Designed to Love Pt. 5

That was the longest night I’ve ever had in my life. 

I didn’t sleep. 

I didn’t eat. 

I just..

Looked at her. 

After Rena kissed me, she went back to sleep and didn’t wake up since. She seemed so peaceful and quiet, like she didn’t have anything to worry. I, on the other side, was very flabbergasted by what has happened. I spent the whole night thinking how did we get to that situation. Because for what I can remember, I was just planning to be a heroine for Rena.

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[OS] JuriAnnin - Limitless

I don’t even know why I close my ’voices’ draft and create a new draft for this OS instead. XD

Months ago, there’s an annon who request JuriAnnin fanfic from me, so… this is the fic. :)

I hope you enjoy it.

Words: 17,6 K


= 1. Annin =

A girl entered a small café.  She looked so beautiful and graceful with her long-black-silky hair.  The flawless girl looked around to look for an empty table.

“Please?” There was a waitress who smiled at the girl. The waitress seemed wanted to lead the girl to the empty table.

The girl simply nodded her head with a slight smile on her lips. She followed the waitress and then she sat after the waitress pulled a chair for her. “The same as always.” She uttered it to the waitress.

The waitress nodded as a sign that she was understood her customer’s order. She wrote ‘a cup of lemon tea’ and ‘2 slices of strawberry cake’ on her notes, and then she walked away.

The girl looked toward the window and looked outside with an empty gaze. She used one of her hands to prop her chin and then she let out a soft sigh.

Have you ever had a relationship with a player? Well… I have… and it was so painful.

She closed her eyes and brought back her memories.


Annin gripped her umbrella tightly. Ugh! The rain is heavier than I thought. She walked faster toward the bus stop. If I knew that the rain would be so heavy like this, I wouldn’t go home for some hours and stayed in the library instead. She used both of her hands to hold the umbrella because the wind was so strong as well.

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A confused Jurina’s back slided down the frame of the door. She dug her slim fingers under her hair, and then she finally felt, for the first time, that she cares. She cares for someone who was once a stranger, and then her victim, her sex slave, and now that someone is the only one who can restrain her. The only person who can tell her what is right and can only be the only one who is right every spur of the moment. The only one who motivated her to study and taught her that the library is not just a place to make out and have sex without anybody seeing nor caring. The only someone who, in the weirdest way, managed to find the key to her heart and pull all the strings in the most affectionate process.

Jurina sighed, looked down and placed her free hand on the door.

“So… this is what love feels like huh?.. What a pain…” The known pimp whispered. “This wasn’t how Milky explained that it would feel like.” Jurina smirked, but then it turned upside down as she placed her right hand to her chest and dug it to her clothes.

“It’s much more… warm…”

On the other side of the door, parallel to where Jurina is sat, a stoic faced girl whose body is steaming due to abnormal excession of heat, her hands placed also paralleled to Jurina’s, shed tears for she thinks that the woman she loves finally understood and felt what true love is. However, she also felt afraid, for it may not be her who she feels that way to.

“Jurina-sama… I will… embrace these feelings…” She placed her hand to her neck, where the mark that proves she’s hers is placed upon and also the only connection that she has with the only girl she loves.

“I love you… Jurina-sama.” Anna cried, spreading her warmth through the whole room, hoping that maybe, just maybe, it will penetrate through this door and reach the girl who is just on the other side.

You Set Me Free (JuriAnnin)

Jurina was sitting by herself at the rooftop, waiting for the sun to set, when someone opened the door. The girl, who looked like a refined young lady, walked to Jurina’s side and sat there.

“Annin, I thought you’ve gone home already,” said Jurina to the girl.

“I had something to do so I stayed.” Annin laid her head on the wall.

“I see.” Jurina casted her eyes back to the scarlet sky.

Silence engulfed the two girl. Both of them just sat and looked at the slowly setting sun.


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Designed to Love Pt. 4

It’s been 5 days since I’ve arrived here in Paris and I’m loving each and every second. My dream of visiting Paris has been fulfilled and at the same time, my thirst for a nice and relaxing vacation.

For the past few days, we’ve visited various historical places too. So far so good, yippie. My DSLR has already around a thousand pictures and I’m not even here for a week! I’ve also been busy sketching different places and attractions that I saw here. They’re so nice that I can’t stop scribbling. 

Also, Annin and I got closer to each other. We always hang out every time after the tour. We visited shops, some places that aren’t included in the tour and of course..

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Secret Eyes (Jurina harem) - Prologue

I don’t know when it started, but when it did, it’s stayed like that for a long time. It may have been because of some deep inner desire, or because of some supernatural force, or just some whim of God… But at a certain point, after entering junior high, I was granted this unique power. A power that seemed to be a blessing at times, and a curse at others, but it was amazing, all the same. What is it, you may ask? Well, that is…

“Hey, there she is, go say hi to her,” I heard a voice from behind.

“A-ano.. Jurina-senpai?”

“Yes?” I immediately met her gaze. As soon as I did, I saw her pupils dilate and her cheeks grow pink.

“S-senpai… I.. I think I’m.. in love with you..!”

“Kyaa! She said it!”

“I knew it! Jurina-senpai can make anyone fall for her!”

“It’s amazing, though. She only looked at her and she fell instantly. It’s like her eyes have some sort of spell over girls!”

Yes. Ever since I turned 14, any girl who looked into my eyes would fall in love with me in an instant. Not permanently, it would wear off a while after the gaze is broken. Some people who’ve been affected by it a long time would still feel it. And strangely, it’s only with girls. Not guys, or older people like my parents or any of the teachers. Just young girls around my age, and of course, as I got older, it’s remained like that.

I’m in high school now, and I’ve still been able to make almost every girl in the school fall for me. Even outside of school, any teenage girl who’d pass me in the streets would swoon over me after a simple gaze.

So, as you could guess, I became kind of a playboy. With a power like this, I’ve become quite a flirt and have been confessed to multiple times. But, it’s not like I really feel anything for them. Sure, some are good friends or cute kouhai, and I get along with them. It’s just my power that makes them fall, not my natural ability.

Well, at least this ability makes me popular. Maybe one day, I will find a girl who I’ll love as much as they do, no matter how deep they fall under my…

“Ah!” I suddenly broke from my thoughts as I ran into someone. I saw a girl I’ve never seen before, knelt down to pick up the items she had dropped. “I’m so sorry!”

“No, it’s fine. Let me help,” I said as I leaned down to help her. I picked up a few books, as well as her handkerchief.

Her hand happened to reach for it as well, and our hands touched. We met each other’s gaze and stared for a long while. That’s when I noticed something was strange. Her eyes weren’t changed at all and neither was her expression.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile before she got up and left.

Just now… my eyes didn’t affect her?

I looked over at the girl and saw her walking away. I smirked.

“Well, I like a challenge… Then again, I didn’t get her name. I doubt I’ll meet her again.”

A/N Thank you so much anon (>///<) !! and sure thing!!! I secretly love this pairing so I’ll be happy to do it!! (^_^)/

Please kindly forgive grammar mistakes

Give me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • Who cooks:

“It is said that we should put a little bit of sugar there…” 
“Are you sure?? This food doesn’t look like it needs sugar at all…”

They both occasionally do it together since neither of them really mastered the art of cooking. Usually the smart and sweet girl Anna is in charge for reading and comprehending the recipe while the braver Jurina is in charge for the act of cooking itself. Together they can make a really delicious meal to feed their growling stomach, but it is not rare at all for them to end up ordering take out from the nearest dinner.

  • Who does the laundry and other chores:

Since Anna highly favor efficiency, it certainly won’t pleases her when Jurina has zero contributions in their chores and laundry. She even made schedule for them to follow which is contains mostly what chores to do and time table for they see. At first Jurina really opposed this but eventually she give up and starts doing her part too to help and pleases the other girl.

  • How many children do they have:

“Ah! I love to have a little girl on the house.”

“Just one girl?”

“Yeah, wouldn’t it be cute?”

“Of course! I love little girl.”

Anna loves to imagine having a little girl of her own since she like cute and pinkish stuff. She also doesn’t like to have many children since she tends to think about how high their outcome will become if she has many children. Jurina doesn’t really opposed this even though she prefer an energetic boy rather than a girl, but as long as Anna is happy then she too believe that she will be happy.

  • Who’s more dominate:

Jurina likes to dominate their conversation, and it’s clearly shown when she’s having an extremely good day and when she’s in a very good mood. She will talk endlessly and sometimes forget that Anna too wants to give her own opinion about Jurina’s long story. Luckily, Anna understand this and often just try to let the other girl finish her talking and then she express her own opinion.

  • Favorite nonsexual activity:

“What are you reading?”

“Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus. You want to read it?”

“No it’s okay, I rather sit here watching your beautiful face while you’re reading.”

Anna loves to read and Jurina loves to watch Anna while she’s reading. It is undoubtly their favourite activity. Sometimes Anna will blush if Jurina’s gaze is way too intense making the smart girl can’t concentrate with her reading material and Jurina actually enjoys to make fun of it.

  • Their favorite place to be together:

Anna loves to be at her reading room because she can read peacefully there, with no disturbing sound. Jurina often finds her in this room and she will usually stays there too to accompany Anna while she’s reading even though reading is not really Jurina’s forte.

  • Any traditions:

There’re no fan of traditions and often eager to try new things. But to do so, they often encounter problems because their different ways of thinking, Anna is more a cautious person while Jurina is more a risk-taker. But together they can complete each other’s weakness and the problem will be solved eventually.

  • Their “song”:

“What is that song?”

“Ah? Canon in D, it’s a classic song.”

Jurina become so fond of Canon in D ever since Anna introduced her to it when she was asking the tune that Anna often hum while she’s in the shower. Jurina is not really a fan of classical music, she’s more a rock music fan, but she likes the tune very much and Anna happens to love it the same way too.

  • What they do for each other on holidays:

They like to give each other presents especially when it’s an important holiday such as Christmas. Anna always love it when Jurina comes home with her hands on her back trying to hide the present but Anna always know that it’s either a big stuffed animal of a bouquet of gorgeous looking roses.

  • Where did they go for their honeymoon:

“Definitely Europe.”

Anna always have this little wish to be able to go to Europe ever since she loves everything that is historical. A line of old buildings and scenery will surely amaze the sweet girl. 

“Yeah, especially England.” Jurina also likes this idea since she really wants to go to England, not for its historical building but more because of she’s a fan of football.

  • Where did they first meet:

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

It was a rainy day of June when Jurina decided to stop by at public library reluctantly to help her finished her already piling up summer homework. She was looking for an empty seat for a while before she finally saw one beside Anna and immediately asked for her permission to seat there. Because it’s the first time for Jurina to be at a public library, she’s very lost and confuse but Anna was only smiling that time and gladly help the confuse girl.

“At that time you were so shy! I bet you won’t even talk to me if I don’t start the conversation first!” Said Jurina every time they try to recall their first meeting.

“I guess so, but I’m really glad you come to me first at that time.”

  • Any pets:

They have a small aquarium in their house which contains a few beautiful looking sea water fish. Anna enjoys watching and taking care of the fish in her free time while Jurina seems to not care about the fish’s existence, but she will feed the fish or clean the aquarium if Anna told her to do so.

  • What do they fight over

“But you already have thousands of those shoes, Jurina!”

“WH—what?! I can’t buy more??”

“It’s a waste of our money and highly inefficient!”

“But you have thousands of books! Books is just a pile of papers Anna! Stop buying it too!”

It irritates Anna when Jurina start buying a lot of unimportant things which are quite expensive and such a waste of money. She things they should save money for their future not to waste it. Jurina will usually go for Anna’s hobby of buying books to try to counter Anna’s argument and they will end up yelling and crying. But luckily it won’t take long since Jurina will quickly apologize and even buy Anna a new book if she’s very mad.

  • Do they go on vacations, if so where:

They just came back from the trip to Singapore which they enjoys very much. Science Center and Gardens by the bay excite Anna the most since it’s very interesting for the smart young girl. She enjoyed looking at many beautiful plants at the garden and enjoyed playing science attraction at science center. While for Jurina, she’s very fond of Universal studio especially its roller coaster.

Drabble Juriannin

Porque quiero y puedo, lo hago jajajajasfkjhdksjsghfg

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-¿Has decidido que te vas a poner para ir a la cena con mis padres?- pregunté nerviosamente al verla quitarse la blusa nuevamente y quedar solo en sostén y pantis. Estoy acostada en la cama esperando que mi amada y lenta novia se decida por algo de su armario y así poder ir a festejar el cumpleaños de mi madre.

-No me apures o vas a conseguir que tu “mami” me aborrezca más de lo normal.- me dijo jugando coquétamente con un mechón de su largo y suave cabello. Maldita sea, siempre que hace eso es porque quiere jugar conmigo…desgraciadamente no de la manera en que me gustaría hacerlo.

-Ella no te aborrece…mucho… -sonrío de lado. Yo también puedo jugar su jueguito.

-Me aborrece lo suficiente y te has dado cuenta… -camina hacia mi meneando las caderas, esas benditas piernas largas hacen que mi corazón se acelere.

-Oye, mis ojos están aquí arriba -se ríe un poco avergonzada al notar mi mirada lasciva. Alzo las cejas para dedicarle un guiño y ya que se encuentra en mi zona de alcance, me levanto rápidamente para tomarla de la cintura y pegar mi rostro en su vientre. Cálido como siempre, aparte ese olor que desprende su piel es sumamente adictivo. Pasa los dedos entre mi cabello rascándome con las uñas perfectas que siempre procura arreglarse.

-De verdad necesito que elijas algo ya… se está haciendo tarde. -alcé la mirada pegando poniendo la barbilla en medio de aquellas lindas montañas.

-Arruinas los momentos, te has vuelto demasiado aburrida…siendo la kissing monster de la escuela me esperaba algo mas… ¿atrevido? -soltó una de sus tiernas y maléficas risitas. Normalmente cuando se ríe, lo hace de una forma suave y dulce, increíblemente adorable…pero esta risa era diferente, sólo yo la había escuchado. Me halaga y da un poco de miedo al mismo tiempo,  que puedo decir, siempre he sido un poco masoquista.

-Mira quien habla “princesita”, ¿dónde escondiste a la tierna y dulce niña que se avergonzaba cuando tomaba su mano? -pasé mis manos por su espalda desnuda logrando que se erizara. Creo que debo detenerme o de verdad llegaremos tarde.

-La asesinaste con tus manos…ahora tienes que vivir con la culpa…-abrió las piernas para sentarse en mi regazo y bajó mis manos para que la tomara de la cadera. Intentaré no perder el control. Claro, es mas fácil decirlo que hacerlo.

-No seas una dramática Iriyama… bien dicen que las mas calladas son las más tremendas, así que no me cul…-se inclinó tan rápido que no pude evitar que me besara. Es oficial, llegaremos tarde. Una vez que comience a besarla no puedo detenerme, lo admito, soy demasiado débil ante la carne… sobre todo si es ella.