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Playlist - Coffee

For your morning brews; your coffee shop blues.  The answer to today’s trivia question is C.

  1. Glass Animals - “Hazey”
  2. Timber Timbre - “Run from Me”
  3. Sylvan Esso - “Play It Right”
  4. Kan Wakan - “Space Owl (Cut The Rope)”
  5. Broods - “Sleep Baby Sleep”
  6. The National - “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks”
  7. Mr Little Jeans - “Runaway”
  8. Lo-Fang - “You’re The One That I Want” (Cover)
  9. London Grammar - “Sights”
  10. Laura Mvula - “She”
  11. Nick Mulvey - “Juramidam”
  12. Chet Faker - “Solo Sunrise”
  13. Jungle - “Drops”
  14. Josh Record - “The War - Demo”
  15. James Blake - “A Case Of You”
  16. John Mayer, Frank Ocean - “Wildfire”
  17. Ben Howard - “End Of The Affair”
  18. Luke Sital-Singh - “Fail For You”
  19. Brika - “Options”
  20. Radiohead - “Codex”


Love Land - Charles Wright and the 103 RD Street Band (In the Jungle, Babe, 1969)


(I’m tagging, but just in case someone doesn’t have it blacklisted this is your Spider Warning ™ there be spiders ahead)

So around 3 years ago someone from Georgia Tech (ur welcome rest of the states) was in Peru, and underneath a tarp he found this strange little structure.

It turned out to be made of silk, and for a year no one could figure out what built it or why it looked like it did, so they named it ‘silkhenge’ while they kept investigating. Not only was it really intricate, but it was SUPER TINY

Finally it was discovered that it’s built by a spider, quickly dubbed the Silkhenge Spider, but even by spider standards it’s extremely bizarre. While they originally thought it may contain spermatophores, it turned out to contain an egg. Just ONE egg. This presumably wasn’t because the parents used multiple structures, either. Although some were found closer together, all of them only contained one tiny baby spider. 

Their best guess was that the little picket fence is designed to keep out or trap predatory insects that might eat the egg, but we still aren’t sure what the little tower is for, if the parents create more than one structure, or even what the adult spider looks like. 


Super recently Phil Torres and some quality boys over at The Jungle Diaries on Youtube recorded the first ever footage of the birth of this tiny spider child. AND IT WAS TWINS.

They were unable to keep them and watch them mature due to a lack of tiny enough feeder insects in their remote location, but they’ve said they hope to try in the future. I hope they record lots of video if they do so that we can all watch these precious tiny children grow.

Almost Radical - Systems

Well, it’s been a couple years since I made a DnB mix… Enjoy :)

01. London Electricity - Artificial Skin (ft. Keeno)
02. Technicolour, Komatic, & LSB - Rotary Motion
03. Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (ft. Steo) (Lenzman remix)
04. ActRaiser - Full Moon
05. Etherwood - You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me (Pola & Bryson remix)
06. Voltage - Suspicious
07. James Zabiela - Perseverance (S.P.Y remix)
08. Mark System - Twenty Feet Up
09. Etherwood - Souvenirs (ft. Zara Kershaw) (Ulterior Motive remix)
10. Jaydan - Sorrow
11. June Miller - Further Seems Forever
12. Subwave - Stars Get Down
13. Maduk & Nymfo - Africa
14. Keeno - One More Moment (ft. Cepasa)
15. Ed:It - Centre Suite
16. Technimatic - Sphere
17. Hybrid Minds - Mountains (ft. Jasmine Spence) (Dexcell remix)
18. Nymbus - Blossom
19. Fred V & Grafix - Bladerunner (Loko remix)
20. Blinkie - Don’t Give Up (On Love) (Frankee remix)
21. State Of Mind - Bigger Faster Stronger
22. North Base - Join The Dots
23. Krakota - Spin The Bottle
24. Enei - Hotplate
25. Breakage - Kill Dem
26. Hyroglifics - No Drama
27. Mutated Forms - Abandoned
28. Rockwell - Dizzle
29. Stray - Eazy Boy

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anonymous asked:

I love your random naruto charater headcanons1 So can you do some with their favorite vacationing spots? Any AU is fine

Ooooo I love this these are my fav types of requests

Jiraiya is a typical lost tourist when he goes on vacation, and it’s a little embarrassing, but he still picks the spots with the most tourist attractions anyway. Anywhere famous. Paris, London, New York, all of those popular places

Gaara of course would like a sandy beach. He’d probably want to see the black sand beaches in Hawaii one day

Naruto also loves beach vacations. He loves the sun and the water, the ocean breeze, everything about it. Will build sandcastles no matter how old he is

Hashirama likes anywhere that’s outside where he can be one with nature and what not. He’d probably like a vacation in the mountains, he loves to hike

Tobirama on the other hand isn’t fond of vacations. If he’s going anywhere, it’s going to be for a business trip. So somewhere metropolitan. New York, Boston, L.A, Seoul, Moscow, London, etc

Hinata likes beautiful locations that have summery vibes. Maybe a cabin somewhere in the woods

Itachi would enjoy a simple hot springs vacation, maybe he’d visit an old teahouse too. They’re popular in certain parts of Japan. He likes the antique feel

Minato could spend a weekend at a nice lake house

Kakashi isn’t a huge fan of taking trips. Too much work. But he might enjoy a ski resort… without actually skiing. Just sitting inside and relaxing by the fire while snow falls outside his window

Ino would love a nice vacation out in the wooded, hilly area of France. She loves all the greenery

It takes a lot for Neji to enjoy a vacation, let alone want to go on one. But he’d be able to appreciate a place’s natural beauty. Maybe somewhere in Greece

Asuma might enjoy wine tasting in Italy

Gai and Rock Lee (I have to do them as a package deal ok) would go watch Ninja Warrior races. I know that’s so cheesy but they’d love it so much ok

Kabuto would probably take a trip to Amsterdam 

Killer B would head straight for Cali. He loves the nightlife 

As cliche as it may be, Shino would pick a destination where he could take an expedition through the forest/jungle and record wildlife

Temari would love to spend time in a mountain area. She loves the scenery. She’d probably like to try horseback riding too

Sai would like to go somewhere in Europe. Look at all the Renaissance art, maybe visit Rome, see the Sistine Chapel. Anywhere with famous art and architecture really