woahh…i can’t believe i can like celebrity for this long…its been 5 years since i know you and still…you are the only korean celebrity that i love right now…happy birthday joon…i wish you happiness,success,and do anything that u like..and find a sweet girlfriend for yourself.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE 💖💖💃💃


Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡


My cheeks are red .. and I’m just watching ♥