You see this is what I miss.

Classic windswept, never-heard-of-hair-products, just-thrown-on-the-first-clothes-that-I could-find Benny.

Maybe I just like my men a bit dishevelled, but he’s gone a bit male-groomed and shiny for me at the moment.

So please Benny, throw away the hair products, bring back the charity shop clothes and start looking like yourself again.

Maybe I could just take him camping for the weekend. That could work. Nobody can look glamorous camping - right?

Looks like the Splativersary Collab zine is out, check it out!

I remember I wanted to get started on this one as soon as I could. I didn’t realize it’d nab me an early page ohoho My main for the longest of time was the Aerospray RG. I remember while I was still leveling up to 20, I ran into many lv 20′s that wore and used the same thing: Jungle Hat, Camo Jacket, Pro-Trail Boots, Aerospray RG. And I loved it.

I tried going for an angular style with this one, with eye-popping colors. Halfway through I found the half-toning, ehehee.