Yep. Junker Designs. That top jacket … must be mine.

EDIT: Please stop removing the tags, and link to Junker’s website, so people can actually find them. And also, I’ve been getting messages asking where the men’s jackets are - they’re all listed as men’s jackets with the exception of the top one, which is a unisex design. Also, find Junker clothing at Delicious Boutique

“Stand Out" issue 005 of Like Magazine
[ model ] Asphyxia Noir
[ mua ] Andrea Rangel
[ hairstylist ] Alana Rocket
[ designer ] Junker Designs
[ photographer ] Jesse Alford


A series of behind the scenes shots from the epic shoots for Vice that I’ve been styling for the talented Ms. Kimberly Kane. We’ve played hide and seek with the cops, done some early morning binge drinking with a naked Andy San Dimas, seen the insides of just about every seedy bathroom in the greater Los Angeles area, stuffed flowers down Charlotte Stokely’s panties, made Eva Card get topless more times than she’d care to admit, used Jim Kalin as set dressing, forced poor Ulorin Vex to soak in tepid waters and used Ms. Skin’s see through curtains as clothing all while Agata Alexander lurked silently, camera in hand, documenting video for posterity.