in the sun.

After a thousand years of happiness with the man they loved, both Jurri and Yuuki gave up their life so that a person they loved and cared about, like their child, or a brother, could find happiness in the light, the way they had, with their lover, ie: Haruka and Zero during their time at school.

What’s even better is that she left Kaname with the belief that they’re time together doesn’t count.

That he shouldn’t remember them being together.

Probably because they were both so miserable.

But honestly, I love that. How things come full circle. Shows what a loving family they are. The way they just look after their brother and child like that.

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