King of the Amazon. Peter Davis. New York: Macaulay Company, (1933). First edition. Original dust jacket.

Amazon Jungle set intrigue novel of a “white man [who] rules his own domain as a king… He has conquered the jungle with inventions of modern science. His castle stronghold is equipped with torture chambers and is haunted with psychic mysteries. A young American, lost to the power of drugs, is one of the king’s captives.”

Looks like the Splativersary Collab zine is out, check it out!

I remember I wanted to get started on this one as soon as I could. I didn’t realize it’d nab me an early page ohoho My main for the longest of time was the Aerospray RG. I remember while I was still leveling up to 20, I ran into many lv 20′s that wore and used the same thing: Jungle Hat, Camo Jacket, Pro-Trail Boots, Aerospray RG. And I loved it.

I tried going for an angular style with this one, with eye-popping colors. Halfway through I found the half-toning, ehehee.