Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s Emmy award winning casting director Scott Genkinger, best known for casting Marc Cherry’s Sunday night soap, Desperate Housewives. Genkinger and his partner Junie Lowrey Johnson, have been the eyes for talent on a slew of television shows. Some of the highlights include Steven Bochco’s critically acclaimed drama NYPD Blue and four years on the sizzling series Prison Break.

Actors who Scott cast as unknowns and who now are well established include Eva Longoria and Armie Hammer.

When I asked Scott what qualities it took to be a successful casting director he responded with:

1- Understanding what a good performance is and being able to identify people with a special magnetism.

2- Seeing a lot of things and being able to remember specific people.
He gave the example of seeing Eva Longoria for a part on NYPD Blue and being impressed but not casting her for the roll. Years later when casting the pilot for Desperate Housewives Genkinger remembered Longoria’s earlier audition and brought her in to read. That worked out well.

Currently Mr. Genkinger is working on three television shows, the ABC Family series The Foster’s, which he is very enthusiastic about. (I’ll have to figure out which channel is ABC Family.) Twisted, a teen sociopath drama, and Devious Maids, another frothy confection from Marc Cherry.

Scott’s outfit can be found HERE —> http://bit.ly/17qPupo

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