Adam ‘Junk’ Moretti | 25 | Cab Driver | Archstone Murray Hill | FC: Adam Pally

Adam, or Junk, as he likes to be called is possibly the funniest person everyone seems to know. He makes tons of jokes, usually with his bestie Fergie. When he’s not drinking or doing nothing he’s doing his job. Working as a cab driver in NYC makes a lot of money and he thinks the job is perfect for him. He’s not looking for love or much of anything. He’s just looking to have a good time with his buddies. Will he find someone to love on the way? Who knows, he’s just ready to play it safe.


Junk Moretti • Basketball Player • 17 • (Nathaniel Buzolic) • OPEN

Junk Moretti is a Tree Hill High student, of Italian descent, who played basketball with Lucas Scott on the River Court before he joined the Ravens with his best friend Fergie. Seeing as his parents are never home, he usually have the house to himself and there he often invites his friends; Fergie, Mouth, Skills, Lucas, Spencer and Alison over for pizza and video games. Often they live a very fun, if not slightly childish, lifestyle. Junk as a baby was not exactly taken care of when he once fell down a toilet, died for 40 seconds and then brought back to life by his mother - and ever since then he claims that God loves him more than Jesus himself seen as he died but Junk lived. Being a bit geeky, he once claimed to Fergie that he had a Canadian girlfriend when in fact he never really had a girlfriend before. But that’s just how they are in the Moretti’s, they don’t handle inperfection very well and Junk is no less.

  • Previous Love Interests: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Friends: Mouth McFadden, Fergie Thomson, Spencer James, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Antwon Skills, Rachel Gatina, Aria Davis, Hanna Sawyer,