Junior GOT7

Dating Jinyoung would include:
  • Coffee dates
  • Or taking long walks at night
  • Admiring the skyline
  • Sheltering you under his jacket when it rains
  • Practising lines for his drama together in your Pyjamas
  • Drinking wine while cuddling and watching a good movie
  • Taking you to see plays
  • Points out all the amazing qualities of the actors he aspires to be like
  • Watching the amazement fill his eyes when he watches them
  • LooOOoong make out sessions
  • But not wanting to pressure you into anything
  • Reading
  • Like so many books in your combined libraries
  • Having to wait to for the other to finish a book before it can be read
  • Comparing your love to great romances
  • Like Westley and Buttercup
  • Or Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth
  • Him knowing thinking you’re better than them all
  • Not being a big PDA guy
  • But behind closed doors…
  • Hot, sensual and lustful sex
  • But sometimes romantic soft sex too
  • Like when he comes back from tour
  • and God he hates being away from you
  • spends every second with you when he is home
  • staring into your eyes when he says 
  • You know, I really love you.”
  • Always teasing each other
  • Calling him junior to annoy him
  • Spoiling the ending of your book to annoy you
  • Playing clips from Dream High 2 to annoy him
  • Him declaring war on you
  • Tickling you
  • Until you surrender
  • Never thinking he’s enough
  • Even when you reassure him
  • This is the only thing you ever argue about
  • It usually ends with him apologising
  • Realising you and him are together because you think he better than enough
  • It’s just you’re the most perfect person I have met. And I just want to be enough _____”
  • Sunny days on the beach
  • Books and towels sprawled on the sand
  • Correcting each other’s grammar
  • Going for dinner with GOT7 every time they are in town
  • Yugyeom asking you to save him from Jinyoung
  • You helping bully Yugyeom
  • Seriously you guys
  • = SAVAGE couple
  • Him getting jealous when you hang out with Jackson or Mark
  • Never letting it go
  • I’m just saying you went with Mark to the amusement park, but not me…”
  • He just does it to toy with you
  • Because
  • W00ow he loves you
  • It actually scares him how much he loves you
  • Writing songs about you
  • While you sit in his lap
  • Being insecure to let you hear them
  • Being shook when he realises you’re “the one”
  • Asks for advice from Jaebum and Mark
  • Proposing to you at the fanciest restaurant in town
  • Like he rented the whole restaurant 
  • Just to be alone with you 
  • I’m prepared to spend every day from now to infinity, with you
ARMY I gotta say something

BTS won, yes but there’s no need to be arrogant or rude or start shit with other fandom. Bc here’s the thing: K-Pop won tonight. How many ppl, who never heard of K-Pop before, do you think are gonna check out BTS after tonight? And find more great Korean artists to love? Like legit, stay humble, don’t be bratty. You can be proud without being shitty. This is a victory for K-Pop and a landmark in K-Pop history.

idol: thank you everyone we know we were a disappointment and we could have done better we will try even harder next time sorry™


fandoms are becoming really toxic so i just made myself a new fandom MAGIC- short for Multifandom people who love their idols and Appreciate the ones whose music they don’t like and Generally just want to spread love and Ideally don’t start every sentence with ‘’bitch i hope you Choke’’

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