Jurrasic park


Because we brought it up on the podcast, I wanted to look up Bad BluRay Transfers. This one could have been fine if it weren’t for the stretching and color correction making that grassy field orange.

Also they digitally combed Jeff Goldblum’s hair??? Someone in the comments said it was for a 3D Release so it’s easier to make him in 3D.


This is a list of writings condensed onto one post. Happy reading!


1. A First Introduction

2. Beach Kisses

3. Coup de Foudre

4. Traveling

5. Through the Years

6. For the First Time

7. A New Beginning


1. late nights 

2. how nick’s gf would react to fans

3. day in

4. nick’s support


Forget the whole when life gives you lemons it’s more like when Nick Robinson gives you strawberries 🍓