31 Day Lady Warrior Challenge

1.Favourite type of historical warrior

2.Flying mount



5.Commanding Officer

6.Wandering warrior from faraway lands

7.Mountain bandit

8.Fighter from cold country

9.Desert Raider

10.Jungle/Forest warrior

11.Unusual Mount

12.Warrior from outer space


14.Weapon with long reach

15.Extremely Heavy Infantry


17.Royal bodyguard

18.Rugged mercenary

19.Favourite warrior lady (historical or fictional)

20.Pirate/Navy soldier

21.Shadow in the night

22.Old veteran

23.Undead warrior

24.Dragon slayer

25.Cursed/Blessed/Possessed Weapon

26.Duel to the death

27.Prehistoric Warrior

28.Ceremonial Uniform

29.The Aftermath

30.Knight courting prince/princess

31.Feast after Battle

Because the world needs more drawings of lady warriors! Personallt, I’ll start drawing these after my final deadline is over and done with (in a couple of weeks). Please do it if you feel inspired by the prompts!

Thanks to Phantomseptember for helping me devise this list.

catsidy14  asked:

Hello Hannah, I know you probably get this a lot, but you and the other yogladies inspire me to follow my dreams... also a question, what got you into gamming?

My dad bought me a lot of games when I was younger, things like the Lion King, Aladdin, Jill of the Jungle, Tomb Raider and Diablo II, and it went from there.